The Sheetses Hit the Fan

The cover story of the January issue of the “print product” (not yet online but already in most subscribers’ hands) is about Eleanor Mowery Sheets and her husband Nicky. The short version: Eleanor sits (or sat) atop the food chain of high-dollar, high-profile residential real estate agents. As in, when the WSJ published a list in November of the top producers in the country, Eleanor took the No. 17 spot. Now the feds are after Eleanor and Nicky for unpaid taxes. The issue hits newsstands this weekend. I encourage you to buy one.

You know who doesn’t encourage you to buy one? Nicky Sheets, that’s who. He’s been sending around an e-mail with our story as an attachment, asking people not to buy the magazine. Jump to read his e-mail and the impassioned letter he also sent out.

First, the e-mail:

Pleae [sic] take a moment to read this and the three attachements [sic]. We truly appreciate your support and friendhsip [sic]. This does not right a wrong, but we hope it offers some perspective on our thoughts and emotions at this time.

Sincerely, Nicky and Eleanor Sheets

PS. I prefer you give away the article if someone ask instead of purchasing the magazine.

As I say, one of the attachments was our story, which he’d copied and pasted from our website. Right, yes. I said the story wasn’t online yet — not officially anyway. But the story did exist on our server, waiting for our web folks to press the “publish” button. If you knew how to find it, you could find it. Somehow Nicky found it. Shame on us for having an online system cobbled together with duct tape. Because of our own ineptitude, the Sheetses read the story before we technically published it. Ah, well. Live and learn.

But reading the story is one thing. Pasting it into a Word document and e-mailing it around town, along with a note asking people not to buy the magazine — that’s something else entirely. It raises interesting questions about copyright laws that I will, all things considered, leave unanswered for now. The IRS is asking Nicky Sheets all the questions he can field right now.

Now then. On to the other two attachments to his e-mail. One was a letter from Nicky expressing remorse for mistakes he’s made (including one that got him arrested for solicitation of prostitution) and his hope that “God will give us all the strength to get through this.” The other attachment was a letter from Eleanor. Read the entire thing, if you like. But here’s the part I’d like to address:

As you know, this magazine’s tradition and claim for prominence preys on its ability to criticize and humiliate high-profile people in Dallas. You have seen that in numerous articles — so-called profiles — that D has targeted over the years.

This article is exactly the same.

Earlier this year, I canceled my company’s D Magazine advertising after its affiliated blog, DallasDirt (edited by Candace Evans), challenged the quality and integrity of my client, a builder in the Park Cities. … I canceled what has amounted to some $380,000 in advertising dollars over the last three years.

In retrospect, that may have been a mistake, because Candace Evans and her cadre of posters, through the DallasDirt blog, unleashed on my family, clients, employees, and friends a repository of ill will. Bloggers on this site, who are allowed to remain anonymous, created excessive posts on the blog threads that accused me, Nicky, and my company of irresponsible and untrue activities. Those threads, accompanied by our longstanding issues with the IRS, hit the public domain in late July and early August. The effects have been devastating, and I believe they have been exacerbated by the accusations and behind-the-scenes maneuvers by a cast of characters with an insatiable appetite for destruction. All of that produced a devastating and dramatic implosion of our business.

And finally, it has now resulted in D Magazine‘s article that you will see this week. …

The uncharted waters ahead are impossible for us to navigate alone. However, we know that God promises: THROUGH HIM all things are possible. With very humble and heavy hearts, we pray for his promise as we also ask for your prayers of support and strength.

Our family has locked hands and hearts to start our new journey with the song in our hearts for us all: “He will lift us up on eagles wings, bare us like the breathe of dawn, make us to shine like the sun, and hold us in the palm of His Hands.”

Eleanor claims that she pulled her advertising because we criticized her client. She claims that we retaliated by trashing her with “excessive posts on the blog threads” and, now, by publishing her story in D Magazine.

