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Nate Fowler Needs Your Help

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I’ve known Nate Fowler for more than a decade, personally and professionally. You may remember him from one of his previous bands — the American Fuse, most likely — or from his most recent project, Nate Fowler’s Elixir. Really good punk-tinged, loud rock and roll, in the vein of the Replacements or the New York Dolls. For several years, we were neighbors at the Turtle Dove apartments on Matilda and McCommas, and I still see him semi-regularly, since his friend and band mate Kinley Wolfe lives just down the street. He’s probably one of the nicest, sweetest people I’ve ever met.

Anyway, last year, Nate and his mom were in a serious car wreck. Nate’s arm was crushed, shattering it near his wrist. Even the photos I saw of it after he’d been patched up were chilling. Like a lot of musicians — and many Americans, for that matter — Nate doesn’t have health insurance. He has worked his way back to play guitar a little bit, but he needs a ton of physical therapy, and a pile of cash to pay for it all. A benefit is currently being set up and is scheduled to happen March 28-29. Location and other pertinent information TK. If you want to get involved, and you should, send an e-mail to ilonalucardie AT gmail DOT com by March 5.