Triple Homicide in North Dallas

We’re busy right now with the February issue of the “print product,” so we’re just now getting around to what happened this morning in North Dallas: a real estate agent named Jeanmarie Tolle Geis was murdered in her home, along with her two young children. One disturbing detail about the story is that the woman suffered a series of attacks over several days and was aware that her life was in danger. Police are questioning the husband, Frank Geis, though he is not a suspect at this point. I’m told by a neighbor of the Geises’ that the reason the husband wasn’t also killed was because during the attack this morning, he was at the hospital having stitches removed from a wound suffered during one of the earlier attacks.

Very much still developing.


  • OneArtDirector

    That is tragic. What I don’t understand is this: Why continue to stay in that house if you have been attacked multiple times? Why not go and stay at an undisclosed location for a few days and have the cops put the home under 24-hour surveillance in case the perp returned?

  • Dallas guy

    You should have just left it at: “That is tragic.”

  • @ OneArtDirector: That was my first thought, too. The DMN story says that Jeanmarie told neighbors that she had protection. What the heck did that mean? I’m sure these are the same questions police are right now asking, and we’ll learn more in the days to come.

  • Mike

    Read the prior police reports linked in the DMN article. Absolutely bizarre events in the past few days.

  • LOC

    I think an even better question is what the hell is going on at the police department, that a family has been attacked 2-3 times within 10 days, 911 has been called repeatedly, and the police don’t think that staking out camp around the house is a good way to catch the guys coming back over and over for more. They attempted to sexually assault her in her own alley, and they broke in and beat them up one other time – all within the last week, from what I understand. And the family had reported to connection to her father being a former state district judge. So the police HAD to know these sickos would be back again. I just think the DPD is going to have a LOT of blood on their own hands on this one.

    This was an amazing family – I knew them personally, and I cannot say enough incredible things about them – their charity, their commitment to their children and church, their concern for others. Too many other people feel the same way about them, and I’m thinking this one won’t go away soon for what certainly appears to be shoddy if not altogether inept police work.

  • LOC – I’m not saying you’re wrong, but since Geis said she had protection, could that not have meant she turned down heavier police presence?

  • LOC

    From what I understand, that’s what she told her neighbors about needing help from them – not the police. And even if she told the police she had protection, wouldn’t the best way to catch these guys, assuming that’s also your goal as the police department, to hang around the house?

  • Bill

    Those police reports just send a chill down my spine.

  • Kato

    This doesn’t add up. On several fronts.

  • Smelling-A-Rat

    Nothing adds up here — it’s too bizarre to be believed and all a little too convenient. Bodyguards just happened not to be there today. Husband was at the doctor. If YOUR family had been so threatened would YOU leave them for a doctor’s appt? I’d have mine with me — well, I wouldn’t go to the doctor. I’d be home with my guns drawn.

    If the supposed bad guys had wanted them dead, they’d have done it when they had the husband, too.

    Remember Walker Railey? This is a leaf out of his book.

    Check those debts, life insurance policies, and younger women. This stinks to high heaven.

  • gabe

    i have to agree with smelling-a-rat — this thing looks mighty suspicious regarding some close member of the family. most murders are done by people close to victim and i have a sneaking feeling this will be the case in this one too.

    and you’re dead on about walker railey. i remember how the whole church, neighbors, etc. swore it couldn’t be him. not such a fine, nice man. oh, yeah, this stinks

  • Susan

    The husband was at the doctor this morning having stitches removed from a prior attack…FYI…he also lost all his teeth in one of the earlier beating he took when they broke in to the home…he was severely beaten.

  • julie

    Something’s not right here. The Good Samaritan leaves the victim BOTH times she is helped after being attacked? The husband shows up pantsless, saying “I’m sorry?” but then doesn’t remember anything after 12:30 am?

    Much more to the story here…

  • Wow…the bodies aren’t even cold yet, but you guys are.

  • LOC

    Thank you, Bethany.

  • Smelling-A-Rat

    Yeah, well, teeth or no teeth, it still stinks. Who would let their children and wife stay unattended in a house with what was going on? It doesn’t pass the smell test.

    The police will get to the bottom of it.

  • Have you ever had a family member die? I’m pretty sure that their family – which consists of more people than her husband – has enough to deal with without some armchair Frank Drebins theorizing before they’ve even cleared the crime scene tape from the house and announced funeral arrangements.

