Eric and Spider Monkey Storm the Capitol, Part 3

Now the updates are coming a little more expeditiously. First, another scene-setter:

Tons of folks wearing yellow roses on their lapels. Looks like the world’s worst prom up in this piece.

And now, something a bit more substantive:

One more: Rick Perry made some awkward mention of the A&M chopper going down at the beginning of his speech. It brought the room way down and was forced and unnecessary. On the plus side, I stole a stuffed mushroom from the Welcome Joe Straus buffet. Tasty!

After the jump, a shot of who Eric and Lavin will be hitting Sixth Street with tonight.


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10 responses to “Eric and Spider Monkey Storm the Capitol, Part 3”

  1. Weightlifter says:


  2. Davie Dave says:

    arriba arriba

  3. Glenn Campbell says:

    Is that Celeste rallying?

    “PROP. 8 ISN’T GREAT! PROP. 8 ISN’T GREAT!”…[later on]…”WE HATE PROP. 8! WE HATE PROP. 8! WE HATE PROP. 8!…”

  4. Eric Celeste says:

    Should mention that I am wearing a borrowed coat and tie. I didn’t pack well. Thanks to Austin Pete for the sartorial solid.

  5. Tom says:

    Are mesh or half shirts forbidden in the capital?

  6. Eric Celeste says:

    Gay shirts are encouraged, as are mesh pants.

  7. Tom says:

    When I have to visit the Capital I reach for my cod piece. Wait… that did not come out right.

  8. erm says:

    You got to attend opening day of the session, and this is the best update you could muster? You ate a mushroom? Nothing about the speaker race. Nothing at all.

  9. Eric Celeste says:

    Straus is the new speaker. Feel better erm?

  10. Jenny Craig says:

    Good thing you lost the weight, Eric, although it did rob us of a “fat guy in a [Austin Pete] little coat” moment.