The truth of the matter is that Eleanor Mowery Sheets did not pull her advertising from us. After our business department experienced payment issues with her, they dug a little deeper into her creditworthiness and discovered multiple federal liens. It was then that D Magazine made the decision to not accept her advertising. Furthermore, these business issues had nothing to do with the editorial decision to write a story about Eleanor and Nicky. I was unaware of them when I asked Gretel Kovach to write the story — a request made based on the federal lawsuit filed against the Sheetses.

Bottom line: the Sheetses will have their day in court. They are innocent until proven otherwise. But neither God nor advertising has anything to do with whether D Magazine decides to do a story about you. In that regard, federal lawsuits are far more relevant.


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71 responses to “The Sheetses Hit the Fan”

  1. Sean says:

    It’s great when people’s problems are never their own. That also seems to be the time when they most often invoke God in public protestations. As my mom used to say when I got caught doing something wrong, “Methinks thou dost protest too much.”

  2. Bethany says:

    Dear Nicky and Eleanor:
    It appears you are in need of a copy editor. I will need cash up front.

    Merry Christmas,

  3. DM says:

    Kind of like that scene in “High Anxiety” where Dr. Charles Montague and Nurse Diesel plan to rent a truck and buy up all the LA Times?

  4. amanda says:

    Dear EMS,

    Bethany and I are also available to t.p. Candy’s house. We take Pay Pal.



  5. Bill Marvel says:

    Publicity you couldn’t buy.

  6. Dallas expat in MT says:

    I vote for “When the Sheets Hit the Fan” for the title of a future follow-up story.

  7. Bethany says:

    Dear Eleanor:
    We have a bargain package (one roll of off-brand TP, half-heartedly thrown near a bush).

    But I think you should go with the deluxe package, which involves Renova luxury toilet paper (retailing at about $20 a roll) carefully draped over every tree limb, and optional statuary defacement.

    Get back to us soon, and use the coupon code ONOUDINT.

  8. Tom says:

    Just wait until Southlake finds out about this.

  9. Candy Evans says:

    Bethany: We are in a recession, so I would prefer the Renova — that way I can re-roll and recycle. After all, our quarterly tax payments are due Jan. 15! XOXO

  10. MP says:

    I guess they object to D’s policy of speaking softly but carrying a big Wick.

  11. Bethany says:

    Candy, Candy, Candy … you’re supposed to take the Br’er Rabbit approach (otherwise known as reverse psychology). You should say, “No, please don’t inundate my lawn with Renova! It makes me rashy, and my cat’s hair falls out when he gets near it!”

    Then Ms. Sheets would automatically choose it, out of spite.

  12. Obama's Seat says:

    Somehow I feel I should comment.

  13. I pay my taxes because it's the right thing to do says:

    I love how Nicky & Eleanor are now good, God-loving people who need His strength to get them through these tough waters. But were they thinking about God when Nicky was soliciting prostitutes, or when they were not paying their taxes? Did they fail to understand that taxes pay for things like public schools (which they used), roads (which they used), public programs (like helping God’s less fortunate, non-multimillionaire children), wars (we’re in some expensive ones right now), and OUR LEGAL SYSTEM (which they are now fully entangled in and OUR tax dollars are paying for THEIR time in court). It is so funny that after years of doing the most unpatriotic (and selfish) thing you can do, Nicky & Eleanor now seek the support of their friends, community, and the Lord. Good luck Nicky & Eleanor, because it’s a cold, hard world out there when karma turns around and bites you in the ass.
    * and what a joke that you didn’t understand the legal ramifications of copying and pasting an article from an unpublished website…this is becoming moronic! Are you missing some chromosomes?!

  14. j.d.w... says:

    Dude’s gotta be wondering which “friend” hit the forward button and sent his email to D!

    He obviously lacks forsight for not understanding Bethany would be ALL OVER his non-spell-checking ass…

  15. God-fearing taxpayer says:

    The Sheetses should revisit Matthew 22:17-21 and Romans 13:1-7.

