Once Again: Hold Up On That Convention Hotel

Sen. John Carona (R., Dallas) drives by those same freeway billboards you and I do every day enticing Dallas money to Louisiana and Oklahoma casinos. If his bill to allow casinos at 12 sites in Texas (two in Dallas County) can muster a two-thirds majority, it goes on the ballot in November as a constitutional amendment. My money says it will pass. Suddenly that hotel starts looking like a better bet. I argued against it last November because the city’s rosy financial forecast didn’t make sense. But a casino down the street makes all the difference — not only to the city, but to private investors. And that makes me wonder if the city would need to invest a single dime.


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8 responses to “Once Again: Hold Up On That Convention Hotel”

  1. Amy S says:

    The other hurdle – alcohol. Would these casino’s be allowed to serve complimentary drinks like Las Vegas and Shreveport casinos? New Mexico casinos require all alcohol be sold and consumed at an attached bar (seperate from the casino). Michigan casinos sell all their drinks, which is why the Detroit casinos are losing out to Windsor’s.

    Having a hotel with a casino would certainly entice this North Dallas resident to make an occasional fun “weekend” out of a trip downtown.

  2. Grammar Police says:

    Will Biffco build the hotel if we can get a casino?

  3. Dallas BK says:

    And where would they put the casino exactly? Reunion Arena has been mentioned countless times but that won’t work because the city council (except for Hunt) wants to barrel forward spending the money to tear it down for no compelling reason.

  4. James says:

    Do we really want to turn Reunion into a casino? I think Dallas can do better than that. I prefer a nice Las Vegas style casino like the Wynn or Paris. Let’s think more upscale here people!

  5. HSH says:

    Wick —

    The Leg will pass it but Goodhair will veto. He has to. The Church Lady will demand it and he needs the Church Lady in his gunbattle with Kay Bay.

  6. Bill says:

    When every city has a casino, who’s going to bother traveling to another city to gamble?

  7. Grant says:

    If they give away free drinks at a downtown casino in Dallas they won’t be able to build one big enough. Many a night in college we went to Tunica with $100 in hand and the goal of winning money or drinking to the equivalent of a $100 bar tab.

    Most casinos I’ve seen have free drinks at the tables and $1 drinks at the bar.

    I think a casino or two in Dallas would have to built around a resort-style setting, much like Choctaw, Miss.

    Anyone ever been to the Harrah’s in New Orleans? That place is a disaster.

  8. mike says:

    how about hold up on that demolition contract for reunion arena?