Where Does Shaquille O’Neal Live in Frisco?

Or does he? During one of the NBA Cares segments on last night’s All-Star Game, O’Neal (aka The Big Shaqtus, aka The Big Aristotle, aka about a million other things) told Dirk Nowitzki he lived in Frisco. “I bet you didn’t know that,” he said. I didn’t. So, does anyone have a 20 on Shaq’s Frisco digs?



  • I’m all over it.

  • michele

    don’t know where he lives, but i think he keeps a ‘residence’ here for tax purposes.


  • NeitherParty

    Talk about not taking yourself too seriously and having fun in life…..Shaq gets it. Glad to have you in Collin county.

  • John M

    Nothing in Denton or Collin County appraisal district under his name.

  • Kevin

    I’ve always heard the he was one of the owner’s of the Frisco Krispy Kreme Doughnut location/franchise. Not sure if it’s true.

  • boombacloud

    Not Shaq related, but I just spotted Laura Green and Joe Prunty at Which Wich in Lewisville.

  • hl

    Was she ask the ol Assistant Coach about halftime adjustments?

  • The rumor has also been that Shaq owns one or two of the strip malls off Gaylord in Frisco. He is supposedly a big fan of Mark Cuban and has said on more than one occasion that he would like to play for the Mavericks.