A Dallas ‘Tea Party’ Rages Against The Machine

This rant by CNBC’s Rick Santelli against big-government spending got things started. Then the outfit called Top Conservatives on Twitter took up the call and, within days, “Tea Parties” were organized in a number of cities protesting federal bailout schemes–including today in Dallas. Here are some of an estimated 250 who gathered at Victory Plaza to dunk the “stimulus bill” in a tank of tea, page by page. Said an organizer: “We’re just people who don’t want our kids and grandchildren shackled with thousands of dollars of debt each.” Oh, hell, folks, why not? It’s only money!


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100 responses to “A Dallas ‘Tea Party’ Rages Against The Machine”

  1. Troll Doll says:

    How long will they be teabagging?

  2. Texas Pete says:

    Too funny, Droll Doll. You must be waiting for your handout.

  3. J Paul says:

    I guess they were fresh out of tea the past 8 years?

  4. Give Me A Freaking Break says:

    Perhaps they should have thought of that before they elected Bush into office..time and time again. A true teabagger never knows what has hit him in the face until it is passed.
    Sadly, the Stimulus bill will not bring back amputated limbs and the lives of the innocent.
    They should look to Joe the Plumber for comfort, or Daria Lane.
    You know what, never mind, no one cares about the Republicans anymore. Who cares what they think. Come to think of it, they don’t think.

  5. Socialism says:


  6. Troll Doll says:

    TP, I drive a Lexus that parks itself. I had my handout over the last 8 years.

  7. Zac– I was there. Pics and stuff coming on my blog ASAP

  8. John M says:

    At least someone was in Victory. I wonder if they did any shopping or dining?

  9. GuiltyBystander says:

    Echoing Give Me A Freaking Break …

    give me a freaking break. What the hell is wrong with these anti Stimulus Bill people?

    “We’re just people who don’t want our kids and grandchildren shackled with thousands of dollars of debt each.”

    Helllooooooo. What country has that person been living in. Bush takes over a government with a surplus and then charges the biggest deficit ever on what used to be his credit card. Now he and his accomplices are free and clear and we’re stuck with the bill.

    I have no idea if the stimulus package will work. I don’t care if it’s socialism. All I know is that the current administration is trying to do SOMETHING to clean up a mess that every ShamWow couldn’t mop up.

  10. Give Me A Freaking Break says:

    I agree but I think you owe an apology to the ShamWow people. The ShamWow would have made a much better president that the Doofus on Daria.

    It is like someone burns down your house and you get angry at the people trying to fix it.

  11. “We’re in a hole; keep digging.”

  12. Grumpy Demo says:

    250 people? Only 250 people in freaking Right Wing Wack Central Dallas Texas?

    My God it’s a populist revolt. Obama should resign now.

    We anti-war types only had a million or so people protest and we got no press.

  13. James says:

    It’s clear that Guilty and Give Me A Break have no idea how to keep a country safe. You 2 morons probably weep for the Taliban and pee your pants with excitment at the closing of Gitmo… The President you like to bag on so much kept your @$$ safe for the past 8 years! Unfortunately we’ve lost some BRAVE BRAVE Men & Women- and they sacraficied their lives so that you and I can continue to post here on FrontBurner

  14. J Paul says:

    Nothing quite like 250 reformed whores showing up for church after their pimp has been taken off the streets.

  15. Grammar Police says:

    @John M: Except for AAC and the Channel 8 studios, the rest of Victory Park is closed.

  16. Party Like It Is 1775 says:

    Oh, yeah!

    Revolt against taking it up the ass in taxes.
    The revolution is building.

  17. Daniel says:


    If our country hadn’t invaded Iraq, I wouldn’t be able to comment on blogs? Please explain. Seriously.

  18. matt says:

    crazy, who wouldn’t want to give more money to government programs (and the most expensive forms of alt energy–ever heard of nuclear barry?) after already footing 70% of the tax burden. “The taxpayer” is a phrase overused by those to whom it doesn’t apply.


  19. Puddin'Tane says:

    Sitting here drinking hot tea and watching Dr.Zhivago.

    I adore revolution and anarchy. Let the whole Capitalist Pig Party go to hell…

    I have a fully stocked pantry, some good cigars and vodka in the dacha.

