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7 responses to “Richards Group Scores At Home Depot”

  1. matt says:

    So despite continually losing market share with current firm, HD spends an ass load of time and money to determine that they want to stay with that firm. Well played.

  2. GoFigure says:

    They have to keep paying for that big glass building on I-75 somehow.

  3. Skeptic says:

    Knowledgeable FrontBurnervian = tim or tim’s wife?

  4. Bobby Ewing says:

    One person’s experience, but my advice to Home Depot: it’s not your ads that need help, it’s your customer service. Lowe’s is the Best Buy of hardware; Home Depot is Circuit City.

  5. Crabkilla says:

    I love this –

    “Home Depot is looking to reposition itself in an increasingly competitive marketplace that includes Lowe’s, Wal-Mart and Sears, as well as hardware outlets, paint stores and appliance chains.”

    Your freakin ads aren’t going to help you. HD – your stores still suck, you still have no knowledgeable people to help, and you are farther below Lowes than you think.

  6. Brass Knuckles says:

    You do mean “Juan Depot” and not “Home Depot” right? With all the illegal aliens hanging around this store I get confused. Ha,ha,ha!

  7. tinkerbell says:

    H.D. Expo lost my sale two weeks ago due to LAZY sales people. I am buying rugs for my upstairs hallways – 60 linear feet. I researched what I wanted, determine that H.D. Expo carried it and called to see if I could get a sample in to check colors.

    The fist sales guy said he’d get back to me and didn’t call for three days. The second sales man told me I could come pick up a 9×12 rug if I wanted, but he wasn’t ordering a smaller sample.

    I called Clifton Carpets, instead. The guy there was extremely helpful. he ordered a 2×3 sample, got it in in four days and made coordinating rug suggestions with 2×3 samlpes, as well.

    Guess who got the sale.