Brenda Teele Out at Channel 8

An alert FBvian points out that the Good Morning Texas host’s bio has already disappeared from the station’s web site. As a tribute to her, I offer this:


  • Slow blog day?
  • @ Slow blog day: As you can tell from the item posted prior to this one, I checked Barky before posting about Teele. Didn’t see an item. Clearly didn’t look hard enough.

  • Lori

    I checked Barky too and didn’t see an item until I went to the archives (per directions from Uncle Barky). I totally missed this one. I e-mailed you last night about it before checking the archives (per the direction of Uncle Barky). The holidays had me out-of-the-loop for 2 weeks.

  • Lori

    See, I’m repeating myself – no more eggnog!

  • TBR


    I sent this to you over a week ago.

  • Sean

    Tim, I sent this to you back in 2005. It was really more of a prediction as Teele was entering the last three years of her contract, and my expectation, given her Q factor and way viewership was trending, that the expection was she would be gone near the end of 2008. (Sound of rubber chicken slapping across someone’s dome.)

  • Tim Rogers is a great American.

  • Joe Sixpack

    There’s a meme in here somewhere

  • Roscoe Purvis Coltrane

    Where do I apply? (maybe they’ll change the name to Buenas Dias Texas)

  • I just praise JEESUS she’s out of there. Now, if Gary Cogill can go back to just doing movies and actually make the show interesting rather than an hour-long commercial, I might tune back in.

  • dmw

    the person they replaced Brenda with is boring boring boring

  • Angela George

    I don’t know why Brenda is gone, the only time I ever really watch this show is when there is a story involving Brenda. So sad, this show is now doomed.

  • Ken Royal

    What is Brenda Teele Jackson doing now, is she still local or has she moved away from the Dallas area? I sure enjoyed her TV presence.

  • Sherri Blanton

    I just inquired about Brenda Teele and was informed that she announced on the show she would be leaving due to the demands of her family and business. We wish her well. Her last air date was December 24th 2008. Hope this helps.

  • Linda

    Her energy so precious life a fresh cup of coffee, and a two mile walk early in the morning. Miss you Brenda…

  • Linda

    Her energy so precious like a fresh cup of coffee, and a two mile walk early in the morning. Miss you Brenda…

  • Lisa

    I have been asking everyone I know “Where is my Brenda Teele from GMT”??? I just found out today through google that she resigned in Dec. 2008…. I still watch the show, just not as often as I used to, because I miss her smile on the show!!!! I still love Amy though!! I want brenda back, if at all possible!! Thanks & God bless you Brenda!

  • Brenda Teele Jackson is an asset she was a true journalist on the show the trio was an excellent blend that worked and no one diversified GMT the way she did with such Guests as Eddie Levert, Layah Flores, Lyfe Jennings. No one can wamr up and interview as good as Brenda. She is a passionate professional. We want here back on the air!!