  20. Give Me A Freaking Break says:

    Hey Grumps…

    Let me think. OH that’s right. I wasnt the President on 9/11/01. I never got a document that said…something to the effect of ..you are getting ready to get your ass kicked by jets….. I pee in my pants at the fact that Obama will bring integrity back to the USA….but the urine in my jeans only makes ME feel warm…it just makes your mouth water to look at it. Bush didn’t keep me safe.
    You repbulicans have got to learn at some point that your love of killing the innocent doesn’t make you a better American. It just leaves you standing there with blood dripping from your hands.
    And if these soilders were sent to war so I could blog on FrontBurner, then this country is beyond repair.
    Now get this straight….They went the because of Weapons of Mass Destruction. They found them. Got rid of them. and shazaam….MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

  21. Glenn Hunter says:

    @Grammar Police: Tell that to the folks at Victory Tavern, who might be surprised. They had a pretty sizeable lunch crowd today.

  22. Give Me A Freaking Break says:

    Let us get this very straight.

    GEORGE W. BUSH and his wife Laura did not even watch Obama’s speech to congress.


  23. Obama's Seat says:

    Bush grew spending on stuff liberals should love, he was a social conservative and conservative socialist all rolled into one.

    Millions for Africa, Medicare, the kennedy education bill, the dem homeland security bill, am I missing anything?

    Ditto the dreaded Shredding of the Constitution, rendition, permanent detention of combatants, FISA… have I missed anything? Oh yeah, he’s against gay marriage and is apparently going to keep the DADT policy.

    Change you can believe in. You were warned.

  24. Daniel says:

    Bush destablilized the entire Middle East, making Americans less safe. In lieu of any justification whatsoever, all his acolytes can do is accuse anyone who disagrees with them of being treasonous. It’s despicable and pathetic. And guess what? It doesn’t work anymore.

    His presidency was utterly catastrophic on many, many levels … not least of all the trillion-dollar deficit he left to his successor. Anybody who still defends George W. Bush is mentally ill. If I were a Republican, I know I would feel betrayed by him.

  25. tey says:

    LOL @ the Kosnian invasion.

  26. smarty says:

    Rick Santelli – A WALL STREET GUY – ranting about OTHER people sharing some of HIS bailout government money !! Nope, nothing ironic here!

  27. matt says:

    @give me a freaking break.

    give me a freaking break and learn the difference between lose and loose.

  28. equitiesindallas says:

    Santelli works for cnbc, or GE if you really want to get tangential. He worked on and reports from the CBOT (nee’ CME). If you need more than that to realize your point is ignorant I will refer you to a local community college course, or wikipedia.

  29. Reagan's Codpiece says:

    Good lord…it’s the La-Z-Boy brigade coming for the revolution.

    Something tells me the West End Hooters just ran out of buffalo wings.

  30. Gwyon says:

    Is this where I sign up for the civil war?

  31. Obama's Seat says:

    “Destabilized the Middle East”.

    Is that like making the oceans wetter?

  32. I believe Give Me a Break and others like him have missed the point, and if anything are jealous at the fact that 250 people showed to a protest that was 100% grassroots in nature. Sure there 1 million anti-war protester through out the country, but anti-war always attracks the unemployed and shower deprived. Unfortunately for our protest it was during work hours. You can be sure, though, that the revolution is building as we continue to spend money we don’t have, and increase the taxes on those who flip majority of the bill.
    Oh and we are very aware of the out of control spending of the Bush Administration, but remember one thing. The Democrats have been in power for the last two years, and that is when the recession began!

  33. Obama's Seat says:

    Trey: No giant puppet heads?

  34. Reagan's Codpiece says:

    Wow, inspiring pics. It’s like the inverse of the Obama inauguration rally.

    I liked the rubenesque fella holding the “Stop Stealing From My Kids Sign”:


    I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that he doesn’t have anything against pork. and his kids are probably wishing he’d stop stealing from the refrigerator.

  35. Don in Austin says:

    Chihuahua’s Trey? Somehow I figured you more as a Rottweiler, Blue Tick Hound, Jack Russell Terrier kind of dog owner. Acquired by marriage?

  36. Don — nah. Nothing to compensate for. I like small dogs.

    And before anyone says it — yes, the guns are me compensating.

    I’m compensating for the fact I can’t throw a rock with 1,260 FPS of force, and in a one-inch group at 25 yards.

  37. J Paul says:

    Texas Watchman, exactly how did the recession begin the minute the Dems gained a razor thin majority in Congress two years ago? Did they pass some sort of legislation on the first day of “power” that set the wheels in motion to a recession. Why on earth didn’t W veto it? Nothing the previous 6 years counts?

