George W Bush Bicycles Where Eagles Dare

Remember Rochester Park? It’s a newish park in the Trinity Corridor close to the area where local birders have reported sightings of bald eagles. Monday, a nature-lovin’ FrontBurnervian Birder spotted an yellow-helmeted ex-President of the United States at Rochester Park. (New species!) My friend pulled up to the park and noticed a black SUV with Maryland license plates. When he got out of the car to hike in the forest, two dudes in black suits approached him. They told him they were scouting a location for George W. Bush to ride his mountain bike. Ten minutes later, a line of six mountain bikes, one with GW, flew past him. No bald eagles reported.


  • Give Me A Freaking Break

    Yellow is the perfect color for a chicken hawk.

  • Steve

    I heard he’s going to show up to that Bonnie and Clyde ride and talk smack about how North Dallas suxxor and the O.C. is the place to be.

  • lifetime subscriber

    He was working out at Dallas Country Club Fitness Center yesterday on the elliptical machine. He politely took some photos, and was cordial to everyone there. A few Secret Service present, but no big entourage.
    He is not a member (yet), but was there as a guest of a member.

  • Buck Fobama

    We know Bush will protect us from terrorists.
    But Obama giving money to Hamas now…we know now what “Change” is.

  • Steve

    Both of the above statements are demonstrably false, but hey, what the hell.

  • Troll Doll

    I’m waiting for someone to call him a war criminal. Then the thread will be complete.

  • Welcome to our hood!

  • George Bush and an eagle both moving to Dallas? Coincidence? I think not.

  • i think a number of people have ridden with him the last few weeks – he’s been showing up at a lot of the local off-road trails.

  • Bill

    He has been riding all over the place. Cedar Hill, LB Houston, Rowlett Creek.

    Threads about people running into him here:

    Probably the coolest thing is that he invites everyone in the parking lot to tag along. Which they do.

  • RT

    Haha, I love this:

    “…two dudes in black suits approached him. They told him they were scouting a location for George W. Bush to ride his mountain bike.”

  • Grammar Police

    So war criminals are allowed in city parks? And they took our guns away and replaced them with Kroger gift cards? Oh noes.

  • Troll Doll

    RT, you can only ride a mountain bike with training wheels in so many places.

  • JG

    Way cool how friendly he is with the mountain bike folk!

  • Snark Man

    @ lifetime subscriber: Did he schedule a personal training session with Charity Beaver?

  • Steve

    As a confirmed sufferer of BDS, let me just say that I’m nevertheless glad he rides and it’s very cool that he hangs with the local trail riders.

  • NeitherParty

    Wow, thats great of you. In your warped mind, you think he is a delusional mass murderer….but at least he’s riding a bicycle that doesn’t emit carbon.
    I hear Pol Pot was more of a street bike rider.

  • KRM

    That is awesome. The haters will always hate. George W is a very good man, whether you agree with his politics or not. I personally do and can’t wait to ride with W!

  • Give Me A Freaking Break

    The country is in the biggest mess it has ever been in. He IS a war criminal. He is the lowest form of scum on the planet earth.
    Think of the amount of people without homes, jobs, limbs, food, medical care, all because of one man and the Rush dittoheads that voted him into office. It pisses the hell out of me that he selected the city I grew up in to destroy with blood stained hands.
    D Magazine thinks that kissing his ass will save this publication. It will hasten it’s demise. D has planted itself on the wrong side of the tracks with pResident Turdmuffin.

  • GoldenGate

    Give Me A Freaking Break, if you’re so bothered by this, why are you bothering to write on this blog? There are other forums you can go to to vent your anger and hatred. Leave the rest of us patriots alone.

  • WickO’bama

    GMAFG, you might want to reread the Constitution, especially in regards to separation of power and checks and balances. You apparently don’t understand the limited powers of the position. The role of the executive is to enforce the law as written by the legislature and interpreted by the judicial system. While you’re at it, take an economics, capital markets, and finance 101 class to gain a real understanding of what is going on. Knowledge is power, bro.

  • Give Me A Freaking Break

    I am here to remind you of the concept of reality. The world is round. Gravity exist. Bush was in charge for the last 8 years, along with a group of neocons and chicken hawks.

  • Terry

    He’s a good man who has retired and we are fortunate that he has chosen Dallas as his home. He is just trying to blend in the new area. Those that have been lucky enough to ride wih him have enjoyed it. All you others that have to make a political statement out of it redirect yourself to our current administration. Write your hateful letters to them. Other than write these crappy notes on blogs, what have you done to make your and others a better life. Maybe you should spend your time on that versus criticizing those who did. Welcome to the neighborhood George W and Laura !!