  16. Puddin'Tane says:

    Looks like Nicky and Eleanor have been “short-Sheetsed!”

    (And D made the bed!!!)


  17. I pay my taxes because it's the right thing to do says:

    The Sheetses made their own bed…they just don’t want to take any ownership for doing so. They love playing “victim”.

  18. While all people are innocent until proven guilty, to blame Candy for their issues is more than laughable. Candy is a class act. She has been an huge asset to D Magazine in my opinion.

    I used to look up to the Sheets in terms of their success, but they have let down our city and their profession.

  19. mm says:

    Speaking of copy-editing… My favorite in Eleanor’s letter was “bare us like the breathe of dawn”.

    Bare us? I thought that’s what she DIDN’T want to happen.

  20. Don in Austin says:

    “It makes me rashy, and my cat’s hair falls out when he gets near it!”

    I thought folks in that income bracket did waxing or lasers for that sort of thing.

  21. Bethany says:

    *sighs, and wipes Dr Pepper off her monitor*

    Thanks, Don…

  22. LakeWWWooder says:

    Gosh and we thought Twinkle and Bradley Bayoud gossip was fun back in the 1980s.

  23. uhhuh says:

    Prayer: the last resort of a scoundrel.

  24. yeah, right says:

    I’m buying it. This is what good journalism is all about.

  25. I pay my taxes because it's the right thing to do says:

    AMEN “uhhuh”!

  26. skippy says:

    Lesson to all: Avoid federal lawsuits. Journos love that stuff.
    And to the Sheets: Loving God doesn’t spare you from the consequences of your actions. It just makes it easier to deal with.

  27. George Bush says:

    The song Eleanor quotes is sung at the end of the service at Highland Park United Methodist Church. It’s a nice song, and we hold hands when we sing it. (Of course, I generally have a secret service agent standing nearby to give me a squirt of hand-sanitizer after it’s over.)

    I may mangle my words now and then, but at least I know it’s “bear us on the breathe of dawn.”

  28. lifetime subscriber says:

    They appear to be up Sheet Creek

  29. J Paul says:

    Ain’t that the Sheets.

  30. Hunter Cox says:

    Nicky is such a Sheet-head.

  31. DGirl says:

    This letter has the stamp of David Margulies or another crisis PR person. She sounds overly humble and victim-y in this letter, and I’m totally calling bullsheets on that. They’re only sorry they got caught.

  32. uhhuh says:

    They are in deep Sheets

  33. mm says:

    @George: actually, it’s “bear us on the BREATH of dawn”.

  34. Obama's Seat says:

    Morning breath?

  35. sarah says:

    I do believe in forgiveness. I do hope the sheets repent and

    change. We should all get that chance, They were horrible to me, and now they are getting the Karma they deserve. Take the punishment, start a new career and help people to not be like you guys. Teach people that greed will ruin you.
    Earn back your respect, and you will be forgiven.
    don’t deny wrongdoing, because you both wronged too many people.
    I hope you do put your trust in God

  36. Lou says:


    Would you elaborate on how they were horrible to you? I’ve read from others that they’be been bad to them, but I’d like to hear some elaboration.

  37. diversion says:

    Scattershooting while wondering why EMS’s home selling tactics were described in detail for the 2000 D Mag cover story on Mike Modano. Very non-sequitor.

    I sure hope Nicky does not have to pawn his pinky ring collection to pay the govt bill.

  38. LovinIt says:

    Misery loves company – Nicky was Mark (or Martin since he somehow changed his name) Bunting’s realtor and neighbor on Beverly …two peas in a pod.

  39. Bethany says:

    Pinky rings? Seriously?

  40. diversion says:

    Now that God is playing a strong role their lives, I wonder if they are Shi’ite Muslims?

  41. DGirl says:

    No, I think they’re definitely Suemees, I mean Sunnis.