    Your Logic = Epic fail

  38. Daniel says:

    Nothing to compensate for.

    Would you like a mulligan on that one, Trey?

  39. smarty says:

    These people all look like a bunch of WHINNY, RICH, FAT CATS hamming it up for the attention. Pathetic!

  40. Puddin'Tane says:

    Has the Middle East ever been stable?

  41. Yes, the evil rich.

    “Thus, Obama again assures us that his tax increases will only target “the rich,” which he defines as those earning over $250,000. But as referenced above, official Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Statistics of Income data reveal that over 65% of filers exceeding $250,000 are small businesses.

    According to the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), which defines “small businesses” as those employing between 3 and 199 people, these entrepreneurs employ over 50% of the nation’s private-sector employees and account for over half of American non-farm private gross domestic product (GDP). In addition, given the dynamic nature of our economy, these small businesses create approximately two-thirds of net new jobs and provide the first job for most new entrants into the workforce, according to the NFIB, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the United States Census Bureau.

    In fact, America’s small businesses would comprise the world’s third-largest economy (after the United States and Japan) if standing alone, and represent an astounding 99.7% of all employers in America.

    Unfortunately, Obama and Congress are implementing an agenda that may suffocate this sector of our economy. ”


  42. Obama's Seat says:

    The mideast was quite stable on 9/10/01.

    We were safer then.

  43. Gwyon says:

    Trey, I guess we’ll have to hope those small businesses know the difference between income and revenue.

  44. Reagan's Codpiece says:

    Sure the mideast is safe…who wouldn’t feel safe among ultra-conservative religious zealots?

  45. Daniel says:

    No, the Middle East has never been stable, but Iran and Iraq were relatively harmless and also kept one another in check.

  46. Steve says:

    Just another chapter in “Republicans are Hilarious!”

  47. smarty says:

    Exactly! This “small business boo hoo” is a tried and true conservative propaganda. It’s worked SO WELL that it created this wonderful, prosperous economic boom we’re experiencing right now !!

  48. Reagan's Codpiece says:

    I LOVE the dude in the XXXL baby blue polo and bermuda shorts! It’s the modern day Paul Revere.

    Instead of a mob carrying pitchforks and torches, you expect to see them coming after you with nine irons, and candelabras.

  49. Obama's Seat says:

    Ok, let’s all go to:


    Look at the pics, and get back to me on those hilarious Dallas protesters.

  50. Rick says:

    the united states has never been a true capitalist nation, its always been muddled with social programs ever since we had to pay for the revolution.

    capitalism can work but its got to be real, and I can tell you one thing most of the tax protestors around the country are not hardcore republicans and didn’t think it was worth spending a dime on a crazy country like Iraq whos people clearly enjoyed their leader otherwise they would have taken him out.

  51. Rick says:

    Most liberals don’t understand what a LLC and a LLP are and that they are taxed at individual tax rates when they flow up to the owners of the companies and many large companies are LLC’s.

  52. Gwyon says:

    Rick, skribble that on cardboard and march.

  53. Reagan's Codpiece says:

    Yes! Down with Socialism.

    Now, let’s all collectively break into our parents/grandparents houses and burn their Social Security checks to prove we mean Business!!!

  54. Richard says:

    By all means Rick, do not attempt to infuse facts into this debate. It’s much more fun, and logical to make light of the appearance of the protesters.

  55. Rick, my point exactly. I’m glad you put it in simpler words that Gwyon could understand.

  56. Give Me A Freaking Break says:

    Republicans can shuck and jive till the cows come home. It doesn’t matter. The facts always get in the way of your name calling.
    The Daria Doofus was in charge for the last 8 years……remember he was the DECIDER…remember he had CAPITAL and intended to SPEND it.
    Try as you might, you can not weasal your way out of the fact that republicans got us into this mess and AGAIN, we democrats have to get the world back on it’s feet.
    Now, don’t fret your pretty little repukish heads, in a few years your combined bigotry and jeebus tithes will get you back in office and you will be able to use that money in order to bomb and destroy another country that neve caused harm to us.

  57. Reagan's Codpiece says:

    @Trey and @Rick

    Exactly! Those simple commoners are just begging to be taken down a notch.


