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8 responses to “April Issue of D Magazine Has Already Antagonized Almost Everyone In It”

  1. John M says:

    As a gay man I must say that I don’t get the big deal. I live in Uptown and frequently walk to J.R.s on a nice afternoon, actually, I walked there with a friend to meet another friend last Sunday after lunch at West Village. I don’t get the feeling that we are being pushed out, I see it more as hopeful that perhaps we don’t need our gayberhood as much anymore to feel comfortable and safe.

    I’ve gone on many dates in Uptown West, frequently see two men holding hands on McKinney ave and Mi Cocina West Village is crawling with gay men on a Saturday afternoon. Actually, half the units on my floor in my condo building our owned by gays and I wouldn’t call Uptown a gay neighborhood.

    Yes, we need our gay bars, and it’s awfully nice to have them so close together but I don’t see any need to fear straight people moving in closer to our neighborhood as long as they are open minded and accepting which I think you would have to be to be within spitting distance of almost every gay bar and gay oriented business in Dallas.

    We can all live in harmony and if we are every going to make any strides we need straight people to want to move to an area and not feel discomfort to gay people openly and publicly living their lives. The main point needs to be, they move into our neighborhood they better not cause problems. If you have issues with two men kissing or rainbow flags or whatnot, stay out of our neighborhood because we aren’t going anywhere and we aren’t going back in the closet, especially on Cedar Springs.

  2. El Rey says:

    I wish my neighborhood in East Dallas had the vibrance and vitality of the Cedar Springs neighborhood. The wife and I will meet our friends from ‘Versace Lane’ over at JR’s for drinks before dinner and we always have a good time. (I usually have to show my hetero manliness by smacking the punching bag game in the corner.) The DJ is top notch and I keep asking him to make a playlist for iTunes. Until he does, I will be the straight guy by the bar watching the music videos and texting the artist and song info to my email.

  3. Rawlins says:

    Readers shoot at Trey because he shoots from the hip. (Are those called ‘pot shots’ for a reason?) But take this to the bank (assuming it’s still solvent): Trey is less likely to be appropriately labeled insensitive to gays than anyone I know this side of Guam. Make that Macao.

  4. Ryan Baldwin says:

    First and foremost I would like to say that it is ashame that an email to be partially made public that was not intended as such. Yes the article has bothered some people related to the community. The jist of the entire situation is that no one is forcing a change of the Cedar Springs neighborhood in either direction except in a forward momentum. Developments such as ilume are a positive for the community…bottom line. The property is a postive for everyone involved, gay or straight. 316 rental units in the heart of the district adds life and new blood, new shoppers to the shops, new diners to the restaurants, and new patrons to the bars (as pointed out in the article are doing well in a negative economic situation). We should all be excited when any new development occurs in a neighborhood and should not question the demographics as people will ultimately live in the place that is right for them.

  5. Kia says:

    why you gettin all in a tizzy about this peeps? Any publicity is good publicity so thank god for the controversy and getting the community talkin. I can’t wait for this project to finish cuz i’ll be getting laid by straight and gay dudes up in this piece

  6. Daniel says:

    I understand the guy’s point — we straight bohos (or erstwhile boho, in my case) are known to make quite a bit of noise about creeping gentrification. There’s something primal about it: turf is being usurped.

    But as for the “sociological” aspect of the story: Isn’t it a good thing that gays no longer need be ghettoized? It is, as some neighborhood type is quoted in the article as saying , “progress, honey.” In more ways than one.

  7. No harm, no foul, Ryan.

  8. The Bigger Guy says:

    Daniel what is an erstwhile boho?