Huffington Post More Valuable Than A.H. Belo

Wick, earlier you took a look at A.H. Belo’s balance sheet and asked how bad things were over there. AdAge reports this morning on a cash infusion that the Huffington Post just got. It took $25 million on a $100 million valuation, which puts it way ahead of A.H. Belo (with a market cap of $36 million). By my count, the Huff Post has about 50 employees. A.H. Belo has, um, slightly more than that.

Update: A.H. Belo has 3,700 employees.


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6 responses to “Huffington Post More Valuable Than A.H. Belo”

  1. TLS says:

    For what it is worth I visit Huffington Post probably 6 times a day and during the election it was at least once an hour. I visit the DMN site just once a day. Those 50 huff post employees bring it.

  2. Richard says:

    someone with cash needs to buy Belo’s stock; it will prove to be a great investment. Worse case right now if belo is working feverishly to become private.

  3. mediawonk says:

    Problem is, while HuffPo is doing an increasing amount of original reporting, it still relies on a lot of “old media” reporting (hence all the links to newspapers, TV networks, etc.) for detail.

    The blog sites can get by with a smaller staff because of this, while newspapers (and TV news operations to a lesser extent) struggle to pay for the infrastructure of reporters/editors needed to assemble stories on a daily basis.

    While the major dailies went far too long with bureaucratic infrastructures with a ton of fat (and in some cases are just now getting down to managable staffing levels), they can’t be expected to get by on 50 employees like HuffPo.

  4. Rodknee says:

    That’s all fine and well, but the HuffPo comics suck.

  5. Robb says:

    How does Huffington Post compare to Drudge Report (financially, not politically)?

  6. Billusa99 says:

    Belo, every month, “struggles [LESS] to pay for the infrastructure of reporters/editors needed to assemble stories on a daily basis” because all their damn news nowadays comes from wire reports!

    Arianna is a heck of lot more interesting and thoughtful to listen to than Bob Dechard. Plus, she doesn’t throw her “Briefs” in my yard.