Layoffs at D Magazine

Today has been rough. We laid off 12 people, representing just under 10 percent of our total workforce (including D Magazine, D Home, D CEO, D Weddings, D Beauty, and People Newspapers). This time, the layoffs came from the magazine side of the operation; the newspapers were not affected.

When we retrenched in November, we made our cuts based on what we thought at the time was a fairly pessimistic view of how the economy would hold up in 2009. Reality has proven that we were actually not pessimistic enough. As our comrades at the Dallas Morning News and Star-Telegram will attest, these are challenging times for publishers. And bankers. And, well, everyone.


  • Adam McGill

    What Tim said.

    I want to thank all who passed along their condolences (and invited me to pass along my resume). Also, before conspiracy theorists gain too much traction, there is absolutely nothing to the “Hire Evan Fire Adam” plotline. Totally separate deal. I’m planning on being a huge InsideCornerian, or whatever it is the D folk decide to call commenters.

    (Speaking of… How’s my comment so far? I’m new at this. Don’t I need to try to sneak something past the profanity filter or something? I need to beef up the vitriol, I know. I’ll work on it. I’ve got some free time.)

  • The Other Marty Cortland

    With the exception of the manner in which The Great Reprcing has effected one consumer sector, I hate this economy.

    I’m sorry, Guys. My own sector was in that same place about six months ago.

  • The Other Marty Cortland

    “The Great Repricing”, that is.

    (That is essentially what is happening on a global basis.)

  • Tinman

    Watch for another round of layoffs at the Star Telegram in the next 2 weeks according to a friend employed there

  • ben

    Good luck Adam. You will be missed.

  • TheKid

    Adam, sorry to hear the news. Is Ashlie still at D?

  • rocky

    Nothing snarky to say about yourselves for having to axe members of the D team? Maybe it’s not as much fun as it is when it happens to other journalists who love their profession.

  • Allie F

    My condolences, D folks. I was laid off from a magazine job shortly after 9/11 and remember the shock well. Man, am I ever tired of bad news.

  • Gwyon

    GL adam

  • DM

    Very sorry guys. Hang tight. We closed down last week.

  • RayRay

    You’ll be missed, Adam.

    As for your nod to the conspiracy theorists, I was one of them. So maybe the events weren’t connected … fine.

    But I stand by my comment that it’s in poor taste to announce the debut of a new element to your publication (and new staff to go with it) on the same day you announce layoffs.

    For the record, the Star-Telegram did the same thing today with its layoff announcement.

  • tey

    Best to you, Adam and the rest of the crew that got cut. I’ve dodged two so far.

  • Chris Chris

    Geez guys. May i say that this news sucks. Come join me at teh Ghost Bar. Drinks are on Gordo.

  • Concerned Reader

    I’m sorry Adam. This is a horrible time for any industry, especially Journalism. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the status on Glenn.

  • Adrian

    Julianne – thank you for a little bit of sanity. Obama’s not even been in office 50 days! Sorry to hear about the lay-offs. It’s a sad day.

  • Carolyn

    I’m sad for you guys, I know you will all be missed over there. Best of luck.

  • Maggie

    Adam you are a class act. Best of luck. You will be missed.

  • C.M.B.

    It’s a shame that right after all the hardwork and late nights on the website, two of you go home. Condolences to all of you, though.

  • Daniel

    Very sorry about the loss of Adam. Well, departure, I guess, is the accurate word. Freakin’ bummer.

  • Ray Balestri

    I wrote an article for D CEO a while back, which Adam edited with good humor, sensitivity, and unerring taste (rather than berating me for the unholy mess that I turned in).

    In fact, the foregoing sentence, which I can’t seem to get to read the way I want it to, only proves that the writing world needs people of Adam’s talent.

    Godspeed, Adam. I will be happy to be a reference for you.

  • Incognizant

    “Happy to be a reference?”

    Dude, that was Boone’s line in conenction with the layoffs at his shop last week….

  • CityChick

    Sorry to see you go Adam… you are the cream of the crop!

  • And as if on cue: Emmis, the parent company of TexMo, is doing layoffs today, too.

  • Tinman
  • Jenny

    Now where I am supposed to go for ‘Friday Fun’? Mahjong solitaire has become a mainstay in my time-wasting arsena, and I owe it all to Adam.

    Best wishes to all during this difficult time; you all will be missed.

  • Brian Barnaud

    bye Adam… this is kinda just becoming wrong.
    cant wait for our snark on the other side.

  • publicnewssense

    This is a damned tragedy, affecting not only the people who are handed the pink slips, but the people who do business with that individual. It shakes your confidence, it breaks your heart. And, honestly, the people who did it (claiming it really, really hurts them) ought to — at the least — have to get a forearm tattoo that reads “I killed souls for money.”