  58. How does opposing the Obama stimulus = supporting W?

    Why are Democrats so narrow-minded as to think anyone who opposes their agenda is a Republican, pro-war, or a W fan?

    This is about supporting capitalism and opposing socialism. Party has nothing to do with it.

  59. Reagan's Codpiece says:

    Overheard at the rally:

    Protester 1: “Please dear God, tell me the Revolution WILL be televised”

    Protester 2: “…and air conditioned”

    Protester 3: “…and catered by Olive Garden”

  60. Gwyon says:

    Trey, very clever of you to make a point that neither you nor the article you linked made any reference to. Dash cunning, old bean.

  61. Red Bubba says:

    Y’all are a hoot. The well-behaved, rated-G protest was directed to a piece of LEGISLATION, congress (both parties) in general, and only secondarily at O’bama, and you respond with Bush derangement syndrome!

    OK, so the Bush panioc bill was bad, but the new Obama panic bill + rhetoric was good? What a hoot!

  62. One assumed the obvious need not be spelled out.

    But then I forgot some need a See-and-Say.

  63. Gwyon says:

    So “the obvious” is that you really don’t know the difference between income and revenue, but Rick said something about LLCs that you liked so you’re going with that.

  64. Right, I’ve been covering business for a decade and a half, and I don’t know the difference between income and revenue.

    Sure, why not? If it pleases you to think that, be my guest.

  65. steve says:

    Lamest “revolutionary” protest location ever. Are these knuckle draggers aware that the Fed is about a mile away? Oh, and there’s a little socialist (free) streetcar to take your XXL ass over there.

  66. Chris says:

    Another thread just dripping with that famous liberal tolerance.

    Rick, those Iraqis who you say loved Saddam so much did try and take him out after the first Gulf War and got slaughtered because we didn’t give them the help that we had promised. I know it’s hard for the Obama and Ron Paul worshippers to believe, but it really was muslims who were responsible for 9-11, not George Bush and the Jews.

  67. The New Youth says:

    I’m 25, I say: “Down with these Democrat Socialist Commies!” We don’t want old people with old thoughts for new problems.

    I’m getting my revolt on against
    these old Democrats.

  68. seguin says:

    What’s with all the little commies here? Haven’t they looked at the deficit graph…the one with the explosion in debt that happens right after the Dems take control of Congress (http://caseyresearch.com/images/Federal%20Deficit%20Borrowing%203.jpg)? Or has The Glory of Obamessiah shattered their little brains?

  69. garyb says:

    The thing that bothers me the most is that no one knows how to stand on principal and read the CONSTITUTION and UNDERSTAND it. Yes Bush spent heavily, even on his way out of office. If that is your argument wake up, that is like arguing over who spilled the most water while everyone is dying of thirst. Obama is speding like there is no tomorrow and is taking a very large risk with America. A lot of good blame is going to do us.

    If you look at California you can see what America could look like as a whole if we dont stand up. Don’t take my word for how bad California is, investigate it for yourself. Illegal aliens,poor fiscal responsibility along with sanctuary cities and health care for everyone has bankrupted this state. If you think you deserve it but cant afford it then by all means go ahead and get it and try to figure out how to pay for it later. People are moving out of California at an alarming rate.You know the saying that where California goes so does the country.

    In a way I am glad this is a fiscal issue because it seems more people pay attention when it is a money issue and not a constitutional issue. Wait a minute this is a constitutional issue. Where is it in the constitution to be able to take tax payers money and have the federal government give it to those that are not productive and just flat out bankrupt of any values. There is no more personal responsibility in a large segment of our society. Thats including regular citizens to the money institutions and politicians.

    I believe that we are basically at war and only one side can win. There is more to this issue than money. There is a genuine agenda to destroy this country at any and all cost. If you look at the national media you can see that there is a pro Obama agenda and a deep hatred for Bush. This is controlled by special intrest money which the taxpayer is financing. Has anyone ever heard the saying we will destoy you from within without even firing a shot. Think this is not relevent? Wise up!! There are groups of certain people that actually hate this country and every thing it stands for. If they truly believed in their principals they would move to a more inviting enviroment. But because of political correctness we dont address these issues and call people out on it.

    Obama is showing us exactly who he is and what he believes and makes no apologies for it. I personally have a problem with that and I think that he is taking us down a path that is destructive to our country.

    We are the people that make this coutry what it is, we are the backbone, and thats everyone from the construction worker to the mechanic the white collar worker etc.

