Russ Martin Speaks on Getting Canned by the Fan

Yesterday Live 105.3 switched formats. It’s now mostly sports talk, and it’s called The Fan. With the switch,  afternoon drive ratings juggernaut Russ Martin was let go. He was kind enough to answer a few questions via e-mail:

FrontBurner: Was yesterday’s format change a surprise to you? When did you learn of it?

Russ Martin: Surprised? Not really. Got an e-mail from a friend over the weekend that KLLI had registered The Fan website. They officially told me Monday afternoon.

FrontBurner: When is or was your contract up?

Russ Martin: They indicated they’d honor the remainder of my contract, which runs through April of 2011. So, no worries. Very odd, though, to be paid seven figures annually to do nothing. Gonna sit back, relax, and get me some of those Dr. Shoal’s jelly pads for your feet.

FrontBurner: What did station management tell you about their decision?

Russ Martin: They said nothing more than they were flipping to all sports talk and apologized — many times. I told them I didn’t perceive this as a personal attack and to make sure my money showed up every two weeks.

FrontBurner: I assume you can’t comment on any other station you might be in talks with. But would you ever consider doing mornings again?

Russ Martin: As far as other stations, I haven’t heard from anyone. My e-mail inbox exploded yesterday and had to use an auto responder. That way every e-mailer at least got something.


  • jason

    i hope he gets picked up. the show is whatever you want to call it but he has COMMON SENSE and i appreciate that in a world where people kill someone on black friday and where people think that the govt is using the digital converter boxes to watch people

  • Chris

    huh… not the response I expected from Russ.

  • John M

    7 figures annually? I find that a little hard to believe…

  • Rachel

    I can’t believe they done this to Russ and his listeners.. I pray that he goes somehere else. I couldn’t stand to listen to Jagger this morning either. He doesn’t sound right talking about nothing but sports. I am heartbroken..

  • Lisa

    Russ, your fans will miss you and I have faith you’ll be back on the air soon! Best of luck to you and thank you for keeping me laughing every afternoon!


  • brett

    @ John M –

    Belive it. Russ is right behind Kidd Kraddick in terms of highest paid radio personalities in Dallas. Kidd makes a few mill a year and Russ makes a a little over a mill. Don’t know exact numbers, but I know that I’m in the ball park.

    Whether you liked him or not, Russ brought something Live could never accomplish outside of his show…ratings and ad $$. Good luck to both Russ and The Fan, although I don’t see how or why Dallas needs 3 all sports stations going after the same target demo.

  • chris m

    @ Chris, Dec 8th –

    Russ is an intelligent businessman. His gig on the radio is an act.

    It may be an extension of his personality but it IS an extension.

    I’m glad he took it the way he did (I would, making 7 figures doing nothing) but I hope he starts working again soon. I’m going to miss his show during my drive home everyday.

  • Mrs. Dash

    Have some dash!

  • Mikal

    I would like to hear it from his mouth. Is there a audio interview tape? perhaps a .wav or mp3 file or podcast

  • notasportsfan

    Mikal, the post says that Russ answered the questions by email, so there probably isn’t audio….

  • Excited he is gone

    His show was like a giant straw sucking the brains out of your head.

  • Chuck

    Russ was the only show that got me from listening to the Hardline on the Ticket or Galloway on ESPN. Now why the hell would I listen to Ben & Skin do sports when I have two much better options?

  • Mel

    @ Rachel – I’m with you. Thank goodness they kept the Jagger Show but it definitely wasn’t the same with the extra sports talk. This is so sad. *sigh* Satellite radio, here I come.

  • I have listened to Russ Martin since I was 14 years old (I am 28 now) when he was on at the Eagle in mornings. I, and my 3 friends, skipped school the day that he had an appearance at the Jack in the Box in Rockwall (where I went to high school), and waited in line for 3 hours just so we could meet Russ!

    Actually, I was a Russ fan before that even – I watched that “Hot Ticket” show that he used to do on TV way back in the day! I know he has had some bad press lately, but that doesn’t change or affect his show. It was as great as ever! I have no doubt that someone in DFW will scoop him up. This is HIS city and we LOVE his show.

  • Tess

    I love that! I would sit back and collect that money as well! I am going to miss him! He will be back but there is no place for him here in Dallas! But this sports talk thing isnt going to last! Too many other options with more experienced talk hosts…

  • I hate The Fan

    What a bone head move by the execs. How do you dump your number 1 money generator? And Jagger is now completely out of place on the radio station. What a mess.

  • Blah

    Odd … if Live 105.3 failed as a GENERIC talk station, what makes them think they’ll succeed cubby-holed as a more specific SPORTS talk station? They pop Russ & Tom Leykis, which were the driving factors for the 30-something male crowd. They move up the unfunny Ben & Skin, which are just hack carbon copies of any other sports-talk radio station across the US. Other stations across the nation have recently made similar moves to other hosts they were paying lots of money to. My guess is it’s just a plate-tectonic upheaval … they shuffle out the expensive hosts so they can shuffle in some mediocre ones that are easier to control and don’t ask for much money. Folks will lower their standards, since they want to listen to SOMETHING, and the stations will still generate ad revenue. Radio is about big business and revenue these days, not about entertaining people. Sad.

  • Judy

    The Russ Martin show was the ONE show that I listened to every single day. I did not care for any of the other personalities in the other time slots. I will GREATLY miss Russ, J.D., Cloe, and the others. I do not think the station had a CLUE how many women listened that do not care one single bit for sports. 105.3 no longer exists on my dial!

  • Does it go to 11?

  • Kurt

    Has anyone heard from Gavin?

  • @ Blah


  • Tina

    I love The Russ Martin show and everyone on air with him. I am really sad that the station didn’t see what they had before them with Russ and the rest of the guys. I was glad to see the way Russ handled being let go it goes to show you that he is a very real person that deals with life just as any of us would. I hope that every one of them find some thing new and fast ya’ll make me laugh and I hope that what ever you do all of you stay together every one on The Russ Martin show made that radio station without them I don’t believe they will make the #’s.

  • dancer


  • Deb

    Really going to miss Russ and JD and the rest of the gang. I will NOT be listening to 105.3 anymore. Ben & Skin are not going to be able to hold on to the 3-7 pm slot. Guess it will be me & my Sirius radio from here on out. DUMB move CBS – you’ll be changing formats again in less than 6 mos. This will never last.

  • Well, I’d say the comments in this thread will certainly help them identify their demographic…

  • elmo

    I agree with towski. Spelling and grammer not withstanding…..

  • Whelp, I’ll be hitting up the iTunes store for something to listen to now…
    I already can’t stand Jagger, now with getting rid of Russ Martin, I’m taking 105.3 out of my radio.

  • jeff

    We have listened to the station since the KYNG (Country) days with A.W. and Martha. This decision will end an era for CBS Radio in Dallas/Ft.Worth, what corporate IDIOT made this move. Russiah will rule on to another market place on the dial. This was like telling Marc Davis and Terry Dorsey to take a hike, reprecusions are waiting for that hole in the wall @ 183 & Mockingbird. CBS guys u only own a little hole in the wall to Dallas listeners market share, we will drop the flowers off there.

  • ANNA


  • JasonD

    Must be the same bone heads that made the decision to have David Lee Roth replace Howard Stern and we saw how well that worked. Get a bunch of suits in a room with no brains and delicate egos and you get moves like this. The Ticket and ESPN will crush KLLI.

    Wonder what will be next after this fails? I hope that time frame doesn’t go from “entertaining” to frustrating and someone gets a clue to switch (again).

  • Listen to the ticket, way better than “The Fan” and it’s not always about sports. Give Russ a year and he’ll be back and better.

  • Maria

    I feel quite sure that the Fan will go down in flames. There are quite a few here at my place of employment that have taken 105.3 off their presets. Myself included. Wherever Russ goes I will do everything I can to be right there listening to him. And yeah I’m seriously thinking about getting Sirius.

  • You can take a station out of your radio?

  • And Anna and dancer, please press your caps lock key again. It seems to be stuck.

  • Steve

    105.3 is dead to me now. We will follow Russ wherever he goes. This mans show is genius.

  • Lisa

    Today was my last day tuned to 105.3 I start out my morning listening to Jagger, run thru my day with Ben & Skin and end my drive home with Russ. I textd the show how stupid I thought this move was and that I would be tuning out after the Jagger show, and their response was that I was a “STUPID LISTENER” for not continuing to listen througout the day. WOW! What a slap in the face! GOOD LUCK! It’ll never last and it will SUCK terribly while it does.

  • brett

    @ Bethany.

    Maybe they’re just angry.

    What I don’t understand – just because your station has a “bigger stick” (more signal strength), it doesn’t translate into better ratings. If another station has better talent, which ESPN and KTCK do…by far, it doesn’t matter how far you reach if no one will listen to you.

  • Morons

    What is it with radio stations in D/FW?? Crapchannel first killed the Mikey show, then killed the Eagle completely in favor of top 40 garbage. Then to add insult to injury they went to spanish oldies!! Only after losing millions and ratings did they bring back the Eagle. The Bone has destroyed their morning lineup mutiple times. 102.1 is a complete joke with the Billy Madison show. Now we get another boring sports show – Im done with broadcast radio, its iTunes and XM from now on.

  • Dando

    This is ridiculous, what is the rationale? Greed like every other company? Has anyone even looked at ratings…I know that 105.3 is now out of my presets as I don’t need yet another sports station. I used to laugh on the way home after a hard day when I heard Russ and crew. I wish the best best for Russ and I’ll look for you on 97.1

  • Bounce

    Program and Station management have to come in a screw with things so, after they leave the sinking ship, they can point to their influence in the direction the station took under their control.

    They couldn’t bottle the RMS so they couldn’t replicate it in other time slots (except by playing repeats). In the end, Russ carried the station and they felt that gave him too much power at the negotiating table. I suspect they decided it was better the tank the station than to abdicate power.

  • Don

    I can’t believe we “need” another sports talk station in the Metroplex. I won’t be listening anymore, I’ll just turn on the XM, better programming and lots of it.

  • dancer

    We love you Russ.
    Please keep in touch with your listeners.

    Where you goeth we shall follow.

    Post something on Russ Martin Auto,just please keep in touch.

    Radio is dead…long live Russ Martin.


  • steve

    It’s a sad day when something like this happens. KLLI will suffer from this change but I think with the economy the way it is the radio station is a write off anyway for CBS and they are definitly going to lose in the long run they have alienated their listeners and lost most if not all of them. Anyone who could stand to listen to Jagger for more than 2 minutes well you know why they are listening (hoping for an invite to dinner at Jaggers house perhaps and a little something more) well 105.3 you are now officially dead to me have removed you from my presets and won’t listen again.

  • I love reading over the comment section of an online article to see those who feel the need to correct or try and tell others to not talk a certain way. Get over your self already, I assure you after this comment I have gotten over you.

    The air waves won’t be the same with out you Russ. Do what is best for you and thanks for everything you have done for us (the public) over the years.

    Take care

  • I can not believe this! i fell in love with this radio station when i was 18. i accidentaly found it one day driving from Killeen TX to Shreveport LA (gf lived in LA so i made the trip every week) and i had never heard anything like it. Stern/P&K before they sucked/RMS it was awesome. p&k is dropped who cares. i like ben and skin they are decent. then all of a sudden yesterday college fight music. now today the station has been donkey punched into this rediculous state i see now. who are they joking. is anyone actually listening still? even the music has turned into a giant suck fest. “jagger mafia on 105.3 thaaaaa faaan” WTF ever. i wish someone there had the balls to stand up and make a difference. maybe jagger will wake up and walk(if he had any standards)

  • *copy-editing brain explodes while reading FeniXstar’s post*


  • yea. im sorry i was rambling and angry

  • russell

    Yep, its surely a big slap in the face, but dont it seem funny that ben and skin are now in the top slot and have been there for like a few months? i dont know, but i agree with the guy above, the intro music has turned cheeky and gay, kinda to the extent of jagger’s show. russ will be back bigger and better.

