My, And Now Your, Weekend Bar Report

Hit some new places (new for me, anyway) this weekend. (I talk about the food in a little more detail on SideDish, where I also ask for comments on your favorite bar food.) The rundown:

  • Blue Collar Bar – The Location: catty-corner to Louie’s, so it has stiff competition. The Vibe: upscale dive. The Folks: bikers, East Dallas hipsters, hot girls with dark nails. The Good: Hawaiian chicken sandwich. The Better: $2 cans of PBR, Miller High Life, and Pearl Light. The One Gripe: wish it had news or sports on the TVs.
  • NSL (National Sports Lounge) – The Location: Former Red Jacket Spot, next to Snuffer’s. The Vibe: Fox Sports Grill + Hooters. The Folks: dudes. The Good: tasty chicken salad, $3 domestic draft, free wifi, four million flat-screen TVs. The Better: the skimpy referee/stripper waitress unis. The One Gripe: A skosh too loud.
  • Central 214 – The Location: in the Hotel Palomar, next to Exhale. The Vibe: low-key sophisticated. The Folks: middle-age couples, middle-aged singles, and biz travelers. The Good: the “Central Manhattan” cocktail, made with Woodford Reserve, and the mac and cheese, made with rigatoni. The Better: the bartender (forgot name; spikey hair guy) was fantastic: attentive but not overbearing, great suggestions, funny, and fast. The One Gripe: realizing I’m middle-aged.
  • PM Lounge – The Location: at (really next to) the Joule Hotel. The Vibe: [insert thumping dance beat here]. The Folks: rhymes with cartouches. The Good: that red couch was kind of fun to look at. The Better: leaving. The One Gripe: arriving.


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14 responses to “My, And Now Your, Weekend Bar Report”

  1. Eric Celeste says:

    I do want to mention I was at PM Lounge for a party, and the partygoers were fabulous. And first-timers themselves to the establishment. I heart you, Jeff Duffey.

  2. James says:

    On this list, I’ve only been to the Blue Collar Bar. The plus for me was the fried pickle chips. The negative was the excessive Nickleback.

  3. JK says:

    100% agree with the PM review. Suuuuuuuucks.

  4. towski says:

    Attended PM Lounge after a holiday party at the Joule. Wanted to kill self during entire duration of visit.

    Agreed on 214, once I got over the middle aged thing as well.

  5. Jenny the Elephant says:

    If you can’t make it to McKinney Ave to watch games, NSL is good spot. Flat screens in bathroom is a plus.

  6. CJ says:

    Central 214 bartender–spiky hair and beard? Ryan. One of the best in Dallas, according to your mag in September.

  7. Barfly says:

    Will never eat at BlueCollar bar after i saw the cook in the back licking his fingers while he was cooking…and the $2 beers do not apply on Friday or Saturday nights..they charged $4 for a PBR…you can get a case for $4 :)..other than that..liked the place..

  8. Glenn campbell says:

    Celeste, what are your friends at the Fraternity House, Cross Bar, and Zippers going to think? I wonder if they are jealous of your bar infidelity…

  9. Eric Celeste says:

    Jenny: Agreed. Forgot to mention the screens in the bathrooms.

    CJ: Yes, Ryan. Of course. I’m an idiot. Thanks for using your memory head.

    Barfly: ERRONEOUS! Had the $2 beers on Friday night and liked em so much I had two again on Saturday night. Unless it’s a late-night thing. I’m done with my drankin’ by 8.

    Glenn: Funny, but never was in a frat. More a Monk, Landing, Bolsa, Lakewood Tavern guy. I can be gay at all those.

  10. Amy S says:

    And now, we know you’re a mighty fine dancer too. (I would post a link but I couldn’t find)

    Lucky, lucky, lucky.

  11. Pacman says:

    The bathrooms at PM are nice.

  12. Barfly says:

    MY BAD! it was the Lonestar that was $4.

  13. The Kinder Shane says:

    Most inconsistent editorial policy EVER!

  14. TarNation says:

    Spotlight – Eric does not deserve that comment. Now, Tim….