Leading Off (3/03/09)

1. Ron Kirk, nominated to be U.S. Trade Representative, has agreed to pay $10,000 in back taxes. I have nothing to say on the matter. If you are an IRS agent, please understand I have no comment, pro or con, on the matter. Please move on and read item No. 2.

2. Southwest Airlines has agreed to pay $7.5 million in fines for safety violations. I have no opinion on this matter, as I’m very superstitious about flying and I don’t want to anger the dark magic overlords who give flight to a huge hunk of metal with a maximum gross take-off weight of more than 200,000 pounds.

3. I have agreed to pay a friend $10 after the Dallas Mavericks lost to the Kevin Durant-less Oklahoma City Thunder, 96-87. I have a strong opinion on the fact that we allowed Nenad Freaking Krstic to score 26 points: the Mavs are, at times, killing me right in my heart.


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16 responses to “Leading Off (3/03/09)”

  1. RayRay says:

    “I have a strong opinion on the fact that we allowed Nenad Freaking Krstic to score 26 points…”

    We? I didn’t realize you played for the Mavericks! Cool!

  2. Brian Barnaud says:

    did i mention I was MVR at Fridays game, they beat the Thunder then… it was close.

  3. Dubious Brother says:

    Ron Kirk
    Tax evasion
    Vinson & Elkins
    U.S. Trade Representative in Obama Administration

  4. NeitherParty says:

    I think we can all agree that this IS the most transparent administration in History.

  5. Obama's Seat says:

    It’s certainly shaping up to be the most expensive.

  6. Marcus says:

    “I’m very superstitious about flying”


    Former Editor
    Airline Magazine

  7. I was fully prepared to jump on the Democrat-tax-cheat-bashing bandwagon on Ron Kirk, but a fair appraisal of the facts leads me to believe that Kirk’s tax issues were truly the result of honest mistakes (unlike Geithner’s “honest mistake” of failing to pay $43,000 in taxes — never mind that he had the presence of mind to file the paperwork necessary to claim reimbursement from the IMF for the taxes he didn’t pay — or Daschle’s moment of forgetfulness, who, upon being nominated for Health and Human Services Secretary, suddenly remembered that he forgot to declare more than $330,000 in income and took more than $15,000 in phantom charitable deductions).

    Geithner is a crook whose nomination Obama should have yanked with the same “shame” speak he delivered to the titans of Wall Street. Daschle at least had a remaining modicum of honor to withdraw his name from consideration for the post.

    But Mr. Kirk’s tax shortfall was the result of (i) assigning speaking honorariums to a charitable organization (when instead he should have claimed them as income and then taken a corresponding tax deduction, which deduction would have been subject to certain limitations) and (ii) not having sufficient records and documentation to support deductions for 43% of the times he took clients to Mavs games and took business expense deductions. I doubt any business person’s tax return would withstand such scrutiny.

    I disagree with Mr. Kirk’s politics, but I support his qualifications for U.S. Trade Representative.

  8. Eric Celeste says:

    Good one, RayRay! Zinger!

  9. RayRay says:

    Thanks, Eric! My comedic efforts are finally recognized!

    I just think it’s pathetic when people use the word “we” when referring to a sports team that doesn’t write them a paycheck. Sure you live in Dallas, but you are in no way responsible for the team’s performance, no matter how many T-shirts or headbands you buy.

  10. Zac Crain says:

    @ RayRay: I disagree. I’ve directly affected the outcomes of countless games over the years thanks to my ability to switch channels when they’re playing bad and then switch back to course correct. This is documented.

    Also, when I pick the proper t-shirt to wear while watching the game, that’s proved to be successful (to a lesser extent). On the flipside, I’ll regret buying the Diop t-shirt just before the 2007 playoffs until my dying day. (Which won’t happen for another 48 years, if you’re keeping track.)

  11. NeitherParty says:

    You really seem to care….about what I have no idea.

  12. RayRay says:


    Point taken … maybe there are exceptions. As far as shirts go, my Antoine Walker Mavs T-shirt still makes a great dust rag.

  13. towski says:

    Of course the Antoine Walker t-shirt makes a good dust rag – once it collects the dust, it never emerges again. Sort of like shamwow, only even more selfish.

  14. Dubious Brother says:

    Every time I wore my Shawn Bradley shirt I would stumble and fall awkwardly to the ground. I gave it to a homeless guy. I guess that was mean but I needed the tax deduction.

  15. towski says:

    At least you claimed it on your taxes, unlike that scofflaw Wick.

  16. Daniel says:

    Yeah — LOL! At least you aren’t a War Criminal! LOL!