Baring Your Soul (Or Something Else) On Facebook?

Dallas lawyer and D CEO contributor John Browning explains why you shouldn’t in the February issue of the Dallas Bar Association’s Headnotes trade pub. My favorite line:

Few things undermine a sexual harassment plaintiff’s claims of innocence faster than revealing that the plaintiff has a MySpace page that looks like a “Girls Gone Wild” video.

For the curious, the pic above is of Tom the MySpace Guy, who apparently becomes everyone’s friend when they join MySpace. Apparently, Tom has no standards whatsoever. How is he ever going to get a job or avoid a law suit with an attitude like that?


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11 responses to “Baring Your Soul (Or Something Else) On Facebook?”

  1. Bill says:

    In 07 I was creamed in a car wreck on Matilda by a woman who flew through a stop sign. Her insurance company were being monumental buttheads. I had to hire a lawyer friend, yadda, yadda, yadda. Turning point was when I found her Myspace, downloaded it and had my lawyer send it to the insurance company. So damaging was her Myspace that I got a rather large settlement with no negotiation after that. Chopped their knees off. Bringing that Myspace page in front of a jury box would have crushed her and her insurance company.

  2. Dave Moore says:

    @Bill — What did she have on her MySpace page? A picture of her doing a bong with Michael Phelps?

  3. Free America says:

    Don’t you have to ask her to confirm you as a “friend” before you can see her facebook? How did you do that — or didn’t she recognize you as the guy bringing the lawsuit against her? (Or maybe I’m just hopelessly low-tech and am asking an incredibly dumb question. Snarkers start your engines…)

  4. Grant says:

    Speaking of Phelps, the Sheriff in Columbia said on TV this morning he’ll be adding as many Facebook friends at Univ. of South Carolina as he can The goal is to wade through photos looking for illegal activity that he can bring charges to court.

    Me thinks he won’t have many Facebook friends.


  5. For the record... says:

    Free, regarding MySpace, unless the account owner has previously set his/her account to “Private”, any other MySpace member can see the entire profile, pics and all, without registering as a friend. If the account is set to “Private”, a drop-by visitor can see only the top 1/3 or so of the profile, which may be enough if there are salacious pics, etc.

    But Facebook is the new MySpace, unfortunately for Tom, and has grown much beyond college sets.

  6. Bill says:

    @ Dave Moore,

    Not only did she have the standard bong hit pics, her frontpage was littered with racial slurs etc. I could not have dreamed up a Myspace page so unflattering. I got roughly 5x my medical bills, which is unheard of without going to court. 1.6x-2.2x is standard pain and suffering.

  7. Valerie says:

    Sounds like Brendan Higgins Facebook page

  8. Dave Moore says:

    Sounds like the Facebook page of Alibaster K. Abthernabther.

  9. El Rey says:

    I wonder if John Browning’s article is making a subtle jab at one of the newer (and prominent) District Court judges. I know why he referenced Girls Gone Wild if he was…

  10. Dave Moore says:

    @Ed: Nah, in this case they’re just interchangeable. I might as well have written “social networking site” — but that would just be introducing jargon to the conversation. But some sites, like LinkedIn and other business-related social networking sites, don’t usually have groups for pot smokers or Adderal takers, do they? I have accounts on both MySpace and Facebook and it seems that I get a lot more contacts through Facebook. Then again, I’ve heard MySpace is for the younger set.