    Are you outraged by the way the BANKS and LENDING INSTITUTIONS have ripped us off. Well you should really be mad at the federal government and yourself as well. They have put us in this place and we have allowed it to happen. The bottom line is do you want to live in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and be an american or not? Then do your part to fight for it and make it a better place. Make time for it, make it a priority and focus on it.

    The path we are taking is destrutive to all of us. I know that there are fundamental differences on how things can be accomplished. However the day we become so narrow minded and cant come together (this does not include people that hate america) to solve our countrys problems and challenges because of party lines then we have already lost, and all we are waiting for is the final whistle to be blown letting us all know the game is finally over.

    I hope that we realize this soon and can come together so this country can unite and we can become a united nation. If we can do that then we all win especially our children.

    E pluribus Unum
    God Bless America
    Dont Tread on Me

  70. JeanE says:

    Some of the commenters might be pleased to know that the crowd cheered when the speaker pointed out that the federal government has been driving us into debt well before Obama was president. They might also be interested in the favorable remarks I overheard someone make about a Democratic representative who advocates spending reductions. However, it is easier to dismiss opponents of runaway spending as losers and rant about Bush than it is to actually think about the issue.

  71. Veritas says:

    Hey now – easy fix on the additional 2 Trillion we just tacked on to the national debt.
    Obama will just solicit the additional funds from the anonymous foreigners that contributed the tens of millions to his campaign…
    Then he’ll raise taxes.
    Hopey McChange’s fast ride into oblivion!

  72. Christian in NYC says:

    Dear Hysterical Republicans,

    You could have picked a different candidate than McSame in 2008, but you didn’t.

    So, elections have consequences. One of these consequences is that you now have very little power. Sucks to be you. If you want power, maybe you need to convince a whole lot of people that you know how to govern. Because a whole lot of people didn’t thing you did such a good job for eight years (because you didn’t).

    Welcome to the Political Wilderness. Enjoy your stay.

  73. Veritas says:

    This is such a treat to read all the defensive, ignorant democrats posting here. Their boy triples the annual federal deficit in his first five weeks, nominates a bunch of corrupt hacks to senior positions and flounders on foreign policy. to boot, every time the Messiah opens his mouth, the stock market plummets.
    A Democrat Congress and Democrat President just rammed a thousand-page economic disaster down the throat (or was it up the a**) of the American population.
    Guess what? Obama and the Democrats own the economy now. How’s that tingle in the leg feeling now, you mouth-breathing idiots?

  74. John Costello says:

    I suspect the Republicans’ political wilderness will last about two years, which means that rank and file republicans have about 16 months to take the party back from the Porkmeisters who have run it from 2002. The question is really how much damage Obama will do to the economy and how many people will his fecklessness kill

  75. Red Bubba says:

    I feel your pain Obamunists. Really, I remember what it felt like when my brother told me there was no Santa Claus.

  76. Gwyon says:

    What a lame appeal to authority, Trey. But it beats trying to explain why you think Obama’s income tax hike is going to tax small business revenue.

  77. julie says:

    Veritas, last time I checked, Obama had an overwhelming amount of support among the American people.

    I’d say that tingle feels pretty darn good.

    Open your eyes and ears, and try to understand why you all lost big time. The answer is clear and it’s out there–and right here on this blog.

  78. Red Bubba says:


    What is it about the first month in office that we should find so encouraging? I will try to understand. How about a short list, not feelings, but accomplishments or policies that are so clearly beneficial.

    I’ll help you start:
    (1) He’s not George Bush. Great, I understand, but almost anyone can do that. What else?

  79. TCdot says:

    Gwyon, despite your unnecessary (and based on your contributions so far, unwarranted) condescension, I’d like to give you a chance to explain the point you’re making instead of simply hinting that everyone disagreeing with you is comprehension-deficient. Instead of trying to lob insults, why not educate us (or at least me)?
    So, please explain the difference between income and revenue, the significance of that difference under Obama’s plan, and why that significance means that LLCs and LLPs are not facing tax increases. I have an average professionals understanding of tax laws and am more than willing to admit I could stand to understand these issues better. I’m always willing to learn something, so please explain.
    I’ll hang up and listen . . .

  80. TCdot says:

    Brilliant, Julie and Christian! The stadium is on fire, people are stampeding for the door, and your response is “SCOREBOARD, suckers!!”

