Leading Off (03/19/09)

1. For the second consecutive year, Dallas-Fort Worth gained more residents than any other metro area in the country. The nearly 150,000 newcomers to the area (from July 2007 to July 2008) reflected slower growth than the previous 12 months. No mention of whether the Census Bureau counted Sean Avery (now in New York, proving Brett Hull and FrontBurner right) among those who came and went.

2. DISD records show that some in charge at South Oak Cliff High School made fighting students settle their battles in an area of a locker room known as “the cage.” This is deplorable, but not surprising. There is a sub-culture in poor neighborhoods that condones such Darwinian practices. At my high school, poor and white, teachers (usually coaches) merely held others back while students fought. I didn’t like it, especially when they were watching Dave Millea beat the living hell out of me because I punched Lance Stewart over Tina Vail, but it happened.

3. And, George Bush is writing a book about the decisions he made while in office. He says he didn’t keep a diary, but he did jot down an occasional note. Have I given commenters enough to work with today in Leading Off? Yes, I think I have.


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36 responses to “Leading Off (03/19/09)”

  1. Blake says:

    #2. Let it go, Eric. Let it go.

  2. Eric Celeste says:


  3. Glenn Hunter's Sofa says:

    What are the odds on having a post with the words war criminal (not counting this one) by 9 a.m.?

  4. matt says:

    Obama picks a bracket and goes on ESPN to break down his picks. Leno tonight. Meanwhile Timmy Geithner appears about as qualified as a bank teller. Please discuss.

    There you go Eric, now you’ve got even craziness.

  5. Chris says:

    #2: They keep records on such things? That just doesn’t seem smart.

  6. Grumpy Demo says:

    #3) Red meat, red meat! (Like a zombie to brains).

    Well anyway: Why not set up a pool on who will be W’s Ghost Writer? It’s not like anyone believes he’s capable of writing a book.*

    My vote: William McKenzie.

    His man crush on W is still as strong as when W was governor and he as Emperor W’s tailor, he knows how to design a suit the way W likes it. He’ll need the job when the DMN crash and burns later this year.

    * George W. Bush, on his yet-to-be written memoir:

    “I’m going to put people in my place, so when the history of this administration is written at least there’s an authoritarian voice saying exactly what happened.”


    No wait maybe he did mean “authoritarian”?

  7. chickenpants says:

    Glenn Hunter’s Sofa:
    It’s 10 of 9:00 and I’ll still take the “under”

  8. RayRay says:

    Two students enter, one student leaves… and then gets suspended.

  9. NewsGirl says:

    #2-Right, but if the last cage fight was four years ago, as it was in the front page “exclusive” in the News, and the investigation was finished a year ago, and the principal was canned, why is it news now?

    To sell papers maybe?

  10. Daniel says:

    George Bush’s policies vis-a-vis Iraq were in violation of international law, and he should be held to accounts.

    (Didn’t say it!)

    8:54 and counting …

  11. Eric Celeste says:

    NewsGirl: I think we know the answer to that.

  12. DM says:

    The first rule of South Oak Cliff High School is that you don’t talk about South Oak Cliff High School

  13. Marcus says:

    Every girl named Tina is a war criminal.

  14. Daniel says:

    Every girl named Cathy Ann Rogers, too. B1tch!

  15. Long Memory says:

    I stopped using the “W.C.” combo here when one of my comments was taken down. It was something about property values and neighbors in the area that someone didn’t like. Fine by me, but if y’all are gonna egg people on to use the phrase, then please don’t take the comments down. I just won’t be the one.

  16. Drew says:

    Better yet, when oh when will HP’ers take down the “Welcome home George & Laura signs” from their front lawns.

    They’re here. Get used to it.

    I’d much rather see a “Stay in Wyoming and don’t come back here again, Dick & Lynn” sign.

  17. SB says:

    @ The Universe

    Do you have a web site where I can buy one of your cool tin foil hats?

  18. SB says:

    @ BILL


  19. DM says:

    ah come on! I made a “Fight Club” joke!

  20. Chris says:

    Making students fight is one thing, but i once saw a gym teacher beat the h*ll out of a student at Bryan Adams. Most people in the class, including myself, thought he deserved it.

  21. Daniel says:

    Bush is not the greatest joke in the history of the world. That would be this: A guy walks into a doctor’s office. He has a duck on his head. Is there something I can do to help you? asks the doctor. The duck says, Yeah!– get this guy off my ass!

    I sincerely hope that joke doesn’t disrupt BILL’s life, or hinder his forward progress in any way.

  22. mm says:

    Daniel, with all due respect, the greatest joke in the history of the world contains the punchline “It is so. Death — by bonga.”

    I apologize to BILL in advance.

  23. Grumpy Demo says:

    Fergot y’all:

    Happy Sixth Birthday Operation Iraqi Freedom!

    Dang, that must make me a Bush hater.

  24. BILL says:

    no apologies needed…but
    the greatest joke in the history of the world is texas a&m, starting off the game shooting 11 for 12 ( leading 32-19 ) and i picked byu in my pool.

  25. Jay says:


    You cut the punchline short.

    “It is so. Death – by bonga. But FIRST, the Aristocrats.”

  26. Troll Doll says:

    YOu’re all wrong. The best punchline is, “Moo Moo, buckaroo!”

  27. Troll Doll says:

    Or “Dopey did a penguin.”

    Or “I swear it was ice cream!”

  28. suzanne says:


    What is the status of Wick’s post regarding D’s editorial stance on the Trinity Tollway? You mentioned it yesterday.

  29. Eric Celeste says:

    I am hassling him about it, Suzanne. I will post something doing the same.

  30. Daniel says:

    My first choice would have been deleted quickly. It wasn’t only crude, it was insensitive to at least two religious minorities. A trifecta like that is a rare gem. The punchline was:

    “Would you really? Out of what?”

  31. URBAN YOKEL says:

    Doncha know lemmings in Frisclosure love to cluck over stories about South Oak Cliff?

    TDMN is mistakenly seeking prospective subcribers who would likely be transferred, laid off, or foreclosed on in the next year or two.

  32. NeitherParty says:

    Must be nice and intellectually convenient to blame one person for all unjust murders, the hypothetical global warming, Katrina, the rise and fall of Bin Laden, the Jonas Brothers and the Avian flu…..yes this is you. You can’t help yourself, and because we laugh at you….you call us Bush apologists. In reality, he was flawed just as Clinton and every other president was (outside of Reagan). I thought that the right wing nuts who thought Clinton killed Foster werekookoo for coacoa puffs and so to are you my friend (you just have a willing accomplice in the MSM and the cool kids in Hollywood and Universities).

  33. BradT says:

    “Writing a book…” I didn’t know he could read.

  34. Grumpy Demo says:

    “he was flawed just as Clinton”

    Last I checked Clinton never said God told him to start a war. Interesting moral equivalency:

    One consequential (and apparently impeachable) sex act between adults=Iraq War (billions of dollars have been spent, over 4,000 U.S. servicemen and women died, tens of thousands more wounded), nearly 200,000 (or more) Iraqi civilians dead and nearly 5 million refugee). All to create a pro-Iranian Muslim theocracy.

    Tens of thousand injured GI are reminded each day, and W still hasn’t attended one funeral (too busy cycling now).

    Thank God the GOP is the party of personal responsibility. Damn reality its real is a Bush Hater.

  35. Oh Yep says:

    Clinton never did anything that any normal Republican wouldn’t have done with a hooker.
    BTW, how’s that “history” thang working out for yall?

  36. mm says:

    @Oh Yep:

    I beg to differ. Clinton had an affair with someone of the opposite sex, who was over the age of consent.