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Mixing It Up At AFI

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No telling who you’ll bump into during opening-night festivities at the AFI Dallas International Film Festival. Jump for a recap of the glitterati who turned up last evening at NorthPark Center, none of whom were having more fun than the adorable unidentified metrosexual couple pictured here.

–There was, of course, Brothers Bloom star Adrien Brody, sweeping through the opening-night after-party with an entourage worthy of Obama or Brangelina. A screening of Bloom kicked off the festival.

–There was Mayor Tom, wandering through the party crowd looking slightly dazed, outfitted in a tux.

–Rinko Kikuchi, who’s also in Bloom, mixed it up with fans, looking beautiful in a China-doll style haircut.

–Scott and Gina Ginsburg actually took a turn on the stars’ red carpet. He’s a member of AFI’s Dallas Honorary Board and sells Audis. There were lots of those around.

–Jim and Terrell Falk (he’s with the World Affairs Council DFW, she’s with the Old Red) took in the after-party from one of the prime people-watching tables. They’d just come from a WAC dinner featuring ex-Washington Post scribe David Ottaway and former Saudi Ambassador Robert Jordan.

–Nancy Nasher and a host of NorthPark folks threaded through the throng, no doubt keeping an eye out for random outbursts of crime.

I didn’t see any, unless you count some of the revelers’ outfits. But hey, a good time was had by all.