  • Sway

    This is going to leave a huge whole in my daily radio listening routine. As a female, I enjoyed the back and forth that used to be Live105.3, from Jagger, to Ben & Skin, to finish my day off right with Russ Martin. I have attempted to listen to the new 105.3The Fan, and can’t stay interested. I love sports, but this is ridiculous. I don’t like the feeling of having this forced upon me, with no warning. I will patiently wait for the day when he is picked up somewhere else. Until then, my iPod will keep my attention.

  • BigRed

    Don’t worry everyone. This is not the last we’ve heard from Russ. He is too smart of an entertainer to be quiet for the next two years and collect 7 figures when he can make so much more by being himself! Just laugh at CBS and let them fail. I also don’t believe Gavin had anything to do with this. Gavin most likely might end up going with Russ to the next big gig. Russ has always been a good boss to Gavin and I think Gavin appreciates that.

  • Real Deal

    Everyone just take a deep breath and relax…this was just step one in the process.

    No one got “fired”. Everyone from 105.3, Jagger included, will be back in a new station in the early part of 09. Jagger is there only to keep a good portion of the listeners tuned into 105.3. Otherwise, a vast amount of their listeners will bitterly abandon ship. Once the “new” Live comes on the air, someone will be there to take Jagger’s spot on 105.3 and they will be the last ones to move to their new home. It’s actually a pretty smart strategy, really. Gavin should be proud, since his ploy not only allows for a relatively smooth transition, but also gives him that highly coveted press, or “free advertising”.

  • Robert Dobalina

    It is interesting that Martin mentions “seven figures annually.” I would think that his contract would contain a confidentiality provision that would prohibit him from disclosing this.

  • Rev Kicks

    Not only will I not tune into sports trash, but so long Jack, and the rest of the CBS Radio Family. How much is one of those satelitte radio thingies again?

  • Sloan

    I am like all the others…the boss will be back and will be way better than before..can’t wait.

  • Imseriously

    Russ…Sit back, collect that 7 figures, relax for a while and then come back to us! I’ll listen to the replays on the site until you come back. And to the person below, why is it hard to believe he earned 7 figures? It’s on his contract so believe it.

  • Viva la

  • G$$

    Radio just hasn’t been the same in D/FW since the “old Scotsman” Gordon McClendon.

  • pineapplepie26

    Whatever Russ isn’t the type to rest on his laurels. He’ll be doing something else after getting over the shock!

  • Well so much for P&K after their little rant just now I’m done with them. I like the Bone but like most attractive women someone just needs to Shut up and look pretty.

  • Eric Celeste


  • Nick C

    Gavin Spittle = Corporate Weasel

    I know Russ didn’t take it personal but the “The Fan” launched at 3pm. In a move that can only be explained as a desperate attempt to get Russ Martin listeners, and a jab to Russ.

    And don’t get me started on the name. “The Fan,” yeah lets name our station after a movie where Robert Deniro is a psychotic murdering stalker of Wesley Snipes.

    Can’t wait for the new Russ Martin Show, wherever, whenever, and on whatever it may be.

  • Shawn

    I can’t believe they did this Ben and Skin are bad. espn and the ticket blow these two out of the water. Russ is so much better than all the rest in Dallas he will be back we just have to wait

  • JBM

    I want to thank all the execs at CBS for freeing up all the presets on my different radios and giving me back my afternoons. Before this I could do nothing more than make sure I was tuned into 105.3 from 3 to 7. Now I have spare time to do other stuff. At least until Russ resurfaces.

    Miss you Russ

  • ssp

    Interesting, all the links on The Fan website go to FoxSports (not CBS sports).

  • steve

    What a poor decision. Another all-sports station in the Dallas market? Let’s see that makes 3, and one of them (KTCK) is one of the most successful in the nation.


  • Dan

    Anybody know a shop that can remove 105.3 from my radio? That way I don’t have to worry about even accidentaly tuning into this drabble that the brainiacs at CBS have turned the station into.

  • Brent

    To Real Deal:

    If this format change is a ruse; at the expense of dedicated listeners. I’ll never listen again.

    To the stalker guy post:

    I think it might be some sort of violation for a large group of people to just silently follow Gavin around when he is seen in public. Like at Stars games, NASCAR, the local mall, health club, public restrooms, or that overpriced Italian restaurant he owns.

  • MorganSS

    sure Dan, its called Russ Martin Automotive in Plano!

  • Don

    Gavin sucks, David Henry sucks, Ben sucks and Skin sucks, and probably several others. Russ is the MAN, I have listened and laughed with him since he was on the air in Greenville at 1400 AM and then the Eagle. When the format changed from Young County, my son called and told me that Russ was back in the air at 105.3. I tuned in and have listened every day since. I drive 2.5 hours home everyday and I will miss the ‘Tree house”. I’ll find him when he decides to come back on the air and I’ll never tune to 105.3 again unless Russ comes back and buys the station.

  • Disgruntled Black Dude

    I don’t know what possesed CBS to screw D/FW. How do you axe the 2 highest rated hosts and the 3 best shows on the station? Why not just axe all the ones that suck and keep Russ, Leykis, and BDH in the evening? I would still listen to the station with just those 3 programs and paid programming for the rest of the day, I turn my radio off after BDH anywayz. No wonder CBS stock is worth absolute monkey feces now. And P&K are just mad cuz they fk’d the ratings of the midday slot.




  • Sharon

    I am so upset with this decision. I look forward to Russ everyday. He makes me laugh and the whole world seemed not so bad when he was blowing things up. Shame on you CBS -I hope it blows up in your face and you see what the fans really want!!!!

  • Ree Griffith

    Here is a tag line at the bottom of the one of the pages on the site (that is STILL graphic’d as Live 105.3:

    105.3 The Fan is one of Dallas’ favorite, most powerful sports talk radio stations, and available everywhere via free online streaming. 105.3 The Fan includes top radio personalities like Jagger, Kevin Scott & Greg Hill, Ben & Skin, Pete Stein & Mike Rodriguez, and JT the Brick. All radio shows are available to listen online and you can download free podcasts. Find 105.3 The Fan on your radio dial or online and listen for North Texas sports news, opinions and information.
    a bit presumptuous, calling themselves a “favorite of Dallas” in less than 12 hours on the air yesterday, eh?
    F em and feed em fish heads.

  • Dale

    Everybody shut off there radios @ 2:59 Wensday 12-10-2008 and let KLLI know how much we care about them…..

  • Courtney

    wow, that station just makes one bad decision after another with no regard for it’s listeners…they come right out and say they think they can make more money with this format. pretty dumb move.

  • D. Bogeyman

    Hey Gavin, hard to see the boogieman at the STARS game when your seats are on the glass, ehh?? Feel me breathin down your neck? 😉

  • Dale

    Everybody shut off there radios @ 2:59 Wensday 12-10-2008

  • D. Bogeyman

    Never thought I’d say this…but…


    Although I never listen to the Ticket, I will be sure to tell Arbitron my radio is set on 1310AM and 104.1FM from 6am to 11pm.

  • mike

    Are there enough Lasik surgeons in Dallas to support another sports radio station?

  • @ Real Deal
    where are you getting this information from. if so that is very interesting and you would think that PD would make that public

  • javier

    Ok, There’s only one thing i can say about 105.3. THEY’RE ALL SUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nasty move… let Russ go… Ben & Skin? Ha Ha Ha. I’m speechless. Hopefully we’re getting the boss back soon, in the meantime. Sirius

  • Not A Fan

    I can understand why they changed formats. It was basically The Russ Martin Show and 20 hours of bad radio (Maybe, 16, I’ll cut the Jagger show a break). As good as Russ is, as much revenue as his show pulled in, it’s not enough to save an entire station. I think the talking heads at CBS corporate figured that sports would draw a wider audience and they would get better ratings across the board.

    What I DON’T understand is the need for a 3rd sports station in Dallas. One of them will eventually die. I don’t see the market supporting all three.

    I don’t really care what happens to the FAN. I don’t care if it survives or fades into nothingness. I won’t be listening to it either way. I just hope The RMS finds a new home soon.

  • Disgruntled Black Dude

    “It was basically The Russ Martin Show and 20 hours of bad radio”

    It’s called paid programming, what they did on the weekends anyways. So dump Jagger and Ben and Skin, they lower the average. I’d rather listen to an infomercial about rogaine and hypersonic food processors than listen to Ben and Skin bore me to sleep.

  • cas

    I predict the failure of “the fan” and the next move will be Tejano. I can hear it now, 105.3 El Grillo.

  • Don

    I can’t stop letting everyone know that I hate this, I hate this, I hate this. Now I have to drive home with nothing to listen to but sports on ESPN. Maybe Sirius and Radio Margaritaville is in my future. Sucks,,,, and so does Gavin.

  • Salvador

    105.3 has nothing but Bafoons now. Driving home after work was the funniest part of my day. Where else can you hear the news that really matters, like the karma of robbing a hotel only to get eaten by an aligator as you try to escape by swimming across the lake. I hope Russ and crew find a new place, and I wish them the best.

  • I don’t know why you people are so down on Ben and Skin.

    Jeff Wade (Skin) is a brilliant dude. He knows more about sports or pop culture than any of the other twerps jabbering their nonsense on our local radio.

    Next to somebody like Corby or the wife beater, there is simply no comparison. Skin wins hands down.

  • Disgruntled Black Dude

    But he knows jack compared to the ticket guys. And they won’t beat the ticket’s ratings period.

  • Not A Fan


    I wouldn’t direct too much hate towards Gavin… yet.

    Most likely he had nothing to do with the ultimate decision. CBS was going to change the station with or without him. He has his own well-being and career to worry about. Hitching your cart to Russ isn’t necessarily a wise career move. It’s business.

    Gavin comes off as a ‘yes man’ so even if the FAN fails I’m sure he has a bright future in radio.

  • Ree Griffith

    Fantasy Radio Lineup:

    What is YOUR idea of a whole day’s worth of perfect programming? Assume Russ would retain his 3-7 slot…of ALL the radio shows out there, if you could be program director for the day (or year), what’s your lineup?
    I kinda like:

    Or how about the NEW RMS show, with SYBIL!

  • Dane

    So how likely is it that CBS would pay the RMS to sit tight until Live 93.3 debuts in February?

  • Not A Fan

    I don’t listen to enough radio to give a whole lineup but my perfect 8 hour stretch would be Dan Patrick then RMS.

  • @ Lies

    Jeff stop talking about your self in the 3rd person. Don’t stoop to Whitlock’s level on the MSN boards.

  • Missing Russ

    I will not be listening to 105.3 anymore unless it’s to hear Jagger & crew. I have been missing Pugs & Kelly. Now I will really be missing Russ… at least until he’s picked up by another station, which I’m sure he will be (that is, if he wants it!).

    105.3 are idiots to let Russ go… and to go to an all-sports format!

  • Russ will be fine and probably enjoy his time off the show. I have been following him since the Hot Ticketx days and he quite capable of making a big return. My concern is for Dan, Cloe, Trey and JD they are not making the seven digits to support themselves during the hard times. I just hope Russ can get them to come along when the “Treehouse” returns to the airwaves.

