Evan Grant Brings the Heat With New Blog

As others have mentioned, today we launched a new sports blog called InsideCorner. I won’t be contributing to it, because, as Eric has noted, I’m not a sports fan. But Eric will be over there on a regular basis. So will Zac. And, you know, it’s gonna be hard to keep Wick from sharing his thoughts on the NFL draft. I’m sure.

Forget about all that, though. The big news is that Evan Grant is now in the house. We’re calling him the manager of InsideCorner. (Or is it the InsideCorner? Hmm.) If you follow baseball, you know who Evan is. After he’d covered the Rangers for years (and been named Texas Sportswriter of the Year for his work), the Dallas Morning News tried to move him over to the Cowboys. We simply couldn’t stand by and let that happen. Evan landed in Surprise, Arizona, hours ago. Expect greatness.

Also joining us on InsideCorner (that InsideCorner?) are Mike Hindman and Jeff Miller. Mike pays his bills in the courtroom, but in his spare time, he writes about the ponies and baseball. You might recognize his name from the Newberg Report, Texasrangers.com, and the Dallas Morning News (can’t find a link). Jeff worked at the News for 21 years, where he supervised writers in the sports department. He has written three books and will be working on a fourth when not blogging for InsideCorner.

Welcome aboard, gents.

(P.S. If the site loads slowly, it’s because our server is under attack from China. No joke.)


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34 responses to “Evan Grant Brings the Heat With New Blog”

  1. GuiltyBystander says:

    So, just to be clear, does this mean Mr. Grant no longer works for Dallas’ Only Daily and is now in the employ of the D Magazine Empire?
    If so, good for you guys.

  2. Zac Crain says:

    You are correct.

  3. Tim Rogers says:

    @ GuiltyBystander: Yes, Evan now works at D.

  4. China says:


  5. Batface Mcgee says:

    But what does he think of global warming and pit bulls?

  6. Grammar Police says:

    For future reference: This is the kind of news that you should promote with an “everything changes” guerrilla marketing campaign.

  7. GuiltyBystander says:

    They say you can’t steal first but D did by hiring Mr. Grant. Well done. Yet another loss by the DMN, who are becoming newspaper version of the Rangers.

  8. Grammar Police says:

    Oh, and I don’t think “superved” is the correct abbreviation for “supervised.”
    That is all.

  9. ben says:

    No kidding GP. The only thing missing from the “Everything Changes” campaign was Jane McGarry.

  10. Tim Rogers says:

    @ Grammar Police: The “everything changes” campaign was intended to be ironic. I realize that didn’t come across to many people. I apologize for the confusion the joke created.

    When I came up with a similar plan to promote InsideCorner, Evan punched me in the neck. We decided just to play this launch straight.

  11. Troll Doll says:

    Good plan. Because when you know the beefy fist of Evan Grant comes near your solar plexus, whatever you just said had to be pretty damned stupid.

    Which is also why he couldn’t be at Valley Ranch. They don’t let you punch the owner.

  12. Gastronome says:

    This is great. Welcome Evan.

  13. Under attack from China says:

    Right! You’ve posted some many items critical of the Chinese government, I can see why they would want to shut you down.

    Really, is that what your web developers are telling you? That must be the new “the dog ate my homework” excuse.

  14. publicnewssense says:

    This is the greatest “change” — surpassing all that ballyhooed stuff from Frontburner last week. Evan is aces. He’s baseball. He’s “coverage.” Great move. If only he could pitch. Once again, the DMN genius is evident in its assessment of talent and reader interest.

  15. JS says:

    You invited a lawyer to blog about sports and it wasn’t me? So disappointing. I would like a refund for the money I pay to review this site!

  16. jrp says:

    two men enter, one man leaves

    fare thee well, Adam McGill

  17. IJS says:

    My 401(k) is under attack from China!

  18. Right-O says:

    Wife calls bar looking for husband. Husband says to bartender: “Tell her I’m under attack from China.” Bartender says to husband: “She won’t believe it. She’s not Tim Rogers.”

  19. Ghost From Your Past says:

    [deleted for content]

  20. RayRay says:

    Evan’s great and all, but isn’t it in bad taste to announce the hiring of someone so close to the firing of someone else?

    I mean, come on, even sports teams usually wait a little while after firing a coach before announcing a permanent replacement…

    (All of this assumes that the Adam rumors are true…)

  21. Jeff says:

    I didn’t realize that you not only got Evan on board, but also Jeff Miller.

    Jeff’s a great guy and a sports almanac. I’m happy for both Evan and Jeff, and your readers will be well-served. Nice moves.

  22. jrp says:

    that’s kinda where i was going, RayRay

    and i happened to catch Ghost From Your Past’s comment before it was justly deleted

    i’m all for rude, crude, and obnoxious but c’mon, man, that was classless and you had to know it wouldn’t fly here or anywhere for that matter

  23. Zac Crain says:

    @ jrp: Thanks for the backup.

  24. RayRay says:

    Well now I’m wondering what Ghost From Your Past said that was so bad… I don’t recall.

  25. Zac Crain says:

    @ RayRay: Nice try.

  26. RayRay says:

    Darn. But seriously, Evan Grant is a big get for this publication. It’s just the questionable timing that I’m not too crazy about.

  27. Bobby Ewing says:

    McGill is gone? D Magazine’s readership actually follows sports? Cats and dogs living together?

  28. Josh Pearson says:

    I’m not going to go into too many specifics because, well, I don’t have to. We had a brute force attack on our server from a Chinese IP address ( and several other International IPs for several hours yesterday and throughout the day today. We applied IP-specific port access and blocked all known IPs at our firewall. So, you know, there’s that. Carry on.

  29. Right-O says:

    @Josh: In other words, someone walked by and noticed the power cord was unplugged — and plugged it back in. But if you rattle off a string of numbers and periods and say things like “IP-specific port access,” Tim will believe it wasn’t just the usual screw-up. (I particularly like the China angle, though. Shows imagination.)

  30. Josh Pearson says:

    Shhhh – I keep hoping that nobody will notice the server is really under my desk. No matter how many times I try to remember, I always seem to kick the power cord with my legs on the way out.

  31. Give Me A Freaking Break says:

    [deleted for being a jerk]

  32. Geronimo says:

    Hopefully you won’t have Evan Grant try to provide coverage on any sport other than baseball. The man has such myopic vision on other sports (e.g. soccer). Could it be because he lettered in baseball in school as a bat-boy?

  33. terry says:

    Being known as the SULTAN OF BASEBALL it is good to see Evan back in baseball. It now frees up Jane McGarry to take over for Evan at The Morning News

  34. terry says: