Lord Help Me! I’m Being Cuted To Death!

I usually ignore these “most-popular” dog breeds lists, until I found that one of the oddest-looking dogs I’ve ever seen … one that I thought only existed in posters … is popular in Dallas. It’s something called a “cavalier King Charles spaniel” (shown left).  A press release from the American Kennel Club today says that this spaniel tied with dachsunds and miniature schnauzers to be the seventh most-popular dog in Dallas. Boxers, thankfully, nose out the spaniel. The most popular breed in Dallas? The Labrador retriever. The most popular unregistered dog (my guess, at least)? I’d say it would make short work of King Charles, with or without lipstick.


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16 responses to “Lord Help Me! I’m Being Cuted To Death!”

  1. Wick Allison says:

    Dave, I am sure my King Charles Cavalier — Buckley, named after William F. — would deign to meet you the next time he graces the office with a visit.

  2. Dave Moore says:

    Hmm, now that I look beyond that flower basket, the dog does kind of look familiar…

  3. Dooner says:

    @Dave: Welcome to the doghouse.

  4. Dave Moore says:

    @Dooner: Oh, I’ve already got my own key to it and am having my mail delivered there.

  5. CDD says:

    as cute as those dogs are, they often snore. loudly. kennel them somewhere outside of your sleeping area if you want to sleep.

  6. Margaret says:

    They are the most precious dogs ever!! They are like a cat, but a dog, the way they are so sweet and loving and just want to be on your lap.

  7. Glenn campbell says:

    Adopt, you dumb puppy mill pirates. Yoire going to feel really stupid when you find out that your carpet-pissing inbreed has 4 hips.

  8. 12-21-2012 says:

    Forget these whimpy dogs and get a Boglen Terrier!!!

  9. Margaret says:

    @Glenn campbell:


    And I am going to feel really stupid? IJS.

  10. El Rey says:

    My Lhasa Apso is so tough, she makes the big dogs from the neighborhood cower in the corner of the dog park. Big attitude wins out over size, most of the time.

  11. LiLo says:

    Don’t mind Glenn. He’s just drunk and angry. http://www.mugshots.com/IMAGES/Mugshot__glen-campbell.jpg

  12. Margaret says:

    And I think more than once!!

    I would be drunk all the time too if I could not spell.

  13. Laura says:

    They are great dogs. I have a Brussels Griffon myself (go ahead and Google it), but there are three or four Cavaliers in my building who I will gladly vouch for!

  14. Ken says:

    Why does Dave Moore always have an angle – any angle? Angles are bad, right?

  15. Glenn campbell says:

    The iphone has been drinking, not me.

  16. Our grand-dog is a King Charles Cavalier and they are wonderful dogs. Smart, too: we know one who has his own blog. Totally serious. When my Golden Retriever heard that, she said she wanted her own laptop. The Doodle just wants to go to summer camp. Kids are becoming almost as expensive as kids!