  • Linda Wright

    Although I did not always agree with Russ and thought some things were over the top and way out of line – I will say there were times I enjoyed the show and will miss him. I wish both Russ and the remainder of the theam the best that life has to offer.

  • Brent

    I understand that Gavin many have sold Russ’ slot for 10 minutes in a bathhouse.

    Can anyone confirm this?

  • Caretaker

    Not true.

    Actually Russ is going to take Obama’s position in the Senate. It’s very hush hush, so keep it to yourself.

  • Gavin

    My restaurant is NOT overpriced. It’s a very well placed value in a highly competitive pasta and sauce market.

  • Gavin

    Also, I’m used to men following me into restrooms.

    Just saying.

  • Silverhornet81

    Pugs and Kelly were bashing Russ today around 245 pm. So they’ve lost my respect. Shame they have to do that when he cant respond. Screw 105.3 for taking Russ off the air. All of the gags RM played on david henry now to me are fully justified. Jagger and the crew are pretty good, but I doubt i’ll be listening to them talk about sports, which I dont care for anyways.

  • Gavin

    Does anyone have pictures of me nude in a bathhouse?

    Would you like to buy some?

  • Disgruntled Black Dude

    Mine would consist of:

    **paid programming to replace Jagger**
    **midday timeslot is bawlls, dunno**
    RMS w/ the chick from Jagger’s show
    Leykis (ugly dood w/ lame voice but good)
    BDH(maybe 3 hr slot)
    P&K when they were still in K’s basement

  • Russ, you and the rest will be missed, I started listening to you with my son, I have never listened toi talk shows til you, you are so honest and up front that everyone knew where you stood, I will miss you dearly, now I don’t have nothing to listen to on the way home, your show was a blast, Love ya will miss ya, hope to hear you somewhere soon. And p.s. I always loved to hear you laugh, your laugh would make me laugh, you have the sweetest laugh.


  • RidesWithBeer

    105.3 was the #1 button on my radio… now it’s a spanish station. And that station that picked up Kelly and the idiot.. that button is a country station.

  • Ree Griffith

    @ Liles:
    “Jeff Wade (Skin) is a brilliant dude. He knows more about sports or pop culture than any of the other twerps jabbering their nonsense on our local radio.”

    Is THIS the one that has the same impersonation for EVERYONE, you know, the Wade Phillips/Sam the Mailman/etc…
    Is this the intellectual genius that interviewed local Olympic Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin (a teenager, no less) with the witty “if you go on Oprah, can we go too?” and with an AC/DC song parody “Nastia Liukin, You’re So Good Lookin”, to which her “pommel horse” skills are mentioned (uh, that’s a men’s event, ya dildo), embarrassing her as a recent Olympic champion and me as a listener??
    That was the day I emailed the station and turned my terrestrial radio off from 11-3pm.
    So yeah, I guess there is a reason the #1 sports station in DFW let these retards go.
    Ads a whole new meaning to SLOPPY SECONDS.

  • God bless you,Russ!! DFW needs you and your show. You do SO much for animals AND families of slain police/fire personnel. I am SURE that another station with more brains than 105.3 will pick your show up VERY soon! Have a merry Christmas 🙂

  • Silverhornet81

    Ree, how about this..

    6am to 10am RMS for waking up to, ride to work, and getting the day started.

    3pm to 7pm RMS for the ride home, entertainment while dealing with A-hole drivers and some winding down humor.

    For the 10-3 slot, just play some muzak.. who really listens to mid day shows?

  • iBooger

    105.3 the talk that sucks donkey balls…

    They are going to get their asses handed to them. ESPN and The Ticket will kill them in ratings alone, just for the fact that they fired Russ. He was the biggest draw that station had, now they killed it. And for what… Ben and Skin in the drive? F those douchebags… Yet they keep Jagger, who would rather suck a cock then talk sports…

    Good bye 105.3, you are all asshats.

  • New to DFW & Loved RMS

    I moved here not too long ago and fell in love with the RMS. Finally, something to make me look forward to my drive home. A talk show host that made me laugh and who spoke common freakin sense! Guess it’s time to get XM. Chalk up another listener death for 105.3.

  • donkey punched seemed to best describe the situation

  • crista


  • Silverhornet81

    i feel like I just got a dirty sanchez.

  • Ree Griffith

    I call dibs on this idea…now, if we can just get Russ to show up for….


    All funds, will of course, go to the RMS Listener’s Foundation for Fallen Police and Fire Fighters. Without the show, this foundation needs legs…so let’s put together a party/benefit to both show our appreciation AND help fill the coffers for this worthy charity!
    email me at donder(at)myway(dot)com if interested in helping with ideas to get this ball rolling!

  • Holly

    The station has just lost their listeners. Russ, JD and gang were refreshing, bold and entertaining.

  • jaffo

    Yup, they screwed the pooch over there!!! I’m listening to pugs and kelly right now on 93.3. They are commenting on the demise of their old station.

    They are thrilled to see the station hit the floor, but even more thrilled to see Russ bit it.

    Jeff…your wrong, no one goes to jail anymore. Besides the only person to testyfy against him is back living with him.

  • Reppin that D-Town

    Hopefully there is no clause in his CBS contract that prohibits him from doing radio w/ another station.

  • Silverhornet81

    I think i’ll send some band aids to 105.3 so they can be treated after shooting themselves in the foot. They lost a lot of listeners yesterday. David henry can bite me.

  • Silverhornet81

    is russmartin dot com down for good? cant seem to get the site to load. anyone else having the same problem?

  • crista

    thanks jaffo!! i didnt know pugs & kelly were there . listening now

  • Abbey

    Glad to see that everyone is as mad about this as I am!!!
    I used to listen to live 105.3 all the time, but lately, the only good thing they had going was Russ. I know P and K have a new station, but the format there sucks!!!
    What was corporate thinking? If I wanted sports, I would listen to The Ticket, or ESPN Radio.
    Anyway, what a sad loss for Dallas! I can only hope that Russ will be on another station soon….I’d pay to listen to his show =)

    BTW, BDH is on P and K right now…speaking about all of this mess. ( Maybe this was good for P and K, they may get some listeners back…if the listeners can stand the stupid Bone format..)

  • Bubba

    105.3 is just one more flip away from being a Tejano station……. I think this is about the most bone-headed move out there. Talk about chasing the ever-shifting demographics…. this quarter we are focusing on football fans….. next quarter we are focusing on basketball fans…… the next quarter we are focusing on baseball fans……… I don’t think you have the PMs to get out of last place in the sports market…. it would be REAL FUNNY if Russ went to the morning drive time….. where would your feeds go if Russ sucked out all of the Jeager in the morning crowd? You would have ZERO talent available for any lead-in to the later shows….. DUMB….DUMB…..DUMB!

  • Echo63

    I was devastated and pissed yesterday afternoon to discover that Russ and crew was cancelled. What a slap in the face to all of his fans. I hope that none of the listeners sign on to 105.3 ever again.
    Gavin screwed Russ for a buck or two. Whatever happened to loyalty? He was always crying that Russ was his friend. I hope that Gavin gets his due in a very nasty way.
    Russ hope you and JD are back on the air soon. Hope that this doesnt stop the band from playing and you from continuing the awesome work you have done for the police officers.

  • Merci!

    Mon Dieu! Who can be all of zhese radio hooligans bursting into our cozy media groupie salon and splattering zheir atrocious locutions upon zhe chaise?

    How can we enjoy regaling one another with repeated biographies of our credentials when all zhe talk is now of zhis Russ, Russ, Russ?

    Has Wick finally opened our cozy home to zhe hoi polloi wiss all of zheir public talk zhat does not interest us a bit while soiling us all wiss zheir muddy capitalizations?

    Next zhey will be drinking directly from zhe bottle!


  • Reppin that D-Town

    dangit, i can’t listen right now. What is BDH saying about this foolery?

  • Silverhornet81

    I dont think it was Gavins fault. He was just a program director. He had a format to follow and he ran that. The fact that the station changed formats and talents is way above his office and pay grade. The man to blame is david henry, the station manager.

  • Ignacio

    Merci!, you put a little too much effort into making a comment that wasn’t even funny.

    Anyway, I still do not understand KLLI. First they bring in Jagger who isn’t very funny, they got rid of Leykus and and they start adding all these shows with nothing interesting!

    Do they not even listen to their own station?

    Do they not even listen to the people that USED to listen to 105.3?

    That’s right, I’ll never listen to that station again, it’s off of my presets, and I’m telling you, they will fail again. In all of their scrambling to get people to listen with BS marketing, they forgot about the people who were loyal to the #1 show in Dallas.

    David Henry was always depicted as a jerk on the show, and I always figured that it was a bit like everything else, but now we can all see for ourselves who is really running that decrepit station into the ground.

  • Bubba

    Remember, you are doomed to repeat history if you don’t learn from it…… By the way Mr. Henry….. can you tell me just HOW ARE THE RATINGS at 97.1 doing these days? How about a little view into the “Crystal Ball of Things to Come”……. I believe they flipped two to three times after they killed the current format (which included dumping Russ….) :^) I hope you have a good “Golden Parachute” available to you…….

  • Abbey


    It was all for nothing. He did not say much at all, and it was painful to have to listen to it in the limited format of P and K at the bone…anyway, not much new learned except that P and K think russ was an a**. Whatever, Russ was funny, and kept me laughing out loud at work every day.

  • sswiftd

    Sheeshh !!

    I took Monday off and guess what I found this morning at Jagger’s ?!

    Really, really dissapointed about this change…ok, let me correct myself: I would not have cared if they changed the format to Hip-Hop, Latin, Martha Stewart, NPR or even Country as long as they had kept Russ. Jagger and Russ were the only reasons I was not listening to Howard Stern in Satellite. Now that Russ is gone (and if he gives no signs of life), I will listen to Satellite in the afternoons. Hope Jagger don’t suck now.


    Russ, if you can read this…get a show at the same time of Jagger’s. I know you like the guy and this is not personal but, that will show those Radio Executives that you’re too good to be left out of a crappy overcrowded format.

  • Bubba

    Someone should start a “He-man (or woman) 105.3 haters” web site, with scouting reports for other stations…… initiate a “grass-roots” effort for the first fans to kill a station….. “Come on everyone…. let’s go over THERE!!!!!”

  • Reppin that D-Town

    Thanks Abbey,
    I really appreciate the response.

    russ, find a station that has an internet simulcast so i can tune in again. Don’t go satellite cuz i aint paying for Sirius or XM.

  • Doc

    ‘com on folks! Give 105.3 a break. They made a business decision. There is no law against changing direction no matter how irrational and rediculous it might seem to the rest of us. Look at the auto makers, airlines, and the entire financial market and it’s easy to see that leadership is lacking.

    At least, according to reports, 105.3 & CBS are honoring Russ’ contract. That is the only smart thing I’ve seen in the reporting so far.

    Like him or not, he does bring a product to this market that generates a swell of publicity from both camps.

    But, I too hope Russ returns.

  • Reppin that D-Town

    Coporate suicide imo. is CBS gonna be bought out?

  • Doc

    They aren’t being bought out. They’re lining up in the Senate so they can get a hand out (sorry, I mean loan) like everyone else. :>)

  • keith

    I hope Russ and the crew find a new home quick. Real bonehead move by klli and CBS.
    There’s only one Russ Martin show and to throw it away for sports. The Ticket will stomp the Fan and CBS will lose in the long run..

  • long time russ fan

    Ok, the bottom line is, KLLI sucks a$$ right now. Since they switched from young country to Free FM then to Live 1053, they’ve sucked. All but One but one time slot! It was the time slot that belonged to Russ, whether it was the am or after noon drive. He will be missed. Russ’ site has Gavin’s number on it if any one is interested.

