How Polluters Win Permits In Texas

We’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you haven’t followed the DMN’s “State of Neglect” series, you owe yourself a favor. Today’s installment by Randy Lee Loftis shows again why newspapers are so essential to a functioning democracy, especially in an era when special interests have come to dominate the legislative process. Who else could put the time and resources into such a thorough investigation of how polluters continue to get their way in Texas?


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16 responses to “How Polluters Win Permits In Texas”

  1. Puddin'Tane says:

    We’re going to go after commercial polluters when we should be more concerned with actions of individuals and the collective problem caused from each and everyone?

    I was walking my dog down by Turtle Creek at the Humphries Theater and the creek was full of trash. It looked as if a garbage truck had backed up and dumped its load directly into the water! A huge disgusting mess!

    Newspapers, plastic bags and containers, cans, pizza boxes, Starbucks cups…. and other random items all generated by the individual consumer. Let’s not forget cigarette wrappers and butts from all the smokers. (Huh, Wick?)

    Why should people care about Midlothian, et al, when they can’t even put their butts in a receptacle or find a can for their coffee cup?


  2. Bill says:

    Good story but it does not mention that 95% of El Paso’s air quality problems stem from Juarez. Grab a cup of coffee in the early morning at any of the hotels along I-10. You can literally watch the smoke from the breakfast cooking fires in Juarez slowly build and roll into El Paso. In the print version of the story (in the paper) the photo of the smelter shows this smoke-fog(smog) mix.

    If the copper smelter is shuttered forever, they will simply build another on the south side of the river.

    El Paso Times has done a series of similar articles. They seem to be focusing most of their resources now on the wholesale slaughter of residents in Juarez. There were more murders last year in Juarez than Baghdad!

  3. Dooner says:

    Tried the link and arrived at login for WordPress.

  4. AnonyMouse says:

    Me too.

    Wanna try and brute-force it?

  5. Dooner says:

    Rest easy, FB nation. The problem has been fixed. Thank you, Mission Control.

  6. Dallasite says:

    I know, let’s shut down all the manufacturing, mining, and production in the United States. Let’s not do anything that might be dirty, or dangerous.

    After we do that, the media can run story after story on the greedy corporations that shipped all the jobs overseas. Alternately, if we waive some rules in order to keep some jobs and industry here, then it must be corporate influence in government, right? It can’t possibly be because somebody decided that the jobs, tax base, and industry were more important that environmentalist fantasy.

    Life and economics aren’t like Disney Land, just pretty and polished. You don’t always get it both ways. We can keep developing new technologies to make cleaner industry, but the cost of money and resources can’t cripple those industries. If you make it too burdensome, then the local companies will simply cease to exist.

  7. Caroline says:

    It’s a pleasant change to see a post that praises the paper rather than the usual tsk tsk-ing and tut-tutting of minutia from the kids at FB.

  8. Geronimo says:

    Funny how little space was assigned to Texas’ own Hitler-Joe Barton. Having listened to the TXU wordsmiths at public meetings, it is clear there needs to be a voice of balance in the mix; just not one chosen by Rick Perry and his cronies. Perry has to get his money to run against KBH from somewehere.

  9. Dallasite says:


    You Godwined yourself in the very first sentence. I really love the comparison of Joe Barton and Adolf Hitler. Let’s see, one is the largest mass murderer in history, started a war that killed 50 million, and attempted the total extermination of the Jews, and the other… well he did something you didn’t like.

    Yeah, I see the comparison. Barton is just like Hitler.

  10. LakeWWWooder says:

    Also there are an estimated 700,000 vehicles with fraudulent inspection/emission stickers in our area.

  11. Brown Bess says:

    I believe all that people who live around the plants want is for them to quit burning hazardous waste and tires and put on state-of-the-art pollution controls. They understand we need cement and that to make it, the plants must have the limestone, which is in Midlothian. It’s the WAY the plants operate, i.e. as completely above the law and common decency, not that they’re there at all.

  12. Geronimo says:

    Dallasite-sorry if I upset you. i don’t mean to make light of Hitler’s atrocities or make light of the complex the two men share (my real inference), which is their absolute faith in theories which have been proven wayward. There, is that better?

  13. Dallasite says:


    What wayward theories did Hitler have absolute faith in that he shared with Congressman Barton, racism? Fascism? Militarism?

    Your comparison doesn’t work on any level above “human” or “Caucasian”, because that is about as far as the comparison goes. So why don’t you either admit that, to you, anyone who doesn’t share your belief system is automatically comparable to Hitler, or better yet, quit using such absurd comparisons altogether.

  14. Geronimo says:

    Whoops, didn’t realise the TXU lobbyists were reading…..

  15. Dallasite says:

    I point out the absurdity of your Barton/Hitler comparison, and that makes me a TXU lobbyist?

    Yeah, right.

    Go back to drinking your koolaid, Skippy.

  16. Joe Sixpack says:

    Boys boys. We’re all supposed to get along now — didn’t you get the memo?