Leading Off (01/23/09)

1. A Dallas couple has filed for the first same-sex divorce case in Texas history (they were married in another state). This could be precedent-setting and will definitely provide Jay Leno with a “who’s going to get the drapes?” punchline.

2. The DMN estimates more than two dozen homebuilders in Dallas have suspended operations. In more shocking news, Trey likes guns.

3. We’ve got an outside chance to set the record high today, as the forecast calls for us to just about hit 80, and the record is 85. If we all drive the long way to work this morning, I think we may just make it.


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7 responses to “Leading Off (01/23/09)”

  1. 12-21-2012 says:

    Looks like a great day to hit the Katy Trail!

  2. L says:

    Love this weather!

  3. #2 — Is that a euphemism, Eric?

  4. towski says:

    Whos’ Katy?

  5. JB says:

    I wonder who pays alimony.

    “Personal things could happen to us that wouldn’t happen to other people,” the man said Thursday. “My company has an extremely low tolerance for publicity.”

    ….I smell reality TV show…………

  6. Joe Sixpack says:

    Which lawyer is handling the divorce?

  7. 12-21-2012 says:

    @towski: I didn’t write Katy Tail, I wrote Katy Trail.