    Love ya Russ! We’re all behind you!

  • Gavin

    Although it is true I had my stomach pumped of 3 quarts of semen. It is NOT true that it was human semen.

    Just wanted to get that out there.

  • Gavin

    Oh, wait a minute. I take all that back.


  • I’d like to apologize to Rocco. I think I oversnarked him.

  • Cardman

    I love all of you people! If Russ has a non-compete clause in his contract, he won’t be able to do anything until 2011….and he’ll be forgotten by then…which might be a good thing! The guy is a jerk and it’s all coming out now how people personally feel about him. He’s a prima donna….I don’t think he’ll be able to stay out of the limelight for too long, so most likely, he will need to leave Dallas to be on the radio!

  • Gavin

    I would like to apologize to Russel. I suddenly realized that I might need to stand on his shoulders again to harvest the Money Tree.

  • tony f

    i love sports and even i can tell u that there are to many sports stations now. ive listened to russ for years and followed him from 97.1 to 105.3. theres no way the market will not put him back on and when it does everyone will follow the russiah. i do like ben and skin and love jaggar but russ is a different show all together. i wish jd and the other guys luck, i have listened to them for so long its like a family member movin away. im afraid 105.3 will regret the new format.

  • Kristie

    So, what about the other people on there that didn’t have contracts? I hope Russ is helping them out…

  • Real Deal

    Boy, y’all are going to feel really dumb…sooner than later.

    Keep going with the rambling, though. This is exactly what they want.

  • Snarky

    I hear you! I’m personally glad Russ is off the air. Wouldn’t mind a show with the other guys though…how about it J.D? I think it’s time for you to fly solo…..

  • From Tarrant

    Live 105.3 put together a line-up that actually made me cancel my subscription with Sirius. Then piece by piece it began to fall apart but I hung with the station for Russ and Jagger (in that order). Now Russ is gone and I listened to Jagger this morning and they changed his show.
    I hate to see this change this is the only station that at one time I would turn it on at 7am listen all day and sit in my car when I got home because I would wait for a commercial break to finaly go inside.
    I won’t bash the decision but I will say to Gavin and David Henry I wish you the best of luck (Russ asked us to be nice) but I believe you have made a grave mistake and sealed your fate.
    “Boss” if you ever see this, the Majority of us support you and hope you find a bigger tree for the tree house real soon.

  • Gavin

    For immediate release

    The fact that I sponged front row seats at all Stars games is in no way related to my lower back pain.

    My lower back pain is due to a “fruit” related accident I received while showering.

  • Kristie

    I listened while I was at work. I love to laugh and he made me laugh alot. I wouldn’t be able to put up with him in person (because of his “I’m better than you” attitude), but listening to him, he made me laugh.

    I took the station off of my preset too. Guess I’ll HAVE to get a Satellite radio now.

  • J.D. Ryan

    Russ help the others with their contracts? HA! HA! The man looks only out for himself.

  • Gavin

    Oh shoot. I thought that ratings were like golf scores. The lower the better.

    Silly me.

  • Jonathan

    105.3 lost another listener. Sigh. I guess I need to renew my XM subscription.

  • Gavin

    Why? The truth is I needed to use JD’s head for my new mailbox. Russ was against it saying “you don’t get that much mail!”

    So I fired him.

    p.s. JD, I have work for you.

  • J.D. Ryan

    Hey Gavin…I’m ready to fly solo…a lot cheaper then that “other” guy too. Give me a call

  • Gavin

    JD. You know the drill. I will be sitting prone in my office for the next 30 minutes.

    See you there.

  • Gavin

    Somebody suggested I should have put my job on the line for Russ. I only now just stopped laughing enough to write this down in my memoirs.

  • amanda

    ME TOO. I WAS SO MAD i rIpPed out my RADIo and My seATS, to. Bethany, Watch UR back. YOU NeEd two now where u stand. Russ is the BOSS!

  • too

  • Gavin

    It’s the management that makes a successful radio station not the talent!

    One day all of you will thank me. As a matter of fact you should do it now. I will start with Amanda.

  • J.D. Ryan

    Hey Gavin – forget about the job..just got a jig reading the traffic on the Pugs and Kelly show

  • Gavin

    Whatever P&K are paying; half it twice and I’ll see you in my office.

    {I am a sneaky God}

  • SateliteFan

    Well…the beginning of the end is when Howard Stern was forced out of terrestrial radio three years ago. KLLI was forced to sign a big deal with Russ way before his previous contract was up to ensure their survival. Until all this happened, this was my favorite period at the station…Stern in the morning, Pugs & Kelly, Russ, Tom, & Loveline. I could turn the radio on anytime of day and enjoy what I heard. Once Howard left, I knew they were in trouble because of how they turned the whole station into an anti-satelite marketing scheme along with the name change to “FreeFM.”
    Since Howard left, I followed him to Sirius/XM and almost never looked back except for Russ’ show. If corporate, commercial radio keeps disenfranchising listeners like this, then they will surely loose audiences to ‘paid,’ commercial minimal, censor-free radio; which is what they are truely afraid of. I’m personally hoping that maybe Russ will pick up a spot on satelite radio. Then he could really do whatever he wants, when he wants to; and we could enjoy him live or repeated throughout the day.
    I suppose if we want to blame anyone, it’s the media, the little public outrage, and corporate, radio businessmen and how they handled the Janet Jackson nipple debauchal. That started the snowball rolling on free speach and how corporate radio wants “safe” shows that are somehow supposed to bring in big money as well. Unfortunately, the station may have viewed Russ’ legal issues as a burden and decided not to lose any more listeners by giving Dallas yet another sports station while having no real talent to push it’s way into an already healthy sports saturated market. Maybe if Russ learns to speak spanish, he could come back when 105.3 changes language formats?

  • Clo

    Hey J.D. – Do they need anyone to do the weather? I’m kinda free right now

  • Gavin

    Seriously folks. How can I, in good conscience, ask Congress for a Billion dollar bailout if my stations are profitable?

    I turned Russ’ contract from an investment into a liability with one pen stroke.

    You people amaze me. I guess that’s why God likes me best.

  • Gavin

    CLO!!! D**n it!! My nose needs wiping. AND tie my shoes!!!

  • bobaloo1

    finally…..the constant use of sight gags on a radio station had me fed up long ago,,,,,,,good riddance!

  • jason

    Please Russ, if you happen to read this, don,t forget your fans. we love the show and many of us remember you and J.D. from the “Hot Tickets” days. DFW radio isn’t the same without you.

  • Gavin

    I invented the Internet and bodine sausage.

  • Clo

    Hang on Gavin – I’m busy drinking myself to oblivion right now – I’ll see you when I sober up……..maybe sometime next year

  • Cary

    That’s right Russ – go do another “Hot Tickets” so that can be canceled too

  • Gavin

    Clo, at least you still remember how to swallow. You will go far at the corporate xmas party next week.

  • J.D. Ryan

    Hot Tickets???? Damn…would still have that show if it wasn’t for the “other” guy getting us fired

  • Gavin

    Ooops, I hope people didn’t misunderstand my last message. I was implying BJs, not drinking alcohol.


    i AM DONE WITH 105.3 FM. Russ Masrtin show Needs
    to back to the Eagle. Lisen to the micheal savage Show, until Russ is back on the air.

  • Lisa

    Gavin – I worried about you spending all your time on here…you must miss being pussy-whipped by Russ and now have a lot more time on your um….hands

  • John

    Another brain fart by CBS. Take the highest rated show in the afternoon and replace it with two spares from the Ticket. Idiots!
    I hope Russ takes over Pugs & Smelly’s spot after all the trash they were talking yesterday.

    Russ J.D. and all the gang hurry back and kick Gavin’s ass!

  • Ree Griffith

    Enough already. It’s getting old…we get it are pretending to be Gavin and are pretending to like gay and animal sex…it was kinda funny in the first post, but can we stick with constructive criticism now?

  • Gavin

    Lisa, that’s not time on my hands. However it will wash off with soap and water.

  • J.D. Ryan

    I agree with Ree – enough about Gavin..;et’s talk about what I should be doing now????Doesn’t anyone care about me?????

  • Ree Griffith

    from Russ’ Myspace:
    The RMS Band will perform Friday, Dec. 19th, at Coach Joe’s in Frisco benefiting Dallas SWAT Officer Lt. Carlton Marshall who was seriously injured in the line of duty. Showtime is 9pm.

    For more information you can go to www. russmartin. com or www. coachjoes. com

    You can read about Lt.
    Marshall here:
    http://www. dallasnews. com/sharedcontent/dws/wfaa/rlopez/stories/wfaa081017_lj_lopez. 1218feef7. html

    On the air or not, my support for police officers and firefighters will not end.


  • Clo

    And me????? How am I going to afford all the beer I drink?????

  • Brad Shotts

    Gavin you are an idiot! “That’s why God likes me best” Please…
    Russ was/is the best thing that has ever hit the air waves in DFW and he has already landed on his feet! Ratings?? checked them lately?? Honestly I’m glad Russ and the guys are away from you and I’m sure they feel the same. Good things happen to good people and everything happens for a reason. Russ, JD and all the gang…Good luck my friends! I miss you guys so much and I hope to hear you again real soon!! Gavin, this sports thing is a big huge JOKE! Was this your idea?? Thought so!! Jagger is struggling and the rest of the day sucks so hard! 105.3…. is off my dial!

  • Kristie

    I’ll never forget listening to J.D on the radio growing up in the eighties. 🙂

    I have many many childhood memories and listening to J.D. on the radio is one and I’ll never forget his voice. 🙂

  • Gavin


    Thank you for your thoughtful reply. At 105.3 we strive to provide the best in regional programming.

    It’s listeners like you, {listener’s name here}, that make 105.3 the leader in sports talk.


  • Ann J

    Russ, All the best!! Take their money and get back on the air to kiss their ass in the ratings! Will be waiting for your return. In the meantime, deleting everything to do w/ 105.3 from all my presets.

  • Neal

    Wow…this is the worst decision in DFW radio since 93.3 dumped Tim from the morning lineup.

  • Gavin

    All creative criticism posted here will be towed at the owner’s expense. Thank Me.

  • Dave The Mailman

    Does this mean that there will be no “Spittleville” movie?

  • J.D. Ryan

    I think I’ll check with Kid Kraddick to see if they need anyone…no need to worry…Kid hates Russ, not me!

  • Reppin that D-Town

    worst decision since p&k left her basement to come to dallas -_-

  • J.D. Ryan

    It’s snowing in Dallas…I guess Hell did freeze over

  • Gavin


    Enough already. It’s getting old…we get it are pretending to be JD and are pretending to like gay and animal sex…it was kinda funny in the first post, but can we stick with constructive criticism now?

  • Not-Gavin

    I ordered the snow to distract people for the programming changed.

    Praise Me.

  • J.D. Ryan

    What me?????? You’re the crazy guy. I’m really me!!!! I didn’t have anything to do so thought I would check this out and couldn’t just sit here….

  • J.D. Ryan

    I;m hoping that no one can make it into the station tomorrow because of the weather and because I’m sleeping in my truck outside the station….they’ll have to put me on the air

  • Not-Gavin

    You may be the real JD, but I’m the real Not-Gavin. Take everything I say.

  • Literate Police

    JD, Thanks for using “they’re” correctly.

    I’m not sure the real JD would do so, but I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt because I am a loving and forgiving cop.