    As a nation, we need to get over this politicial “identity” hangup. . . at some point in the very near future, we’re going to need to start debating ideas and issues again and stop debating leaders and parties. Hopefully, with W (and the absurd level of animosity directed at him) in retirement, that’s now a realistic possibility. This country needs to regain focus and stop thinking about politics as a substitute for sports. There’s far more at stake than bragging rights.

  81. Obama's Seat says:

    Short answer: You lost, shut up.

  82. TCdot says:

    Seat: Awesome! I lost? So, I’m an American voter with a vested interest in this country prospering and I “lost.” Sadly, I’m starting to think you may be right.

    Genius-ness is in abundance today.

  83. Precedential Caveat says:

    It is with sadness, but not much surprise, that I note Dallas area libs are no smarter or articulate than libs elsewhere. Having no factual arguments, the basis for their contention is “We won”, and then a spate of middle-school-esque insults and name-calling.

    America was founded on the principals of capitalism and personal freedom. 0bama apparently hates capitalism and is so busy trying to abridge personal freedom, he’s not getting anything else done.

    As for the assertion that 0bama’s income tax hike is not going to tax small business revenue into oblivion–do some math. Small biz, 5 or 6 employees, average salary about $30k each, plus payroll taxes, plus benefits, plus business overhead. If he’s not making $250k a year, he’s hosed. But now his taxes just went up to 40%.

    The answer to his rising costs is to cut overhead. So the work he currently does with 5 or 6 employees, he will, in future, do with 4 or 5.

    Personally, if I were the small business owner, the first cuts would be easy: the big mouths with the 0 stickers on their cars.

    But that’s just me.

    All the mean-sprited, insult-laden rhetoric from the 0bama supporters is nothing more than buyers’ remorse. I can understand and even sympathize. No one wants to be seen as having bought a pig in a poke. And yet there it is.

    However, America is your country, too, and your way of life is just as much in jeapordy as it is for the rest of us. Time to put that “We won” BS aside and get with the business of preserving the Union, while there is still a Union to preserve.

    Oh, and Precedent ShamWow just finished up his first month in office with a lower approval rating than President George W. Bush did for the same period. Wake up.

  84. garyb says:




  85. rick says:

    we need to go back to the poll tax, if you can vote my income for your gain you should have some skin in the game.

    if you don’t pay taxes you should not be able to vote yourself a portion of the treasury.

    the real problem is we have two classes in this country now the politico and the rest of us, it doesn’t matter how much money you have just connections.

  86. Obama's Seat says:



  87. SB says:

    “This is about supporting capitalism and opposing socialism.”
    -Trey Garrison

    Ok, Trey. Fair enough.

    We hear time and time again how socialism will destroy this country–and further, how it has destroyed other countries. Which countries has socialism destroyed? Seems to be working in Canada, The UK, France…just to name a few.

    If anything, it appears our system isn’t working…and hasn’t been working for quite some time. So, let’s cling to the sinking ship and plug it’s massive leaks with chewing gum and bilge out the water and just say there was a plumbing problem and call it a day. Crisis averted. No socialism.

    We are so rhetorically opposed to the idea of socialism, the idea of government actually governing. So, we boo and hiss every time someone mentions the s-word.

    Only one problem: we’re already a socialist country. We have socialized many industries and services: police departments, education (public schools), fire departments, the postal service…it’s here, and for some reason it’s always vilified…yet we live with it on a day to day basis for as far back as I, and probably just about anyone alive today, can remember.

    The truth is, we don’t have a “free market,” largely because people don’t understand economic theory or economics in general. We’re at an artificially low point because of mass panic and lack of consumer confidence–people don’t know what to do, so, they’re dumping stock left and right when they hear mildly bad news, and then they’re sitting on their dwindling cash reserves. What the eff is going to get them up and back in the game? They should be buying up all this stock–it’s on sale, my friends–and the prices should start going back up. But, the majority of participants in the market are doing nothing, except dragging this whole experience out and waiting for someone to give them the answer/the way out.
    They either don’t have enough capital to make a go of it, or are too fearful of risking what diminished stakes they have left to get our economic wheels turning again.

    If the people don’t have the money, or won’t pony up the money, to get things going again, who on earth can we turn to?