  42. Enquiring Minds says:

    Nicky “found” the article after receiving an email forwarding the DMagazine article in an email from the US JUSTICE DEPARTMENT/Ramona Notinger on her Justice Department email. So the real question is, Tim, why would DMagazine post the article on December 9 on their website (sorry, not the server) so the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT could download it and forward the article to who knows who and then remove it? I mean really, do you think Nicky is Facebook Friends with anyone at the Justice Department? So any copyrighting questions should be directed to the Justice Department. Or wait….maybe someone forwarded the article to the Justice Department….hmmmmmmmm…..who could be so chummy chummy?

  43. Tim Rogers says:

    @ Enquiring Minds: Your spelling of “enquiring” bears the same fingerprints as the letters from Nicky and Eleanor. Curious.

    But to clarify: the story existed on our server, the one that contains stories we serve to the Internet. When we learned that the article had been read before it was intended to be, we took it off of our server.

  44. Bethany says:

    Nicky, is that you?

  45. j.d.w... says:

    Nicky aka. Enquiring [sic] Minds:

    Development server (behind firewall) –> Staging server (behind firewall) –> Production server (public)

    Geesh. Do I have to explain everything to you non Masters of the Web?

  46. Enquiring Minds says:

    Let’s really clarify. The article was on the website for DMagazine on December 9. Since the article wasn’t part of the current issue all you had to do was go to the upper left hand corner, enter Eleanor Mowery Sheets in the search box and you were off to the races. Could not have been more simple or uncomplicated. Certainly, this isn’t where D “hides” articles for some kind of internal proofing. So here is my question to you. Who at D posted the article where it was accessed by someone and it could have been accessed by everyone in the world with an internet? And why? I think you want to know too.

  47. Enquiring Minds says:

    You know there is more than one person in this world who can’t spell.

  48. Zac Crain says:


    We have a small (but hard-working) web team, so it is impossible to upload everything to the site the day we publish, given that there is formatting and so on involved. Since we haven’t turned the key on the new website — which will be awesome, and is coming soon..ish — we currently don’t have a way to prevent what happened from happening. Pretty simple, and every story goes up the exact same way.

    The only amazing thing about all of this is our search engine actually worked perfectly. Which won’t be so rare with the new site.

  49. amanda says:

    Dear EMS (again),

    I wanted to extend the earlier offer of t.p. services to include all of the editorial staff of D Magazine. How dare they…

    We’re gonna need cash, though. Word has it ya’ll don’t pay your vendors (net ever…)



  50. Enquiring Minds says:

    Zac, your system is what should only be known about internally at D. And I am sure you do a great job. Maybe someone with too much time on their hands trolls around the DMagazine website searching for future articles. Maybe someone who knows how you all work internally alerted an interested party that they could view the article.

  51. Enquiring Minds says:

    Amanda, forget about what you think of EMS and I’ll forget about what I think of whatever, don’t you think any of this is kind of strange or weirdly over the top? Seriously, EMS isn’t some movie star or Brittany Spears or whoever. She has been a working girl her whole entire life. There is nothing glitzy or glamorous about her life. Her clients maybe, but, not her. She has five kids, two grandkids and one on the way. She doesn’t go out to the big parties. You don’t ever see her picture in the society pages. She is the last person to think anybody would be interested in what she does, whether good or bad.

  52. Oh My Eyes says:


    Don’t you remember what crap hit the fan when you last offered your editing services?

    Good grief.

    Didn’t we all suffer enough?

  53. Bethany says:

    Dear Ms. Sheets:

    I must regretfully rescind my offer because of a sudden case of pernicious distemper. I instead offer you free advice: when in doubt, and unless it’s a proper name or the beginning of a sentence, don’t capitalize the first letter.



  54. betsy says:

    When will this article be online? Does anyone know? I think everyone should read it. D is a respectable magazine! If you have nothing to hide, you hide nothing.

