Friday Fun: Adam Tribute

I looked around and couldn’t find a New Yorker-related game (or at least one I could understand). So if you have any suggestions, hit up the comments.

(So we’re clear: This is/was Adam’s baby, and I don’t plan to continue it. Doesn’t feel right. But I thought doing it today was the right move. If you don’t have any game suggestions, feel free to reminisce about the solid time-wasting Mr. McGill introduced to your Fridays.)


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24 responses to “Friday Fun: Adam Tribute”

  1. anyoneelse says:

    Was anyone else fired at D Magazine? Or just Adam?

  2. T Sizzle or Fizzle says:

    I think “fired” is not the preferred nomenclature. Also, it seems like you guys are in extra need of some Old Monk flavored Friday Fun in honor of Adam.

  3. Hal says:

    Still can’t believe Adam got the axe after leading the website revamp. And he also had seniority over Zac and Eric. So odd and sad. Still, whenever I’ve lost a job it’s ended up being the better thing.

    For Adam:

  4. My favorite Adam game — and by favorite, I mean I ended up literally pounding my head on my keyboard, and I’ve since forgotten the name — was the one where you have a guy with a time machine and you have to send yourself back in time to provide assistance, to yourself, in overcoming the obstacles, climbing, pulling levers for past/future you.

    I intentionally deleted it from my browser history and favorites when it drove me to the brink of tossing my laptop in the pool.

  5. Don in Austin says:

    Maybe you could gather them all up and post a link in a tribute of sorts to Adam’s work.

  6. Joe says:

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    Here are some lessons that those of us who survived previous financial slams learned:
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    2. Don’t stay in bed. That’s the worst place to be if you’re in need of a job unless you’re a hooker.

    3. Figure out who now are. Yes, you used to be so and so with so-what-company. You’re not now. But what are you going to say when someone says, “Oh, what’s your work number?” Have a plan of action. You’re now Joe Blow with Blow Me Down Communications and my phone number is _______.

    4. Check out your insurance plan. If you need to get one, ask others what types of plans are out there. For instance, if you have ties with the military, you might want to check with USAA.

    5. Get the word out that you’re now available to handle assignments. The good news about this time is that being laid off doesn’t carry the stigma it used to. If anything, you’re ahead in the job search opposed to those folks who will be laid off in the months ahead. .. . and it will happen.

    6. Check about the pros and cons of being self-employed, if you take that direction. For instance, you’ll need to put aside a certain amount of money for quarterly payments to the government. In the past, your company took it out monthly. Now, you’re the boss and you’re responsible. Another trick is to save receipts. Anything you buy, put the receipt in a accordion folder. The best ones are the folders with monthly slots. Next year, you can present it to your accountant and s/he will see if there are write offs. Also, invest in an accounting software like Quicken.

    7. Most importantly stay busy. The phone’s not ringing will drive you nuts if you don’t keep busy. Make a list of things to do, get them done and check them off. But don’t let these activities distract you from promoting yourself and your talents to others..

  7. Why Adam? says:

    Adam did more than provide a game every Friday. Adam is a journalist with varied taste. Wake up Wick. Connect the missing dots.

  8. MIssing Dots says:

    Hey, leave me out of this.

  9. Nigel Tufnel says:

    Wow. I’ll miss Adam and his witty responses to my snarky e-mails, as well as his incredibly-time-wasting Friday Fun links. Knowing that Adam likes the tower defense type games, I offer

    And, as Adam would say,


  10. SB says:

    The power of “new media” is really on display here. It’s obvious these days we really have a personal connection with those who bring us the news, and it hurts when we see one of these people face hard times. I think it’s a testament to the contributors to this blog who are willing to engage their readers in conversation whether it be through the comments, by listening to our post suggestions or by simply returning emails and taking the time to make us readers feel like we have a voice too.

    Adam will be missed, but I have faith the other contributors will work extra hard to pick up the slack.

  11. Don in Austin says:

    Thanks, Zac.

    The increased connectivity with journalists via email and blog commentary has really changed the game for those of us out here in comments/reader land. Although not a real relationship in terms of flesh and blood, its still a human connection. It used to be that a job change for a writer/editor was sort of under the radar but nowadays the enhanced connection makes it easier to feel empathy with those who lose their jobs and, yes, even those who had to make a tough decision to let them go. Neither position is easy. All the best to all involved. Keep your chin up, I’ve been there. May your opportunity hunt be short and fruitful.

  12. Brian Barnaud says:

    sb and Don. Nice. best read on all this. ever.

  13. jrp says:

    kudos, SB and Don

  14. Amanda W says:

    My favorite Adam game of all time has become a daily distraction: Zilch!

    Play a round for Adam here: Zilch

  15. Nancy Nichols says:

    We could all play this.

  16. publicnewssense says:

    Bloxorz captivated me for hours and hours — probably leading to carpal tunnel.
    I may sue D.

  17. Topham Beauclerk says:

    this post makes me sad. best of all possible luck to Adam and everyone else hit by these bad times.

  18. Ellen says:

    I will really miss Adam’s post and his enthusiasm for horse racing! It was fun to write him and get his picks for big races. I hope he has the best possible luck in finding a new job.

  19. John W says:

    Here’s an addicting word puzzle game that kept me busy for hours. It’s called Blocks With Letters On:

  20. Okay, I think I can handle it now that I have my Xanax. Anyone have the link for the time machine game?

  21. Sam M. says:

    Out with Friday Fun, in with Sack of Kittens?

  22. Zac Crain says:

    @ Sam M.: We’ll see.

  23. Robb says:

    I will miss Friday Fun. When Trey was let go, I was sad. Now that Adam is gone, I am sad again. Let’s just hope Zac and Tim don’t do anything to upset the powers that be.

    Be careful guys.