    Why is it so ridiculous that the government, our government–such a massive institution that can basically do whatever it wants, within certain limits–has proposed, and is on course to, loan huge amounts of money to major players in our economy that would otherwise go down in flames? To major employers, and companies that have demonstrated their major influence on the supposed free market–and a great deal of our dependence on them. It is scoffed at as an artificial injection of capital into the markets that some predict will only temporarily prop up the economy long enough for it to chug along into a deeper recession. Others say it isn’t enough money to do the job. The fact is, no one knows what is going to happen–except maybe Ms. Cleo: call her now for your free reading. No one can say certainly we will end up with “A” or “B.” So, we can do nothing, and see what happens, or we can let someone else (the government) do something, and see what happens. There really aren’t many choices or options on the table.

    I for one would rather that something be done as opposed to nothing be done–so why does that make me a liberal or a leftist or crazy? People who are out of work need to get back to work: they need jobs. We need to create jobs and put our people–our own, our fellow americans–back to work. We need to improve our national infrastructure…and you know what? We can probably put people back to work AND improve our infrastructure at the same time! NO WAY!?!?!? All this griping about “why are we giving millions to hospitals / schools / roads and bridges / cities” that I heard from some legislators really got to me. It’s loaning out capital to people who can put it to good use, for all of our benefit. The loaned capital flows back to the federal government by way of taxes–people work, they earn income, they pay taxes, the government loans (bond issues, this stimulus package, bailouts, whatever you want to call them) get paid back. Why are taxes so bad? They pay for things–services, programs, benefits–that you alone could never possibly provide for yourself. We live in what is touted as the greatest country in the world. Yet, we don’t seem compelled to do anything to help one another–let alone help the entire country–out. For too long people with plenty–and usually a surplus of plenty–have made huge amounts of money, and have had to pay very little in taxes (proportional to their income, when compared to other socioeconomic levels). Are “the rich” going to drown in taxes? I highly doubt it. Are small businesses going to drown in taxes? I highly doubt it. Even if they believe they are going to, this “threat” of “higher taxes” is on the horizon: so, prepare accordingly…take your own medicine and help yourself, since no one else is going to be there for you (just as you want / say it should be).

    What is so incredibly wrong with helping out our country? We’re in need of it–most of the country is, anyway. This BS of “everyone should help themselves” is rhetoric that’s killed off a lot of our humanity. We are all hurting. There is no “me” in this–it’s all of us. There is no more “main street vs. wall street” crap. That was all rhetoric, and most people have no idea what it really means. They know there is a “main street” in their town, and they think that makes them “main street” in the face off. But who are they facing off against? Oh good, america vs. america…how productive, let’s just fight it out amongst ourselves.

    If you don’t like what is going on, you have several options: vote for new representatives when you have the next opportunity; lobby congress; write to your congressman; move to another country and apply for citizenship there.

    We are all–well, most of us, save 5% or so–in quite a pickle. If you’ve got a better solution than what is in motion now, then make your point heard. It’s your responsibility to speak up and demand that you be heard–as an American, as a citizen who has a stake in what happens in this country. So, have at it…but don’t think bitching on a blog comment page about “liberals” and “W” and “republicans” and “democrats” and “bailouts” and “fat cats” and “the rich” is going to resonate very far…

  88. straightline says:

    Dependencycrats don’t care about national defense, national debt, U.S. business’s, or the fact that they now own the title of “culture of corruption”. All they care about is what is in it for them now…

    Once these moonbats see that they are getting NOTHING from this “stimulus” LMAO bill and the huge spending spree on the way. Wheneconomy goes farther south..they will turn on their messiah with more self indulgent disrespect than they ever did to Bush.

    So goes the economy in the USA so goes the rest of the world. I can’t wait until Europe starts Obama bashing.

  89. Reagan's Codpiece says:

    I know, those whacky libs know absolutely nothing about business and the realities of investing like true conservatives. I mean honestly, can you name a single billionaire that backed the messiah Obama???

    I mean, excluding these guys:

    Arthur Blank
    Warren Buffett
    Barry Diller
    Michael Eisner
    David Geffen
    Charles Gifford
    Jeffrey Katzenberg
    Norman Lear
    Penny Pritzker
    Goerge Soros
    Steven Spielberg
    Steve Tisch
    Oprah Winfrey

    Really, what the hell do they know about running a business????

  90. Obamas teleprompter says:

    Hey, that’s great. Why don’t you ask those liberal billionares why they don’t give the government their money instead of using the government to tax everybody else. Oh, that’s right, Obamas cabinet let us know that Democrats don’t pay taxes.

