Cheerleader Photo Posted; Aim Is To Save Mother Earth

No excuse too flimsy to put up a cheerleader photo. Here’s mine: It seems that Tarrant County’s exclusive smart car dealership, Park Place, tricked out a “smart fortwo” car in TCU’s signature purple. Then Superfrog, the TCU mascot, and several TCU cheerleaders joined in a “21st Century Trail Drive” today, complete with longhorns from the Cowtown herd and a fleet of other smart fortwo vehicles. This smart fortwo, by the way, is said to be the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid car in the country. As a result, this post has been green-approved.


  • DKC

    Combine, those two weigh more than the Smart Car behind them!

  • Buck

    Wasn’t that lizard in “Land of the Lost”?

  • brett

    more like TCUghh…

  • matt

    it took some effort to find those 2 lookers on campus. I think those are Showgirls which are the cheerleading equivalent of the short bus.

  • MIssing Dots

    Where are the cheerleaders? All I see are the Cowtown herd.

  • Bob Lutz

    Who cares if this post has been green-approved? I mean, global warming is a total crock of sh!t anyway. Now where’s my bailout money?

  • mediawonk

    Matt, the TCU showgirls aren’t cheerleaders, they’re dancers – they serve a completely different function.

    Having said that, I can verify that TCU does offer a lot more impressive eye candy than what is represented in this photo.

  • matt

    as 2000’s graduate i am fully aware of the showgirls, just trying to equate for those not familiar with the ill-trained, uncoordinated troupe that appears at our football games.

    though to their credit they did produce 2 cowboy cheerleaders in recent years…clearly the outliers.

  • w

    Do TCU cheerleaders have webbed feet???

  • Kevin McCarthy

    Did you know that the Smart Car requires premium gasoline? Not so smart.

  • Erin

    Why are the cheerleaders barefoot? And why are they completely hiding the car?

  • MIssing Dots

    Why are the linebackers wearing cheerleading unis?