Leading Off (01/28/09): Sheet of Ice Edition

1. Ice on the roads, everything’s closed, DART is delayed, the Storm Troopers say stay home until 10,  … and we’re on deadline. Awesome.

2. Mayor Leppert’s aggressive deadline for completing the Trinity tollway by 2014 will probably be busted because, well, a lot of stuff can happen in the next five years, you know? Which is why you never give in to the tyranny of the deadline. You say, “We’ll finish the magazine by Friday-ish,” or, “Be home by 9-ish,” or, “We’ll have that road done by next decade-ish.”

3. In sportsy news: The News reports that the Cowboys are talking to Dan Reeves about being a team consultant, which confirms ESPN’s report of two days ago, and Mark Cuban says the Mavs would consider adding Stephon Marbury if the Knicks released him, which confirms what my sources have been telling me about how Zac Crain is about to put his head through a wall.


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9 responses to “Leading Off (01/28/09): Sheet of Ice Edition”

  1. Tom says:

    I hear Stephon Marbury may be available as well. Maybe the Mavs can get both players.

  2. Eric Celeste says:

    Thanks, Tom. Fixed. Although I kinda like Marybary’s jumper from 18 feet.

  3. Spamboy says:

    1 = NBC 5 is going wall-to-wall on their coverage, preempting the Today Show. Best visual trick: melting a quarter edge-down into an icy road. Since it went past Washington’s head, I guess that means I need to replace my tires…?

  4. bill h says:

    No problems driving in to work, (central and fitzhugh) except the long hill on Gaston just up from the spillway, cars weren’t able to make it up that hill and were having to turn around.

    If you take it slow driving was okay.

  5. Jenny the Elephant says:

    I had no problems either except for some idiot in Lexus SUV flying down 75 around 50 mph. Fingers crossed he spilled scalding hot coffee on himself. Well, see ya later.

  6. JS says:

    Plan for the Mavs — cut everyone except Josh Howard. Add Marbury, TO, Roy Tarpley, Sean Bradley, Chris “Birdman” Anderson, Rasheed Wallace, Jon Stefansson, Nick Fazekas, Ricky Davis, and Maurice Taylor. What the heck, keep Devean George around just for fun. Is Antoine Rigaudeau still available?
    Now that’s a team I would go see, just to make sure I was there for the implosion.

  7. Mr. Obvious says:

    It’s clear, what the Mavs need to do to win the championship. Instead of spending money on personnel, Cuban needs to build a time machine. Then he needs to get in that time machine, and capture 1990s Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, 1970s Wilt Chamberlain, and virtually everyone on the original Dream Team – each in their prime. When he gets back, he needs to dump the present team.

    That is how we will win a championship.