  • Some guy

    Sorry for the los…wait, what? Mahjong is available in solitaire?

    I keed, I keed. I too was recently “riffed”. Good luck to you folks at D in the same boat.

    PS: wear comfy clothes, it’s getting crowded in the boat.

  • MLK

    Best of luck to everybody who was recently laid off.

    I don’t understand the math on the layoffs. In the November posting there were 155 employees and 29 were laid off (19% of total). Now it’s reported that 12 people were laid off which was 12% of total employees. That would mean there were 100 employees prior to the layoffs.

    If my math is correct there are 26 additional people who left between the two announcements (155 – 29 = 126 in November compared with 100 before today’s layoff). That could make things really lean at the D empire right now.

  • publicnewssense

    Math never makes sense in publishing.

  • I am really sorry to see Adam go. He was the best thing to ever happen to D Magazine. Smart and witty. How long can a magazine survive without any quality journalist? Is Wick in a coma?

  • Sid Nancy

    Sorry to hear it Adam.
    When can we see your new Blog?
    Have you been reading Doonesbury? Irony Sux.
    Good Luck to the McGills

  • Neal


    Adam, ditto all the good words above. There’s really nothing else I can say, but if you start posting profane typo-filled all-caps comments at 3:30 a.m., we may start to worry.

    Best of luck to everyone.

  • RB

    Sorry to see you go.

  • Tom V

    On the bright side, I’ve found picking up freelance work to be easier than ever since just about every company out there is running lean and is trying to avoid full time employment commitments.

    At least that’s been my experience from when I was laid off from D back in November.

  • glenn hunter

    Ray,CityChick and others: I couldn’t agree with you more about Adam. Whatever success we’ve achieved at D CEO can be traced to the strong foundation he laid as the founding editor. Meantime, to answer another commenter, I’m still here as editor of D CEO–but our managing editor Kristiana Heap and senior editor Dave Moore were both let go today. Meantime, Tim has promised an update on all this as he is able.

  • OneArtDirector

    Adam, may the force be with you. In fact, contact your old marketing art director…she may have some freelance work for you.

  • Holly J

    Talk to your lawyer.
    You might be able to work some wrongful termination lawsuit related to your foot injury.

    Sowwwy fwend.

  • Puddin’Tane

    Adam: I’ll let you stand with me in the bread line.

    Bring flask.

  • OneArtDirector

    Puddin, what’s in the flask?

    Drink of choice will determine whether or not I stand next to you as I make my way through the breadline…effective as of today.

  • Puddin’Tane

    Sorry to all. I was laid off at the holidays (extended Right of Return) but with the unemployment numbers now growing so rapidly and what few positions are available..


  • Puddin’Tane

    Vodka, Comrade.

  • Robb

    Adam, you will land somewhere very quickly. Journalists of your caliber don’t stay on the market long. D lost some great people today, but letting you go will be something they regret for a long time.

    Good luck.

  • Brandon

    Best of luck to all 12 let go. Don’t invest your severance in BLC.

  • Robb

    Wait, did I read about the economy being worse than expected as a reason for the layoffs? Then read that D hired three new people for a sports blog, and sent one of them on assignment to Suprise?

    I can think of twelve people that may have issues with that.

  • ernest t bass

    1) Get drunk … once.

    2) Identify 5 strong companies where you’d like to work.

    3) Check your ego at the door.

    4) Accept any position available.

    5) Be humble and grateful. (Oh, the horror!)

    6) Your worker bee approach will open doors.

  • Friday won’t be the same (or as much fun)without you, Adam. Thanks for all of your contributions – fun and otherwise. You will be missed. Best of luck.

  • Puddin’Tane

    I’m waiting to see Mark Cuban’s Package Stimulus.

  • Adam, I am heartbroken. Have you thought about becoming a gynecologist? Can definitely help you find employment in that realm! XOXO.

  • Ditto Kristiana and Dave — I am still in shock but eyes wide open for ya! XXOOXXOO.

  • Don in Austin

    All the best to Adam (and the other 11). Enjoy some quality time off, it’ll soon be springtime in Texas. I look forward to seeing you in the comments.

  • DM

    No one noticed or cared but I mentioned closing an entire company last week.

  • Puddin’Tane

    The good thing about “sabbatical” time is that you can take care of lots of personal stuff that you usually don’t have time for..or don’t make time for.

    You can clean, inventory and fix all the things in and around your home. You may discover enough stuff to have a garage sale and make some money!! You can even Ebay or Craig’s List it!!!

    I know I’ve had the time to conquer files and paperwork and analyze my spending and finances. Who would have thunk that the use of a shredder could be so freeing?!

