Dallas Helps ESPN Anchor Robert Flores Realize He’s Making History (Maybe)

Robert Flores, the ESPN anchor who has been at the center of several on-air verbal missteps, was interviewed by the folks over at Deadspin recently. Here is the locally relevant portion of the proceedings:

DS: When I first talked to you on the phone, I mistakenly referred to you as the “Most popular Mexican sports anchor in the world.” You corrected me and said something about the “Hispanic community” or something. Either way, do you feel like you’re some sort of a trailblazer for some ethnic community?

RF: Yep I’m Mexican American. Earlier this year I was asked to speak at this function in Dallas. The organizers asked if I was the first Hispanic to anchor Sportscenter. I thought to myself, “you know that’s a good question.” I asked our PR department and they weren’t sure..at any rate if I am the first then I’m honored. If not, it’s nice to be among the first. …

Earlier, Flores mentioned that he continues “to enjoy quite a following in West, Texas” — which, as everyone knows, is where I’m from. Seems like a strangely specific place to mention. I don’t recall a Robert Flores from West (and since there are very few people there, and only a percentage of them have Hispanic surnames, I doubt I would overlook that). If he is from West, though, go ahead and install him right after Scott Podsednik — former World Series hero with the ChiSox, and the guy who relegated me to sixth-man duty on the b-ball team — as the second-most-famous resident from the home of the fightin’ Trojans. Time to update the billboard.


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6 responses to “Dallas Helps ESPN Anchor Robert Flores Realize He’s Making History (Maybe)”

  1. chickenpants says:

    Thought Troy Dungan was from West?
    Course he may have gotten lost in the crowd of other notables.
    And long live the Czech Stop!

  2. diversion says:

    I recommend a new tag for posts called, “anyways, back to me.”

  3. Zac Crain says:

    Done, and done. Add to your RSS.

  4. superkaty says:

    he may be from west – in college, i interned for him at a waco tv station and i know that is where he got his start. very nice guy.

    so even if he isn’t “from” west, he at least lived in waco? does that count?

  5. Don in Austin says:

    Was it West, Texas or just West Texas? The comma is critical and most West Texans probably have little to no knowledge of the existance of West, Texas, which is really north central. What’s Czech for West, anyway? Maybe it should be named Kolache. Or Pivo.

  6. ElPasoFlash says:

    Am I the 1st El Pasoan to almost get his arse kicked at Westfest??? I blame the Shiner Blonde’s…. (And telling the girl’s boyfriend that I was a black-belt)…