  55. The Universe says:

    Wow, D magazine is always in some sort of trouble. It is always the other folks fault. Kind of like Tara Reid, only without the spell check **** posse. The world is so wrong to this publication. I am going to pray and pray now.

  56. j.d.w... says:

    I hate to pick at this scab, but…

    Once content is on your public server (albeit “orphaned”), consider it “technically published”.

    …please don’t hate me…

  57. John says:

    Well, the story is world wide readable, front page and center now. Exactly where it was destined for in the first place.

    The story was deep. I was glued to the monitor from start to finish. As soon as I got to Nicky’s ostrich ‘rancher’ days, I remembered why I moved to Fort Worth. FW is like D was when I grew up there. It is like Dallas before the out of state invasion of the Eleanors. It is like Dallas before the divorce boom. Before the onslaught of instate ostrich speculating emus.

    Boy, Dallas was a great city from the time it was founded right through to the Texas Instrument years. It sure went to the birds in the late 1980’s. Every city has it’s own homegrown cultural debaser types but when Dallas got sprinkled with a few of those same debasing elements from Oklahoma, Arkansas, the Carolinas plus similar types from within the state, it was way too much for any one city to handle. Things just got worse with the dot com boom. Silicon Prarie? Telecom Corridor? Boob job capital of the World? More like an ADHD city suffering through an identity crisis spurred by a decline in morals (MORALS not to be confused with the parallel decline in marital fidelity). Debased by a gaggle of Sheets heads. If only todays incarnation of reality TV had existed back then… Instead of a prime-time soap opera called “Dallas”, it would have been a prime-time reality series called “Keeping up with the Joneses”, complete with low speed ‘on-the-way-to-church’ police chases through Highland Park.

    I could go on and on for a book. Instead I’ll just leave it at this. Those born in Texas generally stay in Texas. –

    Many thanks to D Magazine for being the hard hitting watchdog that can shame the bad migrants back out of town… or at least up to Plano or even Addison. Greenville Ave. has Avi Adelman. Dallas has D Magazine.

  58. Neal says:

    What’s the deal with Nicky & Eleanor’s ongoing Candy-hate? The last time Eleanor and Candy came face to face, Eleanor accosted her and “Evans fled”, according to the article.

  59. John says:

    @Neal: They blame their problems on everyone but themselves. Sounds like they haven’t been living in D-Town for quite some time. They’ve been living in D-Nile instead.

    Seriously, what kind of degenerate declares bankruptcy not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 times?

    If she believed that husband #2 was truly innocent, she’d have wanted that courtroom packed with Candy, Spider Monkey and all the press possible. Instead she did the opposite. Crippled and wounded with guilt. I feel more sorry for her than Nicky. It seems like she has a closet conscience full of skeletons that eat at her. Nicky comes across as having no conscience. Closet full of cons. Where is Chuck Norris when you need him?

  60. Bill says:

    With a true southern mentality both Nicky and Eleanor Sheets seem to appeal to their friends and colleagues “to keep things under the sheets.” Don’t talk about and it will go away. High profile people are news; when they are up and when they are down. Truth and facts don’t lie, so let the issue be sold out. If it can keep one more person from being taken advantage of by non-payment or a promise to pay, then become a debtor on a bankruptcy, then go, go, go! A conscience means recognizing what you have done wrong, being accountable and not repeating the same thing again. Read the article and decide who needs your prayers and moreover, hope you don’t let people like this into your life, ever. I would love to read more about how the Sheets shared their lavish lifestyle with their families; cars, clothes, etc…
    Thanks, D Magazine for a fair account for all to understand. It is about time. Maybe someone (not mentioned) will do time and justice will be served.