  • J.D. Ryan

    Thanks Literate Police! Remember that next time you pull me over

  • J.D. Ryan

    Remember I don’t bribe cops like the “other” guy on the show

  • J.D. Ryan

    Really…all joking aside…I will miss you all. Hopefully we will come through this together…but just in case…I come cheap

  • Gavin

    I don’t bribe cops. I simply offer them an alternative to paperwork. There is a difference.

    On another point. My guns sure look good slathered in baby oil.

  • bonnie

    J.D. – how cheap are we talking about?

  • J.D. Ryan

    Real cheap…in fact I’ll clean your house for $20

  • Lover

    JD Rocks
    Russ Rocks
    Clo Rocks
    Dan Rocks
    Trey Rocks
    Evert Rocks part time

  • Jens

    Maybe CBS is buying a new station in the market and Russ will honor his contract there…more likely, a stupid, bone-headed mistake by (surprise)CBS. Either way, Russ gets paid, and hopefully back on the air soon…so he can pay more of those dreaded school district taxes.

  • SateliteFan

    OK…well…let’s start developing ideas for what the station will have to switch to in 3 weeks when there will not be any reason to talk about the Dallas Cowboys anymore?

    How about cooking shows in the afternoon and automotive in the evenings?

  • Gavin

    I like that you folks think your opinions matter. It’s cute.

  • Reppin that D-Town

    they can play rerums of the short-lived but good hockey show, maybe highlight college ping pong tourneys.

  • Gavin

    For immediate release

    To save money KLLI (105.3 FM) will begin rerunning the daily news starting with lead items from the Regan administration.

  • Gavin

    I am really Russ posing as Gavin.

  • Gavin

    I am really Russ posing as Gavin.

    I want to thank everyone for their sincere concern about me and my crew. These are interesting time that I hope will get better soon. God bless and please give us time to figure out what we’re going to do.

  • J.D. Ryan

    Russ – let me know when you figure it out…I really want to stay with the group

  • Clo

    Me too!!! Love ya guys!

  • Doc

    Gotta run.

    Gavin S. and David H. are about to make the finals on The Biggest Loser. Wanna see which one wins.

  • Russ

    JD who?

  • J.D. Ryan

    I knew it…this is all a big plot to get me out of the treehouse!!!! Well the joke is on you…I’m starting my own radio station and it will be J.D. all day every day

  • SateliteFan

    Don’t you just love how tacky radio stations are by just switching shows and formats over and not giving anyone notice? It would have at least been nice to hear a farewell show on Friday. Perhaps they don’t want incidents with radio show staffs?

  • Russ #!1 Fan

    I agree…I wish they would of given Russ and the crew the chance to say goodbye..SOB

  • Russ

    I hope that we didn’t forget any of the exploding airbags in Gavin’s office. Gosh, it’s so hard to think right now. Did we clean out the Liquid Ass ™ in the ducts?

    Wouldn’t it be terrible if the camera’s and mics in Gavin’s office were accessible from the public Internet?

  • Russ #1 Fan

    As much as the kidding goes on this blog…we will sincerely miss all of the gang in the treehouse. My afternoons will not be the same. Good luck in all your future journeys.

    Good Bye Russ
    Good Bye J.D.
    Good Bye Dan
    Good Bye Clo
    Good Bye Trey
    and Even Good Bye Everett!

    Take care of yourselves guys!

  • Lover

    Russ et al would have put on a generous and sincere farewell show. It would have been a ratings bonanza and the decent thing to allow.

    Think of the credit KLLI could have taken with a farewell fund raiser for the Animal Rescue and Fallen Police and Fire.

    To me this proves the management of KLLI are self serving galoots out of touch with their talent and listeners.

  • Jason who came up with Bossman

    OK, nobody has said anything about this yet….Why the hell would a station attempting to keep the youth orieented, sports addicted, macho type male demographic keep the only openly gay radio host on in the mornings….oh yeah, Gavin still works there too…

  • Lover


    Are you suggesting that Gavin doesn’t make noise when he toots?

  • Neal

    Most comments ever?

  • Annie

    I am so gonna miss you guys. My husband, a self proclaimed professional fisherman, is still upset with me for leaving him out on HWY 635 that day while I continued to listen to the show, but even he will miss you too. Sports….really? All [email protected]#$ing day? Huh??

  • Nick C.

    We are awaiting the triumphant return of The Russ Martin Show.

    “The Fan” sucks.

    All hail the Grand Dragon (JD).

  • Ray in Philly

    Hey I listen to Russ on my cell phone at work in Philadelphia and well I guess ticket here I come. I also listen to Opie and Anthony in the mornings and CBS has been firing everyone everywhere. So even though Russ is getting paid Cloe, JD, Dan, and Trey probably won’t so CBS saves money. What scares me is Russ having a no compete in his contract. That is why they will pay him. They did it to Opie and Anthony and they will do it to Russ. Russ needs to go to Sirius/XM and then the show will get even better.

    Look this is about business. CBS is cutting costs like crazy and the BS about competing with a stronger signal is retarded because what is stronger then the internet. Like I said I am now an All Day P1 for the ticket with occasional listens to Ben and Skin (ticket alums). By the way Jagger sucks and not just literally, P & K sucked and sometimes Lykes sucked Russ was the station. Or this is all a big early April Fools joke. If not then I bet the real reason they switched now and not later was because no one would believe it. I hope we don’t have to wait a year or longer for Russ but I wonder if JD is moving in with Russ like the good old days. Anyway good luck Russ I hope they don’t have a no compete on you. Good luck to you and hope to hear u on Sirius/XM. Peace.

  • Russ

    Come on people, quit posting shit like you’re part of my show. I’ll take a break and we’ll be back.. JD, Clo and Dan will stay with me and we’ll be back soon….thanks for all the support and stay tuned.

  • jason

    we miss you bro.

  • Steven

    Keep us updated Russ and let us know when you are back on the air.

    I won’t be listening to 105.3 anymore. It’s really sad because the lineup was very good. Wasn’t very keen on Rin and Stimpy, but they were starting to grow on me.

  • Kristie

    JD, Clo, and Dan? What about Trey?

  • Easton

    This is pretty funny take the only guy off the air that makes any money for the station and put two fags in his slot talking about sports when dfw has the ticket and espn radio
    i guess we know now why cbs stock is at like 3 dollars a share i guess they didnt see what happen to 97.1 maybe after sports talk they can play the oldies too

  • Teddy K

    CBS what a bunch of Buffoons. What was thier last big great stupendous moneymaking scheme? THEY GAVE David Lee Roth MORNINGS!
    Brilliance in action. Once again proving thier business acumen…

  • Pablo

    I sure hope they can speak Spanish. I’ll be listening to them soon when they have to change format to a latino station., the latin beat…has a nice ring to it.

  • Sherry

    Good luck, Russ!!!! Have a great holiday, and come back in the new year!!!!
    Love ya!

  • jack


  • Ree Griffith

    What say we (who the hell says that?) have a little Russ Martin farewell party…it seems our old friends P&K are having an appearance, broadcasting:

    THIS FRIDAY @ Cutie Pies 10pm to 12pm by Grapevine Mills Mall

  • Chris DPD

    I for one listened to and loved the show everyday for the last 3+ years. I hope the show gets picked up by someone in DFW.
    And for all the Police Officers and Fire Fighters in the area I hope the Listeners Foundation stays strong. Thanks Russ!


  • Silverhornet81

    the ones posing as the guys are interesting.. they have to make up for deficienecies elsewhere by trying to be funny. your futile attempt at humor is not amusing.

  • Ree Griffith

    I think “they” are one little boy…
    Let him have his fun…he’ll get tired and become more interested in the box.

  • Mike

    So what is P&K doing the night shift doing cleanup at the mall? 10pm is night time, and 12pm is noon. .. Just saying, 105.3 sucks, Jagger’s show with the emphasis on sports … not funny & not listening.

  • Brian

    No matter what people thought about Russ his aproach was to get us to think about things. He took the oposition view to alow the viewer to make his own opinion about subjects. If you were human you always picked the right POV but if you wanted to play along you went with Russ. We hear about all the people saying “ohh glad Russ is off the air I hated listening to him ramble and rave about”…. but hmmm They were listening… Russ we all wait to hear of your return to radio to make your new home the most popular station in DFW.. I am sure every coment on hear has at least 5 friends “at least” that listened to the show. At work I know of 10 people that were talking about the show during lunch.

    hope to see yall soon. keep us informed on all your events. Tiss the season. and with you off the radio we all need to know where we can help all your charities…. thanks B

  • ESF

    All you sports Fans out there : ( if you like golf at all ) check out / Google Evans Scholarship. I’m trying to promote walking more in Texas … this scholarship is for age 13, 14 year olds ( non-gender biased ). Check with local clubs / golf courses.

  • Kirk C.

    I’m going to miss the RMS. My children came in to visit me after recent divorce with thier mother.Laughing their A**es off. I asked “what’s so D**n funny? Russ Martin Daddy!!You got to check him out! CrazyTalk! I did. Been hooked since that day.

    Peace out in the treehouse.
    Kirk,Bryan, Randall,and Shannon

  • Steve in Wichita

    Looking forward to your new show on your new radio station – any idea when that’ll start? In the meantime, enjoy your time off and have a Merry Christmas!

  • He will be back, but in the mean time, sign it:

  • Howard Stern

    Russ got canned. Just like Howard!
    Russ goes to psychotherapy. Just like Howard!
    Russ likes to burp on the air while a flunkie reads the news as he comments on it. Just like Howard!

    See a trend? Long overdue.

  • Tiger

    I can’t believe that the Live 105.3 format was failing. I switched from Kraddick to Jagger in the mornings and I listen to Russ faithfully every afternoon. I even liked Pugs and Kelly. I can’t stand Ben and Skin they are very hard to listen to. Now I just listen to 103.3. I just don’t get it this station is going to fail quick I think. Who would listen to 105.3 for sports when you can listen to ESPN radio. I just hope Russ gets back soon. If he goes to satelite I would go buy a satelite radio just to listen . Some body tell me what they were thinking out there. I think we should boycott CBS….lol They don’t even have any good TV shows except for Lettermen.

  • Gavin

    It’s not my fault.

  • Gavin

    The irony of all this is that it’s not a bit!

    I get the last laugh. F Russ and his crew of sadists.

  • Gavin

    You will listen to sport!!! I am the God of radio programing. I COMMAND YOU.

  • Gavin

    I will also start broadcasting sports in Spanish. I want all the illegals to become acclimated to the American sports culture. That way they will stay here and spend money on my sponsor’s products.

    Now that’s thinking outside of the box. It’s a WIN WIN situation.

  • Gavin

    This article is no longer accepting comments.

  • FYI Russ is only slightly like Howard Stern in one aspect: his show is funny and entertaining. The difference is that Howard Stern was no longer very funny. Before Howard went to satelite his show was getting really old, and I don’t care enough about Howard’s show to get satellite radio. Don’t get me wrong though, Howard is an integral part of this style of programming. If Russ went nationwide he would rule the airwaves. But then he woud have to deal with all the a**holes in the country that hate that type of program, instead of just that one that would always call in and tell Ruzz his days on radio were numbered.

    Sign the Russ Martin Show Fans Petition:

    Let it be known by our numbers that the nails in the lid of the coffin that is 105.3 have begun to be hammered in.

    We want our Treehouse back, and not on 105.3 “The Fan” or “Title of a movie about a baseball players psychotic stalker.”

  • Jake

    And just what good will a petition do?