    I remodeled my pantry, stocked it and now I’m cooking again! I can still be a Foodie right in my own kitchen- sorry to all my beloved restaurants!

    I am determined to make my new Lifestyle work and still live well…as I always have, just on less. (A lot less.)

  • @ MLK: When I asked our CFO for the figures, he forgot to include the people who work for our People Newspapers. Before the layoffs yesterday, just under 96 people worked for the magazine side, and 29 worked for the newspaper side. Again, the newspaper side was unaffected by the layoffs.

  • Maggie

    @DM – you’re right. I’m sorry your business closed. What was it? Is there hope you can restructure and reopen?

  • DM

    @Maggie – we’re moving to a connected-project-based freelance team to cut expenses. Re-grouping and reviewing new opps and proposals. thanks for the inquiry.

  • Daniel

    Dammit, this is all depressing as hell and, yes, scary. Best to Kristiana, Dave, DM and the other out-of-work commenters.

    Not to single out Adam, but he was a core part of the D “brand.” I feel bad for all the fine and talented folk who were let go, but the decision to can Adam was frankly stupid. You hang on to a guy like that through the lean times if you hope to emerge from them strong and with your hard-earned identity intact.

    If the Beatles had fallen on impecunious times (as if, but indulge me here), do think they’d have given ol’ George the heave-ho? Hell no, they wouldn’t!

  • In this boiling pot together

    That’s rich. Now we’re comrades.
    Sorry to all affected.

  • LakeWWWooder

    Sorry to hear about Adam and the D Dozen. I’ve enjoyed reading their work.

    This happened to me a couple of years out of college at what I thought was my dream job. Platitudes about a new door opening ring hollow, but give it time. I was ultimately much better off after a few years. For one thing, I got to move home to Dallas from Houston.

    I invite you to hang out in our treasured East Dallas where people don’t think your job is your life.

  • Ed

    From one who only reads Frontburner from a distance, it’s a little like your old crazy uncle dropping dead.

    The DMN has been going down the tubes for years. It offers no real appeal to those people who actually buy a copy. No one wants to read a paper that makes you mad when you read the editorial or letters section. And the stories……

    D is a victim of the economy and will follow the cycle, unlike the DMN.

  • Rawlins

    My condolence to all concerned on what has again been a brutally sad ‘D’ internal exercise in very, very tough times.

    And to Adam I say; Have a quiet talk with your late mother in law. She always had a way of making life glow from within. And on a personal note as someone who knows too well what it is to have the floor pulled out from under him and yet find a cozy nook, may I add; you’re an honorable guy with real seasoned talent and a quirky eye. I’m betting your future will be enviable. God bless.

  • Jay


    You can only be core to a brand if it is clear what that brand is. I’m afraid that few up there actually know what the D brand stands for. Now is the time to regroup, entrench and defend your brand. I hope that all of those that remain figure this out. Quickly.

  • Steph

    I wish everyone well. Adam was absolutely wonderful at D. I will mis reading his posts everyday. Very sad time for Frontburner.

  • Wow. I’m amazed, truly amazed. It’s remarkable that my mom got so tech savvy enough to figure out a way to sign in as so many different commenters to say such nice things. That’s the only way to explain such an outpouring of kindness.

    For reals, I am honored and humbled, flattered and appreciative. All is good and will be well.

    Thanks, everybody. For everything.

  • jrp

    sorry, dude, couldn’t help myself

  • This really is Adam’s mom. I am savvy enough, smart enough and just, gosh darned frustrated enough to be happy I
    already have this twitter thing set up. I adore all of
    you who really know Adam. I’ve known him a long time and
    D Magazine lost simply one of their truly greatest assets.
    Jeopardizing recovery from surgery for a website that was
    not going to happen —— well, it sucks.. You all provided good advice and Mick and I know Adam’s strength
    will fortitude and friends like you make him the next great
    catch to whomever (whoever, Adam?) gets to have him
    loyally working for them. Sincerely, Janet McGill (Adam’s

  • LB

    I heart Adam’s mom.

  • Why Adam?

    I double heart Adam’s mom.

    Cood dudes come from cool chicks.

  • Double doggone darn. This is terrible. I only met Adam twice and both times he was busy doing work stuff for D with a smile.

    I was a contractor doing contract work for the telcos for ten years, 1978 to 1988. I was laid off many times as jobs ended and things changed. I’ve been self employed since then.

    Adam, a bad day on your own is better than your best day working for the man.

  • Jennifer Warren

    I emailed you Adam but it might have already been turned off. You were great to work with, and thanks for my first chance with D CEO. Were it not for you, I wouldn’t have done many things that followed. Sort of the “It’s a Wonderful Life” effect–you being George Bailey.

    You’re a writerly giant with a cool mom.