  61. Steve says:

    A few things up front. I do not subscribe to the magazine, though I have in the past. I had never heard of Nicky and Eleanor Sheets until today. It’s journalism I care about, or whatever D Magazine considers the blog work of its writers and editors.
    Here is my question: What’s the deal with Tim Rogers acting like there is some major internet crimes going on, and copyright infringement? I get it that Tim is very aroused by the current cover couple and wants a piece of the action in FrontBurner. But it seems like a person who must be a co-worker, Zac Crain, pretty much admits if anybody had done a simple name search on the site, they’d have found the story.
    Sounds like Timmy’s got his conspiracy dial turned up a little too high. But we never get an, “oops, my bad” here from Tim. Never. And the whole business of acting like D Magazine has some kind of legal case? Please! The Zac Crain entry blows that out of the water. If this bone headed couple weren’t in so much trouble, they might have a legal action against D magazine. But being blog slimed by Tim Rogers is nothing when the IRS is about to kick your ass!

  62. Web pro says:

    Once you publish something on a public web site, it’s available for public view and distribution.

    There is also link at the top of the article that says “email page”.

  63. Holly says:

    I downloaded a copy of the article too before anyone was supposed to see it. I figured everybody had seen it since it was on the D website. If only D people were supposed to be able to access it then how come a code or employee number or something (that would only be known to the people who were supposed to see it) didn’t need to be added to the name when you typed in Eleanor Mowery Sheets? I am having trouble believing the explanation since all the D cover articles are written about people that on any given day someone might be typing in their name in the D website search box. This discussion would not even be taking place if Tim Rogers hadn’t thrown around accusations about someone hacking into the DMagazine server and stealing the article. If he is in litigation with the government the editor of a prominent and popular magazine making those statements in print so it can be copied and passed all over the world is surprisingly reckless and intentionally deceiptful. And of course he is going to tell people not to buy it. I imagine Tom Hicks did as well.

  64. Zac Crain says:

    @Holly/Enquiring Minds (from the same e-mail) and Steve and anyone else: Tim did not accuse anyone of “hacking into [our] server” or “major internet crimes.”

    “As I say, one of the attachments was our story, which he’d copied and pasted from our website. Right, yes. I said the story wasn’t online yet – not officially anyway. But the story did exist on our server, waiting for our web folks to press the “publish” button. If you knew how to find it, you could find it. Somehow Nicky found it. Shame on us for having an online system cobbled together with duct tape. Because of our own ineptitude, the Sheetses read the story before we technically published it. Ah, well. Live and learn.”

    That’s last part is close enough to “my bad” for me, but maybe you disagree.

    The copyright part. According to the U.S. Copyright Act:

    A copyright gives the owner the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, perform, display, or license his work. See § 106 of the act. The owner also receives the exclusive right to produce or license derivatives of his or her work. See § 201(d) of the act. Limited exceptions to this exclusivity exist for types of “fair use”, such as book reviews. See § 107 of the act. To be covered by copyright a work must be original and in a concrete “medium of expression.” See § 102 of the act. Under current law, works are covered whether or not a copyright notice is attached and whether or not the work is registered.

    Key there would be the reproduction (and probably the distribution) part. It’s online, so anyone can see it, and anyone can link to it, and anyone can pass that link around, and you could even, if you were so inclined, quote part of it. But the entire thing pasted in a Word doc and sent around? Gets sketchy. Would a court find the Sheetses in violation? Maybe, maybe not. As Tim noted, though, you’d have to agree it raises interesting questions.

  65. Wick's Candy says:

    What is this thread. A “D” staff meeting. You guys are so funny.

    Uh Tim, if you are worried that Nicky Sheets is going to hurt sales of your magazine with his email list then you all need to be looking for your next job don’t ya think? LMAO

    You guys clearly have it in for these people for some reason. FYI, Candy hates the Sheets and she and her friends have been attacking them for months on Dirt. Duh. Are the Sheets not allowed to defend themselves? Who cares if this guy sent out some e-mail to his friends. You screwed up and had the story on line. Get over it. I don’t even know these people but the D attacks on them makes me feel sorry for them. Why do you all hate them so much. If it is not because of them pulling their ads what is it?