  • I hear Russ Martin has the cure for cancer in his right hip pocket. I hear Russ Martin can shell peanuts with his abs. I hear Russ Martin once held a Middle East peace summit, and afterwards Jimmy Carter said Russ Martin made him feel inadequate and amateurish. I also hear that Russ Martin doesn’t have to bathe, because his sweat smells like heaven, with cinnamon sprinkles and that really fancy chocolate you could get at Doughmonkey. I know for a fact that Russ Martin scored 1801 on the SAT’s, and when he was just a year old, he beat a 12 year old Korean kid in a spelling bee.

    I totally get why this freakin’ thread is 250 comments long and counting.

  • Missing my Russiah

    At least Russ can say ‘I make $200 before I even wake up!’ I know ya’ll remember that 911 call. I guess I will be listening to my 911 Calls CD on my way home from work now. I hope the Russiah rises again to another station soon!!

  • hmpfh…Chuck Norris wishes he was Russ Martin.

  • Mike

    Go sign the petition at I dont know what good it will do, but at least let them know we are out here and mad about it.

  • Mical

    I like to get my sports live, as it happens. I don’t want to hear other’s BS opinions about it for the rest of the week.
    Russ’ act was all schtik, but it was entertaining schtik.
    If he was really number one in this market, why could they get rid of him? It’s either complete stupidity, or someone has some highly intelligent plan in the works…

  • Brent

    Mike, The petition will do absolutely no good. You can certainly use it to voice your opinion, but no one should expect to see a change resulting from it.

  • Brent is a motivational speaker of some repute.

  • Jason who came up with Bossman

    So does everyone know that “the one who must not be named”, (Dan Lewis) is now the only member of the show still on the radio in DFW? Yeah it’s reading pre-prepared news reports on WBAP, but I don’t get it….THERE IS NO GOD!!!!!…..SOB!

  • Ree Griffith

    Should I start making the bumper stickers?


  • Jacque

    105.3 is history.

  • Excited

    Wow – this is so exciting! I was wondering just the other day “where can I listen to The Ticket rejects and sloppy seconds?” and NOW I have the answer! I can’t wait to listen to an ex-NFL pro talk Hockey and baseball, too! Even better – I won’t be bothered by all of those pesky commercials because who would ever advertise there? A great time for free radio!

  • will

    To the lady who said Jagger was talking all sports… That is not true,The Jagger Show is the same show it was before the format change.With that being said, I truly hope 105.3 goes back to talk… NOT SPORTS TALK!!!

  • Not-Gavin

    Russ doesn’t always drink beer, but when he does he drinks Dos Equis.

  • Jaysoon

    This is sad i hope that he doesn’t stay out of the game til 2011 that would suck

  • Gavin Spittle

    The reason the station is going to honor his contract is because there is an out clause in it that allows him to immediately go to work for another station either in the market or somewhere else. AND the day Russ signs a new contract CBS radio no longer has to pay him!!! So could Russ sit on his ass and get paid 1.2 million a year for the next 3 years? sure but I am pretty sure he would rather be on the radio!!!! There are many reasons why they fired him! CBS radio was planning on moving all operations to their other properties across town. The plan was to put ALL off CBS’s properties in one location! BUT Russ and his buddies said NO! they wanted a ground floor studio so they could continue to pull pranks and shoot off their guns and fireworks in the parking lot! Thats kind of hard to do when your new studio is on the 9th floor! Russ was and is a pain in the ass to work for. His slap stick has run it’s course! Not to mention the fact that he beat up his girlfriend and pointed a gun at her! oh yeah and I almost forgot the IRS is still after his A$$. Mr. Martin I know Howard Stern! and you sir are no Howard Stern! Good luck with that court case buddy! I will be sitting in the front row watching as they take you away to prison in handcuffs!

  • To all those who are fans:

    Let everyone know how much you miss the show, we are doing everything we can to promote the site. Join the forums, sign the guestbook, check out the links, sign the petition, and continue to fight the good fight!

    To all those who oppose Russ, and to the fake Gavin Spittle-Fake JD-MORON WITH TO MUCH TIME ON HIS HANDS WHO DOESN’T EVEN BELONG HERE, EAT IT BUDDY.

    The site is still being updated and new content is being added as we speak, but it’s a start!

  • kb

    lets face it. This is the best thing to happen to Dallas in a long time. I am not too keen on the extra, all-sports radio, but I am so glad to see that trash such as martin and leykis are gone. What a waste of air space. All 3-7 included was one white dude loving himself while several others stayed on their knees and worshiped him. So boring!!!! almost as bad as turley and BDH!!! Well, maybe the woman-beater (alleged)will realize that he isn’t the best around because the best around continue to work. I heard Greggo is looking for a partner.

  • Ace GIkmo

    For those who don’t know, Radio is a business that fears success. The mind of many station owners is that everything is too good to be true. This is why only two kinds of stations ever experience format changes the ones at the bottome and the ones at the top. By all signs this was not a local move it was a corporation move as CBS already has a number of WFAN stations. My opinion of it is this, Ben & Skin where picked to be the replacement fron day one. Had P&K not left they would have been on the chopping block as well. If I were a memeber of the Jagger Show I would be slowly packing up things in my office because the only reason they are still there is the lack of a strong sports show for the morning drive shift. I am one of those who was taken back a few steps at the flip and considering all who feared an all sports Ben and Skin this really is hell. But I would be willing to bet that Russ (considering the ratings draw he is) will have no problem getting back on the air at a station maybe one he is already familiar with, we just have to wait out the noncompete. For those who don’t like Russ, you know who he is and to some businesses that’s all it takes to get the advertisements on the air. Honestly Lykis is not a big loss to me because I always tuned out at 7, mostly because of primetime TV and while I will miss BDH I never listened near as much as I could but I think he will be just fine with his syndication deal maybe even move west, but of course he’ll drive. Love the station Hate the station what’s done is done and I hope that the station still does well but it has lost me as a listener. There are reasons why I chose to listen to KLLI and not The other two sports stations, handful of news stations or multitude of crappy music stations. I wish all who parted from the station well and hope to hear you all again soon.

  • Bradley in Fort Worth


    Love “it” or hate “it”, The Russ Martin Show (the “it”) made for a great afternoon distraction from the daily grind of work, commute, “responsibilities”, and the like. I will agree quite a bit of his antics were somewhat off the wall but he and the rest of crew made for awesome entertainment. There are not very many people who can pull off such an odd and entertaining show each and every weekday afternoon like Russ and the crew can. The compensation factor should not even be discussed here as the market dictates what is deemed fair.

    The Russ Martin Show will be back after Russ and the gang wait out the terms of their contracts with CBS Radio (2011?). My opinion is that such an arrangement was already discussed (and/or negotiated) long before the change in format at 105.3 and I believe The Russ Martin Show will resurface on The Eagle (“KEGL”) through a nationally syndicated arrangement with Clear Channel Radio (Clear Channel owns KEGL). I don’t believe the “former” majority shareholders in Clear Channel Radio (Red McCombs and the Mays Family) would have ever allowed The Russ Martin Show on Clear Channel airwaves as the Company “kicked” H.Stern off their airwaves. That being said, Clear Channel, etal. was recently taken “private” by a couple of major investment groups so Red McCombs & Company no longer have a say in what can (or cannot) be broadcast on the Clear Channel Radio Network (some +1,200 stations).

    If you listened closely between ‘laughs’ you would have heard many references made by Russ with respect to “Clear Channel”, etc. in the past few weeks. He even made a verbal reference to a “format” change last Friday.

    Don’t feel sorry for Russ Martin, J.D., and the gang as they may have “forced” CBS Radio to make such a drastic “format” change in light of the fact the gang intended to jump ship into national syndication. I don’t believe for a minute CBS Radio made such a change to complement an “all-sports” format change implemented at a few of its other stations across the country. How many “major” markets can support more than one or two stations having an “all-sports” format, especially in DFW? Makes no sense here…CBS Radio may have been “grasping” at straws with no direction.


  • The Magic Eight Ball

    I see in the next Two years….

    The Fan will be a brilliant success at creating ratings spikes for other stations.

    I see in the next Five years….

    The return of Young Country

  • Jace

    I doubt Russ would ever go to satellite, something tells me he as many others can see that it is doomed to fail soon seeing as how ther only two had to merge to stay alive. Radio is a media that people are eager to pay for much like TV. Radio is a business that knows that it is a “just passing time while driving to and from work” media source. That is why most music stations these days go on autopiolit durring the miday hours and put a human voice back on around 3. I also don’t see Russ being syndicated, though I could be wrong. I mean really do we think Russ’s style of humor would go over well in Oakland or Detroit (bad news about Atlanta….)? No I think I’ve even heard Russ say it before that he is pretty well stuck in the Dallas Market because its probably the only one that gets him for the most part. If I know my psychology, Russ’ personality type is one that can’t last long without an ego stroking, one that would certainly come from watching the ratings at a new station devistate his former residence. On the other hand he may be the kind who would sit back and enjoy every minute of having them pay him for them firing him. There is one thing I am quite sure of and that is that somewhere in the 3pm hour “Fire and Mercy” will be playing on some frequency and a new RMS will rise again and you bet your arce he’ll come out swinging. Provided ofcourse that his legal issues are resolved.

  • dragonfly

    I sure am going to miss the RMS. I enjoyed listening to him coming home from work every day! Some days i would take the long way home just so i could listen to him until a commercial came on! Now, I am at a lost coming home. After a hard day at work, i want to laugh not listen to sports talk radio! THE SCREWED UP BY LETTING OF THE RMS! I just know that the RMS will be picked up in the near future! And, i know that Russ Martin will get his following back!

  • Gavin

    I learned in Radio 101 class that all Americans have a very short attention span AND you can’t stay angry forever.

    I depend on those two facts to pad my pockets and take all the glory. Eventually you will settle on one of the CBS family of radio stations.

    That’s all that matters.

  • Benny

    What a strange and odd decision to make, if Russ was not lying and that all 3 managers apologized profusely, then this was another puzzling decision sent down from corporate.

    so Russ was wrong, CBS corporate does make really bad decisions. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong and the new format will be awesome.

    I doubt it though.

    God damn it, my days are screwed now.

  • Sheesh

    Great now I have to actually listen to people on the conferance calls I’m on in the afternoon.

    Can’t wait till you get back Russ and the gang.

  • bill

    Ooooo the Hummanity!!!!!!! and Gavin is a wiessel

  • Neely

    They said @ 5 Monday that because of the surveys they did, they have decided that this is what the listeners want…Who in the hell did they survey? Certainly not the people who listened to 105.3. Why would people want a sucky sports station when they could just listen to the ticket?

    I love jagger and mondo but firing Russ(& crew)…that was a bit too much, o.k. way too much. It’s crap.

    Needless to say I will never tune into that station again.

    And those of you who are still listening, stop now. Stop for the next three months. Ratings will come out then and they will realize, Well maybe we screwed up.

    Ugh, this just disgusts me. Maybe if they had let the fans know or hell,let Russ know-he could have found somewhere else to go so we wouldn’t have to do without…

    Silverhornet81-love your line up Russ mornings—music midday—Russ evenings, it doesn’t even have to be live air previous days for morning…then live evenings.

    Oh, I’m so disappointed, pissed, sad, oh hell I miss Russ this is worse than when I stopped smoking.

  • M.J.

    I am not only flabbergasted, but appauled… agitated… aggravated… mad as he#^… and definitely no FAN of the FAN. Though I live in Eastern Texas – and often had to struggle to pick up his show without mounds of static – I would rather listen to static & hear every other word Russ said than listen to sports talk & corporate kiss up Gavin…

    And I agree with the other comments. The Fan will realize they haven’t any when ratings come out… Boycott the jerks. They will soon see that the biggest mistake they made was canning our beloved Russ Martin!

