Anybody Got a High-End Strip Joint I Can Manage?

Michael Precker gets a nod in today’s WSJ, in a story about the dangers of identifying yourself too strongly with your profession. Precker, as many around these parts know, was a reporter and editor at the DMN until 2006, when he took a buyout. Now he manages the Lodge, which as many around these parts also know, is a high-end strip joint. And I see that on Valentine’s Day weekend, the Lodge will host Tiny Tina. At 3-foot-5, she’s billed as the world’s tiniest dancer. Kudos to you, Mr. Precker. We shall have our singles folded lengthwise and at the ready.


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34 responses to “Anybody Got a High-End Strip Joint I Can Manage?”

  1. Troll Doll says:

    Tim – Look at Wick’s post below.

    If you come up with a business plan for a high-end strip joint, Cuban will fund it.

  2. RayRay says:

    Hold me closer, Tiny Tina.

  3. White Rock Eagle says:

    I also applaud Mr. Precker on his unique billing for Valentine’s Day. With discretionary funds in decline, he can’t stand accused of being short-sighted.

  4. Puddin'Tane says:

    Are they gonna add a dog and pony to the show too?

    What a Precker…

  5. towski says:

    White Rock Eagle, I don’t want you to under sell this. Her appearance is no small potatoes.

  6. JS says:

    Dancers of Tina’s stature are hard to find.

  7. Daniel says:

    She love you short time.

  8. Tiny Tina says:

    Forget high-end clubs, gimme one with low ceilings so I feel like a giant.

  9. Obama's Seat says:

    Elton would be thrilled

  10. White Rock Eagle says:

    @ Tiny Tina,

    I don’t want to get all Malkovich on you, but you may want to look into working on the 7 1/2th floor of the Merton-Flemming Building. Good benefits for ye and your accursed kind.

  11. Whisky Tango Foxtrot says:

    Bridget the Midget is not amused…

  12. MIssing Dots says:

    This stunt could be a Precker Wrecker.

  13. brett says:

    so does this mean lap dances will be only $10 instead of $20?

  14. brett says:

    i bet she’ll be dancing a SHORT set. hey-oh!

  15. SB says:

    Can I bring 50 cent pieces instead of ones?

  16. Puddin'Tane says:

    I don’t think Tina is tall enough to give you a lap dance but I bet she can give your chins a shimmy!

  17. Puddin'Tane says:

    Blew that one! I meant shins!

  18. PhonyBaloney says:

    Is there a stature of limitations on this?
    And does she use a little tiny pole?

  19. White Rock Eagle says:

    Barber shop pole.

  20. Troll Doll says:

    Yes, phony, so she should be perfect for you.

  21. JS says:

    Troll Doll, I think little of that comment.

  22. Troll Doll says:

    It only took me a short time to think of it.

  23. tey says:

    LOL @ Puddin.

    Using “Blow” in a midget stripper thread.

  24. John M says:

    I’m seriously considering making a trip out to see Tiny Tina, despite being a homosexual.

    I’ve also heard rumors of a local stripper that is missing an arm, anyone know where I can find her? Maybe I can make a night of it with some friends, an armless stripper and a miniature stripper, it could be fun.

  25. Remember the experience of Patton Oswald: If you hit a midget on the head, they turn into a dozen gold coins. But if you lose a fight to a midget, you become a midget.

  26. Troll Doll says:

    So basically, Trey, they’ve got to tap that midget?

  27. Dallas Alice says:

    Don’t sell this show short. She’s a pocket rocket!

  28. publicnewssense says:

    Look, this is what is happening in journalism — a great reporter, spurned by the local paper, becomes a clever gentleman’s club manager and hooks up with a dancer who used to write briefs. One industry’s loss is another’s gain.
    Now, “Anthem For Tina”
    by R. Abbot “Bunny” Hauperton

    It matters not whether
    you stand tall
    the dancin’ question is
    can you shake it all?

    You can look up
    we can look down,
    when the music starts
    just shake it aroun’.

    Go Tina, go, dance, girl, dance
    jump until it pains ya,
    we’ll shove in the cash
    we won’t short change ya.

  29. Daniel says:

    a great reporter, spurned by the local paper, becomes a clever gentleman’s club manager and hooks up with a dancer who used to write briefs.

    I smell a pilot treatment.

  30. White Rock Eagle says:

    More like a mini-series.

  31. Don in Austin says:

    New sport, dancer bowling.

  32. IJS says:

    @Puddin’Tane: “Chins” works for me.

  33. Veronica Corningstone says:

    A sign of our tough economic times, indeed… can’t afford a whole stripper. Damn cutbacks.

  34. Tim Rogers says:

    No small wonder how entertaining this post became. If Precker can manage the Lodge, seems Tiny Tina should be given a shot at editing “Briefing.” (Hello? Is this thing on?)