Will America Elect Another President From Texas?

Would the GOP nominate one? Newt Gingrich seems to think so. Newt is a man of many opinions, and I’m not often sure where they’re coming from. So take this remark in The Hill  today with a heavy pinch of salt:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who made a strong run at the 2008 GOP nomination, “has got to figure out how to close the sale,” he added. Gingrich also suggested Texas Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R) and John Cornyn (R) could position themselves for national candidacies in four years.


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7 responses to “Will America Elect Another President From Texas?”

  1. Know Nothing Party says:

    Good call on the salt, Wick. Add a dash of bitters to mine.

    I don’t take Gingrich and his never ending rehabilitation and lobbying tour seriously. His under reported 1990s antics in the Capitol parking garage were the bookend to Clinton’s hi-jinks in the Oval Office.

    Do Republicans really want Romney’s “Big Love” in the office? Not in a wide open election, but he could be a useful patsy in 2012 if Obama is still feeling the electoral love.

    Cornyn? All bluster, no bite. Hutchison? Interesting in theory, and moves in the right circles, but would she have a big national voice? Definitely no.

    I’d give a Starsky / Hutchison ticket strong consideration. A red Ford Torino limo would be awesome. Sec. of State Huggy Bear would be the bomb.

    Seriously, the Republicans need to look at some of the up-and-coming governors for bench strength.

  2. dtc says:

    no way, no how. cornyn is a complete joke, a lapdog for the previous administration. KBH may have aspirations that way, but i actually think the country, and the world (they dont have a vote though) is probably texas weary.

    unless we find the second coming of LBJ. Then im all over it. any president who walks out of a bathroom in thailand with his junk swinging and says “they dont make them this big over here do they” is ok with me.

  3. JHS says:

    GOP ticket = Condi Rice and Tina Fey

  4. Joe Sixpack says:

    Please God, no. Anything but that. Haven’t we all suffered enough?

  5. whoknew says:

    Is this why Mitt Romney bought a home in California?

  6. Give Me A Freaking Break says:

    Texans should not even be allowed to vote again.

  7. AECINTX says:

    Please, God, no, not John Cornyn. America is smarter than that, yes?