    Long live the Russiah!!!!

  • Lura

    I drove home every day listening to russ. Even though you might not agree with everything he said or did you have to admire him for saying it. I will no longer be listening to that station. They have made a big mistake. I hope Russ and JD and the whole gang sit back and laugh when that station and Gavin fail.We will miss you all and will definitely follow you where ever you all go.

  • Benji

    I agree with pretty much everyone here. I was at work on Monday and was listening to my IPOD Tuesday morning. Tuesday afternoon I went to the store and noticed that it was a sports talk crap going on. What are you thinking CBS? We already have 2 GOOD sports station. The Ticket and ESPN Radio. So no more Russ? What are we supposed to listen to know? I guess it is all IPOD for me know. Good Riddance 105.3!!!

  • Greg

    We all hate to see the show go, it was always a good laugh on the ride home every day and hopefully it will be back soon. maybe one of these other bone head stations in the area will change there format back from Mexican or rap (that don’t spend any money because of advertising dollars anyways) back to one that does, and that they will have a way to put the show back on the air so that Russ and JD can get there pay from CBS and still have there new show going, would that be a kick in the ass loose the number one spot and still have to pay for it. Maybe Russ and JD buy the building they were in and start there own station (you know CBS isn’t smart enough to remove the equipment, and antennas) and a FCC license can always be bought we all know that. Gavin if you happen to read this your a little cu*t and a backstabber and if I had the money I would do every thing I could to shut CBS and Clear channel down in the DFW area, both are ran by complete idiots they reach the number one spot and think there gods and can do what they want and there right they can change it, but this one will blow up your face just like it always does. So good luck to you and a year or so when you (Gavin) and David are looking for new jobs and on you resume you have to put killed #1 station in DFW

  • the blah

    Let’s face facts. Russ Martin was Howard Stern lite. Everything he did and said was not new or innovative. In fact, some of his “bits” were direct rip-offs of Howard Stern. He tried expanding his show to other markets (Austin), but then pulled out??? Why??? He knew that in order to be syndicated you need to tame the show down to be less ‘localized’ (ie: Kidd Kraddick). He also knew that compared to other more high profile radio personalities, he was just a big fish in a small pond. Why expose himself to the criticism of being called a Howard hack? He was afraid. He can’t handle the rejection. He is a coward that would rather pick on the little guy in his own playground than actually be the little guy in a much bigger playground. I was a listener, but lost interest quickly. He grew boring. How often can you listen to the same self-righteous, inflated ego, boring rant, that was his radio show. I wish him luck, but I am not surprised.

  • The Fan won’t survive. Jagger in the morning and a bunch of cast offs from The Ticket as the center of their so called “All Sports” line up, this format is as good as dead. I bet Gavin Spittle, the idiot PM at 105.3 thinks he can create a sports talk station since he was the mastermind of bringing NASCAR to DFW radio. What an effing joke. I can’t wait to see The Fan crash and burn. Long live Russ and long live The Ticket.

  • Desciple of the Russiah

    Russ Martin is a kind hearted individual with a crackerjack wit and a wonderful inteligence. His comedic style was and is superb and the radio is worse for him having left. Fuck all you narrow minded whiners who call him boring, or tired. No one asked you to take the time to post on this board anyhow. Cbs has made some dumb descisions in its history. This is the dumbest. Gavin Spittle is a corporate weasel!!!!!

  • SoLongRuss

    When Russ started at 105.3 he was awesome, energetic and full of life. He was committed to make his show a success and it showed.
    Once he reached number one, things changed, the show changed and he became a different person.
    Over the last few years the entire format was nothing more than a “Look At Me, I’m Better Than You Because I’m Rich”
    While that may be all fine and dandy, maybe somebody forgot his target audience. The working class.
    Sure we all wish that we could be Mr. Untouchable but is not the real world. So what really is the target demographic for the advertisers?
    Or how about a host that hangs up on the advertisers and calls them Idiots because he has lost interest.
    Sure it’s all funny and never been done before, but obviously it only works for so long until somebody gets tired of it.
    I love the RMS but, Russ Martin has proved that NOBODY is above and beyond the system.

  • Jason who came up with Bossman

    ATTN: The Blah, Maybe you didn’t listen for long; I did. Russ was/is completely innovative, when did Howard Stern ever put the show on “hold”? When did Howard ever sit at home with a recorder and go beep into it, then track that over a phone bit? I’ll tell you when, never. I stopped listening to Stern soon after Jackie left, because face it, he was the talented one. Howard Stern stole more bits from the NBC radio archives then you will ever know. He even stole bits from Don “the Hat” Imus, for crying out loud he stole mush mouth from Ron & Don. I traveled for a long time and only had Stern to listen to when traveling the US, believe me it was no joy. I always knew that I could be entertained by Russ, JD, Dan, Clo, not Trey so much, and Everett’s once a year home-runs (remember Meirschomb pipe???)upon returning home though. Anyone who has ever left this area understands how fantastic the place we live is, compared to the rest of the world. I personally now have one less thing to be proud about though, CBS took away my buddies in the tree house.

  • keith

    Has anybody heard anything about Russ and crews future plans?

  • JT

    That station is DEAD in the WATER now. Who wants to listen to fucking sports all day?

  • sue c.

    I used to love 105.3 not only Russ but Leykis. This is a terrible decision. I will not be listening 105.3. Take note top execs.

  • Reppin that D-Town

    All of you who say russ is a rip-off of stern, you’re so very wrong. I used to listen to stern before i went to school in the mornings, the only reason I did was because that was back when P&K were working the graveyard shift. I just set my clock radio to that station. Howard Stern, to me, isn’t funny. It was his guests who made the show tolerable. Any time Stern actually said anything it was just some lame rich dude’s attempt at being comedic. Stern lost his flare and the thought of ppl actually paying $$$ to hear this guy do the same show EVERYDAY, it blows my mind. Russ said himself he would never survive syndication because his show is too “localized”, that’s what D/FW wants. They want someone they can relate to, and possibly a place to go to become part of the antics. They dont want some trumped up radio personality who has no idea what funny is anymore.

    And he ragged on Kid Kraddick because that nerd pre-recorded his shows. I think its also funny how Russ makes only slightly less than kraddick even though kraddick is national… I guess it’s cuz he’s that damn good…

  • gerald

    I am from arkansas and had to listen to his show every day on the internet. If I missed a show, my day was not complete.
    I loved listening to his show 85% of the time and will miss it. I did not like listening to russ when he picked on people. That wont stop me from following him to his next gig.

  • Brenda

    How depressing!!! I, for one, loved listening to Russ and J.D.-especially when they would be pulling one of their famous pranks on each other and/or friends. Laughter is the best medicine and now we have none. Now, what are we suppose to do? There is not a doctor around that can replace what Russ and the others have given back to me, as well as others–that’s the laughter. Hey Carol Burnett did it for us back in the day–at least we have her in re-runs!!!
    I can’t stomach the new platform. Just who came up with that bright idea Sherlock? “The Most Awesome Station–KLLI” is now non-existant on my radio at home, in the car, and at work. It’s now a truly black day in the DFW area and across the nation…that is, until I hear the whole gang on the air again. I do pray that everyone is well and we hear from you soon.

  • Waiting on the edge of my seat

    The first time I heard the Russ Martin Show was April of 2000 and have been addicted ever since. I download the shows from to put on my ipod so I can listen anytime I want. I really do listen them 6-8 hours a day, when I am driving, working, running, shopping in stores, or just about to go to bed. I can’t wait until you guys land at another station. You Guys will be missed.

    Thanks for the past 8 1/2 years!!
    Waiting on the edge of my seat

  • this is UNEXEPTABLE!!


    WE MISS YOU!!!!

  • Nick

    Well at least now he’ll have more time to beat the hell out of his fiance.

  • For the real fans of The Russ Martin Show . . .

  • jeff

    Personally I glad he’s gone!! His show sucked!! Seven figures??.whatever…he’s not worth four figures as a radio personality.

  • Ronnie

    Are they freakin crazy!!!!dont we have enough
    sports news as it is.big mistake.i leave in east tx and russ martin was the best thing out no matter how much we complain
    it wont do any good.but w all know what goes around comes around and bites us in the butt.
    And to all those people that didnt like russ martins show.SCREW THEM

  • Sharon

    The Fan?! The Fan?! You gotta be kidding me! Like we don’t have enough sports radio in Dallas already! Too bad for Kidd Kraddick; he won’t have anyone to steal ideas and bits from anymore…2 things will kill a radio personality and his show: no ratings and no revenue. You tell me, which one was Russ not able to bring to KLLI? The most popular show for 8 yrs running in DFW? Gavin and David Henry are morons…
    We are waiting for you Russ, JD, Dan, Clo, Chuck…your faithful fans will follow you.

  • Al

    Does a non compete include TV like a new “Hot Ticket” They could call it THE TREE HOUSE I’d so watch that.

  • Bob

    We are waiting for you Russ, JD, Dan, Clo, Chuck…your faithful fans will follow you.

    Ditto above!

    – Russ – Please speak to your faithful and loyal followers! We need to hear from you –

  • Joe

    It’s about time this low rate Stern wanna-b got what he deserved. BTW, he’s lying about the 7 figure salary. It’s in the low 6 figure range but his delusions of grandeur are pretty much to be expected!!!

  • Joe

    Well Lee, is that all you’ve got? I’m happy to see you believe everything your hear on the radio. I suppose you believe everything you read on the internet as well…..

  • You know, I have listened to the Russ Martin Show for the better part of 8 years and I have not found anything else worth listening to. When I found out the show was canceled and Russ got “fired”, I sent an email to the station (I hope you got my email Gavin), I have not listened to broadcast radio since. RMS was the only worthwhile show on the dial, so now, my Ipod and CD changer have become my source of driving entertainment until RMS makes its way back to the airwaves. I sincerely hope that Gavin is the next one to get the boot (as I’m sure he will). Stay strong people, RMS will be back on the air in no time, and if I have to buy satellite radio to hear it…..THE F’N MONEY IS WELL WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • dave

    Now that Russ is gone, I don’t laugh while sitting in %#@*ing rush-hour traffic.

  • I just had a thought…..Russ has enough money, why doesn’t he get his own FCC license, and run the show from his house, whenever he wants to. I would listen no matter the time of day or night if he should choose to do that. Or better yet, the RMS has talked about buying the crapped out CBS building they were previously housed in, why not buy it and tear it down….that’ll show them…lol

  • SUE Evans

    I speak for all the female listeners who say We miss you Russ!! I am a nurse and I loved the fact that he was so abrasive yet so caring. I get it! Can’t wait for him to find a new home.

  • Bob

    It bears repeating – there is a website with a petition to bring russ back – you can sign it anonymously;

    Don’t know where it will go, but over three hundred and fifty people have signed it, looking for for one thousand. There are great comments too!

    We are with you russ!

  • Brian

    Try Sirius/XM! Yeah you gotta pay a little but i guarantee that a week or two of satellite radio will having you saying Russ who?

  • Jo Ann

    Oh my! please find a new home soon. My hour to hour an half drive home is a total bore with you and your great team. You brought so many laughs for so many years to my daily commute. Hurry back on the radio you are missed!

  • Bob

    Russ was the victim of CBS Corporate Management and their long term goals based on/coupled with some a percieved “public outcry” concerning morality or “righteous indignation,”….creating a ” “Too hot to handle,” situation.

    We, the true listeners, must suffer from the comments and charges of a few in the Morality Police sector who listen to shows and determine, from their perspective, what is “Good,” and what is “Bad,” for airing to the public at large. That would certainly be you and I, excluding them.