  • Barack Obama

    Give Me A Freaking Break, have you not received the memo? Well, we’re sorry about that, things have been crazy here as i’m sure you know. Anyhoo, focus groups have shown us that with Bush out of office he’s just not very useful to us as the Republican boogeyman anymore. We’d like you and your friends to direct your psychotic obsession towards Rush Limbaugh now, and remember, you are the Democrat party, we couldn’t have won without you. Now get out there and show the world that even with Bush gone, you’re still as crazy as you ever were, make us proud big guy!

  • Give Me A Freaking Break

    what have i done to make a better life for others ask terry

    i busted my balls to damn sure that insane mccain and his wife, the vike stealer, were not elected.

    so the percentage of folks who dig bush is 13 percent. you are like a minority. about the same as gay people. maybe we should look at that constitution and see about taking away your voting rights. if you still believe in the bushtard, then you should start looking at hotels in den haag.
    we got a pretty good look at the mccain supporters on a recent hbo documentary.

    anyway, between this and your new leader rush rush rush rush rush….i think you repukes have been put in your place enough for one day.

    now get back to your porn

  • yochanan ben avrohom

    I respect the office of THE PRESIDENT and ‘W’ is a very good man.

    Since 9-11 his policies keep America safe from terror attacks, wonder how long that is going to last now?

    then there is the ‘PORKULUS BILL’ A month and a half in office and the current POTUS has created a bigger defacite than “W” did in his whole 8 years in office. The inflation and unemployment this will create will be the fault of the Democrats

  • rachel

    Boy, do I miss President Bush! He wasn’t my number one favorite President, but at least he wasn’t destroying the country, destroying the stock market, upending the principles our nation was founded on, and screwing up the economy all in 45 days! Compared to the Marxist putz in office now, Bush was a prince!

  • Sid Nancy

    Good man or not, Bush got us into this mess, not Obama.
    He did exceed his powers and disobeyed the constitution.
    Its sad that you folks who hate Obama are ignoring the mistakes of the last eight years. I wish Bush the best and am grateful he is out of power. Name calling is childish, it gives your statements no credibility. Stop the hating and Start the

  • MuslimLegalImmigrant

    To all of you Bush haters, conservative haters, libertarian haters and Republican Party haters:

    Please tell me how Bush violated the US Constitution.

    You are a bunch of hypocrites. Your commie president from Chicago is trying his damn best to ram through a bunch of power-grabbing legislation through Congress in the name of “Fairness” and “Stimulating the economy”. He has already violated several of his election campaign promises with regard to earmarks. He has appointed a bunch of tax cheats into his cabinet, and yet expects “the rich” to pay for his pet projects. He wants to re-impose the “Fairness Doctrine” under a different name through the back door. He has personally attacked private citizens.

    The truth is, you libs don’t give a damn about the US Constitution. GWB did his darned best to keep the US safe from terrorists, but I agree that he could have done more, and you make wild accusations against him for “violating the Constitution”. President Obama is setting the US Constitution on fire and you libs are cheering him on.

    Perhaps it wasn’t the US Constitution that you libs were so up in arms about for the last 8 years. Perhaps it was the Manifesto of Karl Marx, Mao’s Little Red Book, or the writings of Che Guevera that passes as the “Constitution” for you. If that’s the case, I have only one word for those who would violate it: ATTABOY!!!

  • Obama’s Seat

    GMAFB: Give us a freaking break.

  • smarty

    Give Me A Freaking Break

    I LOOOOOOVE YOU !!!!!!

  • Give Me A Freaking Break

    Yes, your words of hate are less empowering today than they were a few months back.
    There is a support group for people who have convinced themself that all these problems just started on 1/21/09. Douchebags for Doofus on Daria meets every Wednesday in the Rush Limbaugh room at the Farmers Branch
    I must say that I see your point about making fun of minorities. It is sort of fun. It makes me feel better about myself.
    You guys have been doing it so long, and now that you are a minority, how does it feel to be the laughing stock of the PLANET?

    Try as you might, the blood will not wash off. It is important in moving forward that
    we hold those accountable for getting us to this place we are in history.

  • Troll Doll

    Boy, that escalated quickly… I mean, that really got out of hand fast.

  • LakeWWWooder

    I am glad to see that President Bush is not afraid to go to South Dallas. You other North Dallas/Parkie people should take notice and do the same.

  • smarty

    @GMFB – Your elequence and intelligence is so refreshing!!! Finally! One voice in Dallas that understands this city/county voted for OBAMA! Like it or not…..sunshine has arrived the creepy crawleys will have to scurry back under their rocks.
    Thank you for your courage!