  91. TCdot says:

    OSeat: My bad. It’s so hard to separate parody from the real thing any more. I should have looked further up the thread.

  92. Dubious Brother says:

    J. Paul asked “Texas Watchman, exactly how did the recession begin the minute the Dems gained a razor thin majority in Congress two years ago? Did they pass some sort of legislation on the first day of “power” that set the wheels in motion to a recession.”

    It is probably just a coincidence that they passed legislation raising the minimum wage effective 7/24/07 with another hike on 7/24/08 totaling a 27% increase and unemployment began to rise at exactly the same time.

  93. garyb says:

    Hey there SB.
    I am sorry to say that this is not a artificial low. You are going ot see unemployment hit the double digits and it is going to get bad. If you dont give to a certain segment of society they will take what ever they can. I believe we will see crime escalate like we have never seen before. You need to touch up on your histroy a little bit. We do help one another. The problem is there are starting to be to many people that need help and those that are capable of helping are not going to be able to do so any more. The federal gevernment has us all living is an economic bubble and it is about to run out of air. Slowly but surely this is going to happen. You will see it explode at some point. Just watch the DJI and watch. No one can give and give and give. There comes a point where there is nothing left to give. That is where we are just about at. When inflation hits and believe me it will. There is going to be a lot of people wake up one day and say to themselves what has happened. I dont know what can be done to save the situation at this point. I do write my representatives on a regular basis and I have voted out those that are in office. The problem is people vote for those who they think will give them something. The other problem is one you are in power you see that by giving token entitlements they get voted back in. Look up in the northeast and you will see several democratic officials who dont do a damn thing and they still get voted in year after year. THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN AND THE SOONER WE WAKE UP TO THAT THE SOONER WE

  94. John F says:

    You can’t expect a big turn-out on a weekday from anyone who actually pays taxes because we are at Work!!! The losers who take our money and eat cheetos on the couch have plenty of time to rally.

    I laugh at the ignorance of the supporters of this stimulus. Bush clearly deserves blame for spending- but Obama ran on change- all he has done is slam on the gas peddle- face it, the guy is just another Jimmy Carter and just medicine for a Country that has no leaders in either party or in business. We have met the enemy and it is “us”- I hope you idiots that support driving us into debt have to explain to your kids why they are picking up your tab – losers!!

  95. garyb says:

    John F
    You are right about no leaders on either side that are willing to stand up on principal. kay bailey Hutchinson has rejected voting for the bill however if it goes through she has a very large earmark in it for her. What a real leader she is. She wants to be the governor of Texas. WTF!

    The peole supproting this bill are just ignorant and dont believe history can repeat itself. Their is a large segment of our society that are either stupid because they are only into pop culture or they are just flat out socialist/communist. Whatever they spend their time on I can guarantee you it isn’t on history or the constitution and they dont see the storm clouds gathering on the horizon because of their rose colored glasses. Kind of like a lot of people that saw Hurrican Katrina coming and didnt leave the area when they had three days notice. Then blame the government for not doing enough to save them. There are people that voted for Hussein Obama and dont even know waht is happening in the political arena now. When it gets so bad all they can say is what happened.

    These peoples kids wont be asking why they are having to pick up the tab because they will be raised with the same mindset and values and just rely on someone else to support them. Every time Hessein Obama opens his mouth the stock market dives. Gosh I feel so much better knowing that we have a leader that quote “gets it”.He doesnt have the faintest idea what the heck he is doing unless he is driving this country into the ground on purpose to destroy it which I am begining to wonder. Wise up people.

  96. Angel says:

    Whoopie Goldberg of all people had a mini melt down today. Seems she is a bit upset with her man Obama.
    I don’t mind paying a higher tax, I make good money, but DON’T turn around and raise the Federal tax, the state tax, the phone tax and mentioned several other taxes. She then went on to say, I am getting it coming and going!
    BACK OFF!!

    Wow impressive! I said months ago, that when reality started hitting these people in the pocket book, they’d start turning on their savior. Just never thought it would be this soon, and never did I imagine it would be Whoopie Goldberg?

    For those that are still blinded by the light, put a pair of RayBans on, and look at reality.

  97. Old Man River says:

    Hello there. I have read some of this material and recoginze several things. Firt a majority of respondants are under 25 and if the are at work they are not working. Secondly, I challange every blogger to respond to a simple question. WHERE DO JOBS COME FROM? Yours, Old Man River