    The FCC is obligated to review and respond to complaints. Starting with the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction through Howard Stearn at the higer levels, the witch hunt gained momentum. The FCC started getting more complaints from the nutbags like the one (name escapes me)who used to call Russ, threatening him with what has now occurred.

    That individual probably had an army of faithfuls who flooded the FCC and they were forced to put pressure on CBS (others too), and if this affected sponsors, ratings or any single Executive at CBS, the death nell was sounded.

    Russ has ben “Imusized,” for lack of a better term, for screwing an individual for the sake of the greater moral good. The screwers, would not know satire, “a bit,” or good old “ball-breaking,” amongst Russ and his crew, if their lives depended on it.

    Therefore, exit all! Kill the messenger, punish the listeners, appease some dim-witted, courage lacking sponsor, or easily offend, nutless, CBS exec, who can not make the deterination of what is fact or what is fiction.

    No-one looked at the tremendous good done by IMUS for kids with cancer, SIDS funding, and the Fallen Heros Foundation Veterans Hospital in San Antonio. No-one dared to consider Russ’s position, regarding the Police and Fireman in North Texas and the fine, indivdual effort to create a fund for those injured or killed in the line of duty.

    Let’s punish them for getting killed or injured and deprive their families of needed near term financial resources and recognition becasue Russ tries to trap JD into using the N – Word. Exit all! Be Gone!
    My African American friends are asking, “Russ is gone, whatup with dat? Dats just wrong,” and they mean it from the depths of their very souls. Courage brothers! He’ll be back.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to get off on a rant there….just lamenting the decision that CBS made for me as to what I can or can’t listen to.

    But ask IMUS, Stearn or Russ what they told any offended listener: “Don’t listen. Change the station.”

    Russ – We need you. Please make the effort to provide some feedback. Support is a mutual deal.

  • Mike

    I have totally taken 105.3 off of the radios I listen to. It is no longer a favorite station. I have listend to Russ seems like forever. He makes the drive home bearable. He did alot to bring the station from the bottom to the top. So this is how they repay him? Russ has always bounced back and he will again. I will wait for him on another station.

    Since going to all sports they really suck! They are boring. They sound like they have no clue as to what to talk about. I get my sports from “ESPN” radio and the “Ticket”. These guys will never compare to those stations. They don’t have the talent to do sports. To try and listen to Jagger and his crew talk sports. Well, they speak for themselves. They will be next. Why do what they did? Read Bob’s reply it says it all!!!!

  • Josh

    @ Blah:

    I totally agree. The popped Russ, and Leykis.
    And Leykis was doing his syndicate for free.
    And it drew just as many listeners.

    I knew something was up when they took leykis off a few months ago. But then monday afternoon, No Russ. I was pissed.

    105.3 is not on my radio anymore. I’ve decided to replace it with Kraddick, of all people.

  • Steve Klein

    I must say I’m a little mystified by CBS/Henry electing to keep the “Jagger Mafia” in the morning slot – a less sports-oriented gang you will not find… it kind of leads one to believe that the firing was more than just a format change expedited by the desire to cash in on the Dallas Cowboys post-season…

    But this isthe response I expected. Russ is a pro & will be back – perhaps on XM? In a market where 3 corporations own every station worth talking about he’s not going to burn any bridges.

    Best of luck Russ…

  • Bored at drive time

    As sad as it may be, I am listening to O&A on he XM re-reobroadcast during drive time. I boycott AM180, FM1053 and the others due to this poor decision. Go Russ and crew!!

  • See Ya Russ!


    Father time just called. Your 15 minutes are up.

  • Bob

    How long can this go on? The interminable drive back to FTW every afternoon? The depression creeping in from all sides, choking me. The voices in my head, subtle reminders of the tyranny and oppression of communist regimes. Visions of slaughter in the streets – listeners, ruthlessly gunned down. It is coming! They are on the way! They’ll be burning books pretty soon. We’ll have to wear little tags on our tattered clothing that say, RMS, as they force us onto the trains and off to the camps. Have mercy, Lord! Bring Russ back (JD too [He takes a lickin’, but keeps…..).

  • ryan

    can we atleast hear JD sing the Jungle Book song once more.

  • DJ HaZZmaT

    I Think LIVE is making a very bad choice. To take the best show they have a toss it out the door is just plain Stupid. STUPID STUPID STUPID!!! (RMS) will be back.

  • Jared Robinson

    I go to houston for a couple months, come back with a desire to hear russ, and now i find myself devastated. Come back russ! Start your own station! Do what it takes! Your fans need you!

  • nascarnutbags

    the drive home everyday is now pondering on what’s for dinner instead of stuff we can never get on cable. please make it stop! i have erased 105.3 from my buttons! the drive home will never be the same! i am 45 yrs old and have listed to russ since his 1st day on the eagle…miss ya little buddie!

  • Bob

    Forty five years old! I’m sixty two (wife tells me to “grow up,” … “act your age,” but I don’t buy it! She sucks and I secretly loathe her – she found you know who – now, life sucks out loud)….and I am really, really, suffering with the long commute. It is not right! I wrecked my hacksaw cutting down the barrel of my ten gauge Remington Pump. Cut off the stock, too! It fits under my trench coat and I have it on the seat next to me for the (now), “ride of dispair.” Rage engulfs me! There is no-one on the radio making snide comments and cruelly abusive remarks to JD, which would normally lift my spirits and make the commute bearable. (Sorry JD – nothing personal)

    Russ took the edge off! Now……….Go ahead …Cut me off …Make my day…[email protected]$$#o!+!

  • Susan

    I miss Russ & the guys more than anything. Afternoons are such a bore without them. The sooner they’re back the better, and hopefully it’ll be before April 2011.

  • Curtis

    I use to listen to Russ all the time but ever since Howard Stern went to Sirius I have had Satellite Radio. If you have not made the change you do not know what you are missing. This should be reason enough to get a Sirius Radio and YOU chose what you listen to instead of letting the executives control you. Russ give Howard a call, he could fit you in on one of his channels.

  • Bob

    I take Lithium now and the voices have subsided somewhat. I leave the Reminington at home most days. It is still the ride of dispair (similar to the walk of shame) but I could not help but think of the poor widow of the law enforcement officer who was killed yesterday.

    Russ would normally have taken care of her and her fammily. Thanks CBS and 105.3! The deprivation of the funds for them weighs heavily on my mind and I hear a faint whisper asking me if this is right?

    I will ponder this from 3:00 to 4:00 this afternoon as I drive home in my continued, self induced radio listening silence. Is it right – Only God and Russ truly know. The decision was made by the station management. Odd that they take pride in their decision. Does anyone listen any more?

    Could someone please tell me where I can see the ratings. That would be interesting. I had a fleeting thought that Osamma Bin Laden might have been involved with the show being cancelled. I think he was a stringer for CBS News at one time.

    I still think Russ has done more for Sports than Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and Johnny Unitas combined and there was no need to put more sports on the radio. I also think Russ did more for law enforcement than J Edgar Hoover, Elliott Ness and the Lone Ranger. People just don’t understand why he never tried to take more credit in these areas, but I do.His humble humility is yet another fine example of his truly humanitarian nature and his contributions to the American way of life.

    I failed to mention what Russ has done for animals and I feel a flush of shame for overlooking this. Russ has done more for Animals than Lassie, Rin Tin Tin and Mickey Mouse combined. Russ is legend! If animals listened to the radio – they too would be upset.

    May the good Lord watch over us all with Russ gone. We need you Russ, and we understand your silence (I (We) think).

  • Larry

    The Police/Fire foundation is alive and well. See Russ’ Myspace and continue to donate. There is a copy of the $30k check given to our latest hero’s widow yesterday posted on his Myspace page.

    To any in doubt, this is a true sign of who Russ Martin really is.


  • Robin

    I moved away from Dallas about 2 years ago. Missed Russ everyday. Now I find out that I may never hear him again. I am sad to hear that he will no longer be on 105.3. He was the only person who could make me laugh out loud while I was commuting through Dallas rush hour. My sympathies are with you Dallas.

  • I can’t find any updates on RMS…With Clear Channel firing locals and putting on national shows, is there any hope of RMS ever returning EVER?!….If he is under contract until 2011, seems he will be silenced forever…Figures…The RMS crew was real talent…I rarely turn on the radio…Except t listen to ESPN or music…The Fan sucks…I’ll take Randy Galloway any day…Actually, every weekday now

  • Marcy

    I too drive in silence on the ride home…no more laughing outloud. I HATE these sports guys, come on..give us a break!!!
    Russ, as much of an ass as you can be, you were OUR ass and we loved you!! I sometimes flip channels to see if just maybe you have popped up somewhere….
    I feel for The Jagger Mafia. I hope they know their days are numbered as well…they just do not fit anymore….(but we love them too!!!)
    Would someone PLEASE promise to post when these guys do surface again????
    Silence on Central Expwy.

  • Bob – Ft Worth

    It is odd that we have heard nothing. The terms of the “Format Change,” must have been pretty restrictive. I was greatful to see Russ on TV when he donated $30K on or about January 7th, and wonder if he had to get the appearence cleared, as he didn’t say too much at all. The way I figure it, Russ is getting paid to stay home and I don’t blame him.

    I suspect (no basis in fact) that part of the deal was “at full pay with restrictive covenants” which preclude him from popping up wihtout losing his income. I imagine too, that Russ is P’O’ed enough to want to jump back on the air — but wise enough to keep his end of the deal – unless and until someone can come up with a lot of $$ for him (which meets or exceeds his present compensation).

    That being said – the ride home still sucks and I can only hope that some station can come up with the dinero to fund a show for Russ as it is unfair to listeners to bar the airway to a specific individual. It sounds to me like a loose arm of the “Fairness Docterine,” that Liberals devised to keep honest, hard working law abiding citiazens from being enlightened or in this case, entertained with a spin that they didn’t like.

    I still take the meds. Some things die a slow death and even though entries to this site have dwindled, the legend of Russ lives on in the hearts and minds of many Americans. I’m trying to get a job with no commuting time during the afternoon hours. I am thinking of going to second shift but I am a Project Manager and not many projects are managed in the dark.

    We can only hope for a miracle. Russ we understand. Semper Fi –

  • I’m there with you man, the posts on here have died down, but I still come back from time to time to see if there is any news of the second coming of Russ. Had a thought thought, and I agree with him if this is his plan. To NOT pick up a nother gig even if they do offer more money, until his contract runs out. CBS radio big wigs prolly thought that “we can agree to keep paying him, someone will surely offer him more in the mean time and release us of our end of the deal.” I’d turn down other offers just to keep making them pay. Then again they also prolly didn’t count on the economy taking a continuing nose dive as it is. WTG CBS you get the D-Bag award of the year for business decidion, and the compition was freaking steep!!

  • Rick

    Russ’ house in Southlake is for sale. His buddy Tre got the listing.

  • Rick

    3.25 Million, NICE

  • so

    I had listened to Russ and the gang for about 10 years and loved them. Since the station changed formats I went ahead and retired in January. No way could I commute over an hours drive each day with nothing but silence. The Fan will never make it; nor, do I see the station surviving. Although I’m an old fat woman, yet I loved hearing Russ rag on and on about overweight, heavy set asses. In real life I bet he was a softy for us old flabby bitches. He made me laugh!

  • Red

    I still listen to Jagger on the fan and this morning Dan O’mally was filling in, for those of you who quit listening completely. Ben and Foreskin suck and need to be replaced. If they would just bring Russ back in his old slot the station would be great. Because the two mid day shows before ben and foreskin, are actually pretty good.