  • Obama’s Seat

    Old reality: Bush Invaded Iraq unilaterally. No-one in the preceding years, certainly no dems, had a thing negative to say about Saddam.

    New Reality: Bush drove the economy in the crapper all by his unitary self, while dem’s sounded the alarm about the imminent threat of collapse, while Clinton fought Gramm tooth and nail and urged FM/FM to tighten lending practices.

    New New reality: Deficits bad, but quadrupling deficit good.

    New Other Reality: GMAFB discovers puberty has onerous responsibilities, retreats.

  • smarty

    I guess when some people have nothing constructive to contribute to humanity, they turn into childlish idiots. Some “Seats” should find a Bidet and USE IT.

  • please

    Goodness…someone just spotted him riding his bike and some thought it was neat he invited others to ride with him.

    Sorry your hatred brings you into a discussion of bike riding.

  • Obama’s Seat

    @ Smarty: I shall adopt a more measured tone and keep the inflammatory and angry rhetoric to a minimum in the future. I just get overcome with the emotion of the moment, forgive me.

    However, bidets are hard to come by in this uncultured, unwashed hinterland, I may have to substitute a biden.

  • smarty

    @ please

    Yes. It is very curious this “hatred” phenomenon. By coincidence, these same “tendencies” become apparent when someone mentions: Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic, Pol Pot, Sadam Husein, Idi Amin, Sudan’s Al-Bashir and even Kim Jong! No matter what their activity might be!
    What a coincidence!

  • Obama’s Seat

    Smarty – You left out Rush Limbaugh.

  • smarty

    I don’t think Rush ever murdered anyone. So he is not like the others.

  • Steve

    Please don’t let this thread end – I’m looking for it to Godwin by 5:00.

  • Obama’s Seat

    @ SmnartyBut none of those others committed to bringing democracy to dictatorships or theocracies either, so you’re a bit confused from the git-go, don’t ya think?

    Steve, Godwin passed on around 2004 or so. RIP.

  • PR

    Guys and gals,

    Come on now! Obama is the smartest man we have had in the White House in a generation. He can speak on and an about a variety of subjects. His knowledge is unmatched. He doesn’t need the help of speech writers or consultants to tell him what to say. Finally, a President with the smarts to just look directly into the eyes of America and speak from his heart.

    If you don’t believe me:

  • smarty

    Hee hee. Rigid narrow-minded tendecies are so predictable!

  • PR


    I know! Right on sister! Agree 100%!

    Can you believe all the stuff that Give Me A Freaking Break writes?!

    Glad that more level-headed folks like us are here to bring reason to this debate.

  • smarty

    I loooooooove Give Me A Freaking Break !!!
    I also used to believe sarcasm was a sign of intelligence.
    I will soooooo enjoy these next four years! Hee hee.

  • Obama’s Seat

    Smarty must have an offshore account.

  • Give Me A Freaking Break


    any republicans with a lick of sense have come to understand that the bush administation was a total failure (putting it mildly), it is only this extreme right wing fanatical evangelicals that can not come to terms with the reality and facts in front of their face.
    they spend soooo much time worrying about someone in arlington might be getting an abortion, or two women might want to marry, or someone might be selling condoms, or fails to wear a flag pin,or deciding that that they know when a person has a right to die, supporting the troops while ignoring the vets, …they have no time at all to worry about those that are loosing their jobs and homes.
    everytime i hear another story of an 78 year old man having to go back to work sweeping floors to make end meet, or the family living in their car, the vet who can’t find a job to feed his kids. i cringe..

    where does the buck stop?

  • WickO’bama

    GMAFB, you simply must read the Constitution, and pay particular attention to the sections that separate powers and provide checks and balances in the government. You obviously have no clue about finance or economics or the history of war. And, you give Bush way too much credit. No one since Hitler has had the power that you ascribe to W. Knowledge is power, GMAFB, arm yourself, man!

    @ Steve, we Godwin’ed! It was after 5pm, but we still Godwin’ed gdmnit!

  • Give Me A Freaking Break

    Have you heard the new internet debate commenter law?

    The one first one to use the term Nazi/Hitler
    loose the argument.

    Wicko’Bama, you should read “Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris.

  • Obamas teleprompter

    Wow man! You’re really on the cutting edge! First one to use Hitler “looses” the internets? Never heard that one before! Here’s another one, first one to misspell “lose” is laughed at mercilessly.

  • Give Me A Freaking Break

    not a man o-tele.

    but yes very cutting edge.

    the most cutting edge person this city has ever known.

    the most honest up front lady to bless an anchor desk.

  • Obama’s Seat


    “where does the buck stop?”

    Uh, we had an election recently, your answer lies there.

    But the unofficial answer is “no-one knows”.