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Husbands, Wives and Shinsei

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Chalk it up to a he said/she said thing. But, at a happening party last night at Dallas’ Shinsei restaurant to debut the eatery’s expanded digs, Shinsei co-owner Tracy Rathbun and her celebrity-chef hubby, Kent Rathbun, had different stories about how much input Kent and his buddy Dean Fearing–another celeb chef and spouse of Tracy’s Shinsei partner, Lynae Fearing–have on their wives’ upscale sushi joint. The answer to that question is: Quite a bit, said Kent. He and Dean ride herd pretty closely on the menu and on Sinshei chef T.J. Lengnick, Kent added–though of course it’s T.J.’s kitchen. Asked separately how much say Kent has in Sinshei, Tracy said: “None really, food-wise. It’s a typical husband-wife thing; of course he’s very supportive.” Guests last night of the two couples–Fearings at left in the photo here, Rathbuns on the right–included former Dallas Cowboys player Daryl Johnston and his wife, Diane; restaurateur Phil Cobb; and Belo8’s Gary Cogill.