Hispanics Now Majority In Texas’ First-Grade Classrooms

Bud Kennedy at the Star-Telegram reports that the expected demographic change has hit:

For the first time, Hispanic children dominate first-grade classes, adding about 4,000 children last year to become the outright majority with 50.2 percent of students. But Hispanic children would have become dominant without even one new student, because white first-grade enrollment dropped by about 2,000.

White children are now fewer than one-third of the first-graders in Texas. If this is a surprise to us, it’s not one to Karl Eschbach of the University of Texas-San Antonio, appointed by Gov. Rick Perry as the official state demographer. “What people don’t realize is the sheer inevitability of this change,” Eschbach said Friday. It isn’t about immigration, he said. It’s about native-born Texan and American children growing up.


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13 responses to “Hispanics Now Majority In Texas’ First-Grade Classrooms”

  1. Puddin'Tane says:

    And white flight to private schools or home schooling?

  2. PR says:

    We should welcome all immigrants who come to our state and country legally. They add to our economy and our way of life.

    However, how do we assist the children who do not have a grasp of the English language without slowing down children who already speak English? I know several educators who are concerned they spend way too much time helping children who don’t fully understand English at the expense of students who do.

  3. cbs says:

    does this include private schools and home school attendees? ultimately not that shocking (although the 1/3 nuber was a little startling).

  4. OneArtDirector says:

    PR, “Total Immersion” is the only way to go, IMO. Speak only English in the classroom. No more of this bilingual crap. That forces the kids to learn our language much quicker. Not only that, but it has been proven to work.

  5. Steve says:

    Yeah, millions of hispanics entering this country illegally every year has nothing to do with the rise in the hispanic population. Of course, if non-whites were seen to be in decline, we would be told how horrible it is and programs to entice more non-whites to Texas would be implemented. But decline in the white population is applauded.

  6. fred says:

    This is probably news to people in HPISD.

  7. Grumby Deacon says:

    Rod Dreher weeps, buys more guns, and plots how to defend his homestead on Halloween.


  8. NeitherParty says:

    Born and raised in El Paso for 20 years, I have a take. Total immersion is the way to go, and how about protecting the sovereignty of our country while you are at it(lock the border down). I laughed at the statement….jobs that Americans wouldn’t do. How wise is that statement looking now? There is a lot to love about the Hispanic culture and watching them become American citizens…can I say I would like for our country to do this is an orderly fashion and not get called a racist? I didn’t think so, Democrats just see them as potential headcount…never mind what is best for the country (or legal).

  9. Obama's Seat says:

    Given the graduation rates for Hispanics in Texas, they’ll not maintain the majority percentage through high school.

  10. Puddin'Tane says:

    My cousin adopted two little girls from Russia. No choice but total immersion. Works beautifully!

  11. Arp says:

    50.2% in first grade, 25.1 at graduation.

  12. Bill Marvel says:

    That’s a problem with Rod. He shows flashes of real insight, but he’s about as blind on this subject as you can get and not be a mole. I sometimes wonder: Is there a good Rod and a bad Rod? And which one is in the driver’s seat in any particular column? It’s like Robert Mitchum in “Night of the Hunter,’ knuckles of one hand tattooed L-O-V-E, the other H-A-T-E, wrestling each ither.

  13. Troll Doll says:

    Bill: I’d pay cash money to see that.