  • Dooner

    Morning News is reporting online toward the very tail end of its article that Eric Hansen (aka Dale’s son) had recently been dating the mother and the Geises had been having marital problems.

    Very much developing story.

  • julie

    At the tail end of the report on last night’s news, they added “possible murder-suicide.”

  • Neal

    The AP also has it as a possible murder-suicide:

    So does CBS 11:

    As Dooner mentions, Erik Hansen said he had been dating the mother. In the latest version of the DMN story online, he also cast doubt on her reports of the earlier assaults:

    As an aside, I note that DMN online has made the story almost impossible to find – as of 9:00 a.m. Saturday, you will need to scroll down on the first page, click “Local”, then scroll down to the heading “Crime/Courts” to find the story.

  • Robert Dobalina

    It is odd that the DMN has moved the story to the back pages of its website. Judging from the number of comments that the story has generated, it has been one of the more popular pieces of late.

  • Abbey

    This story is so so so tragic that I just want to cry or scream. I knew Jeanmarie and to think of how frightened she must have been over a period of time makes me wish that we would pay better attention to our neighbors, family, co-workers.

    This is all the police need to focus on and that is Jeanmarie knew whoever it was that attacked her three different times (that we know of) and knew them well. That is the absolute fact. If he exists, she knew the 912 neck tattoo retaliation person intimately. What is the significance for her and the number 912 so much so that she would give the police that specific of a description?

    No woman who has just been traumatized by such a brutal attack by strangers in ski masks in her own home would be out in the front yard with nobody else around the day after the attack. She also would never let her husband leave her and the children alone unless it was a life or death emergency. Who ever goes to the doctor for their stitches to be removed right as soon as you are supposed to? That is one of those appointments you keep canceling because it has nothing to do with anything by that point except to take up an hour of your day. All I am saying about that is he should have stayed home to protect his wife or take his stitches out himself. Unless they were staples and then wait at least two weeks past when the doctor told you to come back before you even start thinking about it.

    Were there any witnesses to the Sherry Lane incident where she supposedly had a laptop worth $2000 and a diamond ring worth $10,000 taken from her. I can’t imagine that at 4:30 in the afternoon in Preston Center someone wouldn’t have noticed a guy or guys in ski masks. I assume those two items went missing and were reported to the insurance company which I assume just pays on them if there is a corresponding police report. Did somebody sell them as well?

    I don’t think the police will have to dig too deep. That boyfriend must know something.

  • Abbey

    I am so sorry. I didn’t mean anything about the boyfriend other than she must have mentioned something to him. Anything.

    The only reason you would hire a security guard or company and cancel them while the attacks are occuring is because you know the person and you think you can control or at least manage the situation and protect yourself.

  • LF

    yeah this is fishy, I say she found out he was gay and this is a murder suicide or he killed them

  • Dallas Guy

    Maybe comments threads are not appropriate for this type of story.

  • I can’t understand why Mr Henson would state she made the attacks up. Obviously Mr Geis suffered injuries from being attacked.

  • REAL

    True…The police will not have to dig too deep here. I think all of us pray for the family and the innocent children lost and the sad, sad mom’s affair with Eric Hanson. This Eric had to come forward, since there must’ve been so many calls to him on her phone and vice versa. The site has posted a video of Dale Hanson emotionally choked up about kids and Christmas. Spinning a positive angle for Dale is a sick, sick joke at this time. God bless and keep the murder victims. Give the PD your support right now. They have to deal with his awful mess. Don’t be so quick to criticize the police. I just wonder about those close to this woman. She sounds like an abuse victim. If anyone is having an extramarital affair, they should run, not walk, to their phones and get the name of therapists in their area from their insurance carrier, call them, get to the therapit’s office and start healing from whatever is missing in their lives that they think an Eric or any other male is going to fix. Go. Do it now. You won’t regret it. It could save your life.

  • Dooner

    This has nothing to do with the situation, but I found it interesting that Matthew Haag is one of the DMN reporters on this story. Wasn’t his father the late Marty Haag who hired Psps Hansen?

    I’m sure that Matthew like his father is an outstanding journalist, but it was also his father who demanded that the WFAA newsroom go silent when Jan Bridgman killed herself in August 1984 over Tracy Rowlett.