    Leave Eleanor and Nicky alone!!!
    I’m canceling my subscription because of this issue.

  67. MLS says:

    I don’t know these people but I do sell real estate and what I see is a publication cashing in on negative news, which is business as usual for most media types.

    The only reason it’s news is because people that are jealous of someone’s lifestyle would love reading about their downfall. Who cares?? If they owe the IRS then I hope the IRS collects and does what needs to be done. If not, then shame on you for this smear campaign.

    Meh…..You all make me tired.

  68. wick olson says:

    Good Story. Nicky’s forray into the wild side was interesting. I will bet Eleanor enjoyed getting a Syphillis / Clap test to make sure Nicky didn’t bring anything extra home…..

  69. John Rizzuti says:

    Hey, I do a lot of business with the “D” empire, and everything has always been handled straight up. I have never seen any “church/state” issues get in the way (this is agency talk for the separation of advertising and editorial and we insist that this exist in any publication where we place our client’s advertising). I found the Sheet’s story well written and very interesting. The writer has great cred. He would not write untruths. Period.

    As with everyone who breaks the law, doesn’t pay taxes, goes after hookers, etc., etc., they always blame anyone else and the blame always goes elsewhere.

    When is one of those loonies going to stand up, man up and say “hey we messed up. And, we’re going to take care of everything 100%.” We’re going to pay our bills and pay our taxes. But no, they would rather do everything but that. And blame everyone else. Man.

    They (Sheets) still live large on the backs of honest taxpayers all the while Mr. Nicky is busy filing four (count ‘em) bankruptcies and chasing high-dollar call-girls.

    Man my wife would smack me upside the head with an iron skillet and I would never see the next day if I did something that stupid. BTW Mr. Sheets, didn’t you see the set up? Are you that “hard-up” for some action? Has Ellie cut you off?

    If I read one more post anywhere where “plants” put the blame on D Mag or the IRS I am going to puke.

    People: you messed up. Pay what you owe, start being honest, stop ripping off the country and for God sakes learn to spell and learn how to construct a sentence. And please stay away from hookers. They won’t be that fun.

  70. Laura Miller says:

    Two points in the article that need to be corrected. Nicky didn’t meet up with the “prositutes(undercover vice)” at midnight. He met with them in the morning. Eleanor would never let him out of the house that late. Also he never kissed the undercover vice/prostitutes. The other role play was true. One thing that was left out. When they arrested him he was crying and said to the officer: “I am sick, I need help”. If you look at his terms of probation the courts did not make him attend counseling, much less the sex offender counseling he should have. They simply released him on the street with a slap on the hand. His sexual imagery and pictures and emails are VERY graphic and portray women being sexually abused and bound and tied up. This man has access to your home if you have an MLS box on it. Obviously the TREA didn’t see fit to remove his license. There is alot more that could come out, if certain people would come forward. I think they’ve been bought off. Maybe that’s where that 500,000 dollars went. There is still another lawsuit out there that no one is talking about. Candy look it up. Nicky is the complaintant in this case.

  71. EMS Insider says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself, John. If all these vendors are just making stuff up to be mean to the Sheets, why don’t they come out and say “Hey, we don’t owe any vendors anything, and here are the paid invoices to prove it.”

    Instead, they hire private investigators, file fraudulent court cases against themselves in order to do false discovery, and use other methods to track down the people who have been posting on these sites. They are going to use that info to file suit against whomever they can, blaming them for taking down their company. You can see the beginnings of that in Nicky’s letter –

    “…that accused me, Nicky, and my company of irresponsible and untrue activities…The effects have been devastating…”

    So anyone who says anything about the Sheets’ on here, be prepared to spend your own money defending yourselves against these folks. They are oblivious to reality, and continue to believe that they are the innocent victims of some kind of scurrilous campaign, instead of realizing that what has happened to them is a direct result of their own actions: the IRS is after them because they didn’t pay taxes, and vendors are mad at them because they didn’t pay their bills.