Perry Snafus To Be Hutchison Theme

Mark Davis is a little off the mark in today’s DMN column about the Rick Perry-Kay Bailey Hutchison gubernatorial race. Davis says casino gambling, the Trans-Texas Corridor and the Gardasil initiative are the key ways Hutchison could make hay hitting the incumbent. According to top Hutchison insiders, however, the campaign has much bigger guns in its arsenal, and they can all be boiled down to one big theme: government mismanagement. We’re talking about Perry’s (alleged) appointment of bumbling cronies to key posts, leading to incompetence and worse in the state-run schools for the disabled and foster-care programs, as well as at the state highway department, Texas Youth Commission, DPS, and prison system. (Can you say, “cellphones on Death Row”?) Throw in relatively high electricity and insurance rates and, even a Perry supporter has got to admit, it could add up to a formidable case for change.


7 responses to “Perry Snafus To Be Hutchison Theme”

  1. ERG says:

    I am sure that Senator Hutchison will have lots to work with. Rick Perry is a primary reason why I beleive the Democrats could get a real foothold in Texas. His term as govenor has been a disaster. A successful run by Hutchison could be the base for rebuilding the Republican party. At the top of the list of “bubbling cronies” has to be the former chair of the Texas Medical Board who allegedly used her position to take out her local competition.

  2. whoknew says:

    Kay Bailey is a PRO. We are all HOPING the she can come in and clean up while also rebuilding the republican party.

  3. Grammar Police says:

    Mark Davis off the mark? I’m shocked.

  4. nmlhats says:

    All KBH needs to do is say “Texas has no runoffs and no term limits. Do you really want to see “Rick Perry, Governor for Life”?

  5. Louise says:

    Go Kay! We need an intelligent mind back in the governor’s mansion (when it reopens).

  6. THE Angry Gus Garciaton says:

    She can hurl all kinds of assertions, but she had better look in the mirror when it comes to her record. Look at the results of Governor Perry’s tenure. Texas is flourishing while the nation flounders. There’s a reason for that. Kay has no chance if it’s about management/leadership record and results.

  7. Grammar Police says:

    Texas is flourishing? It’s in better shape than, say, Michigan, but it’s not flourishing.
    Unless leading the nation in teen pregnancies, children with no health insurance and Bible-lovin’ education board members is flourishing, then yes.