Who’s Got Evan Grant’s Back? I Got Evan Grant’s Back.

Just now catching up on this. FoFB and all-around beat-writing stud Evan Grant is in the middle of a nationwide controversy regarding his ballot for American League MVP. Seems he left the winner, the Red Sox’s Dustin Pedroia, off his ballot entirely. (He named 10 who were more deserving, including the Rangers’ Josh Hamilton.) Because he is thoughtful, kind, and a gentleman, he has since reconsidered and suggested, in interviews and a blog post, that he made a mistake leaving him off his ballot.

My take? He should have done two things: one, reminded everyone his reasoning, which is valid and which you can read below:

Pedroia was 18th in OPS, 27th in RBIs, 30th in batting average with runners in scoring position and 53rd in on-base percentage with runners in scoring percentage. I am aware he tied for the league lead in hits, led in runs scored, and was second in batting average. But in the stats that to me suggest production and clutch hitting, he was dwarfed by the other players on the list.

And two, he should have slowly turned around in his chair, stood up tall, and raised two stubby middle fingers to the world while calmly saying, “Oh, I forgot, this is a crucial part of my analysis. Let me leave this up here for a minute or two so you can fully appreciate the complexity of my argument. You @$*clowns.”


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8 responses to “Who’s Got Evan Grant’s Back? I Got Evan Grant’s Back.”

  1. I concur... says:

    So, he basically got the MVP for getting on base and then having someone drive him home?

  2. jrp says:

    i’ll agree that Grant should just shrug off the detractors, as he’s earned the right to a ballot and he can vote any way he chooses

    but the argument about Pedroia’s OPS and RBI et al is moot, as he’s a lead-off hitter…the voting wasn’t close, as Pedroia won by 60 points over Morneau, who won in ’06 and also won this year’s HR Derby in the Bronx, which most of you will forget in a year or two and claim that Josh Hamilton won it, at which point i’ll bet you a sawbuck that it was the Canadian and you’ll owe me $10

    anyway, i’d off voted for K-Rod 1st, Cliff Lee 2nd and Youkilis 3rd

    and at least it didn’t cost Pedroia the MVP, as was the case back in ’47 when Teddy Ballgame won the triple crown and lost to DiMaggio by one point, when a true a-hole writer left Williams off the ballot entirely due to some pissing match the two of them had

  3. Rangerette says:

    Yahoo, somebody sticking up for my favorite sports writer. Stick it to ’em Evan.

  4. Not Evan Grant says:

    Forget quoting stats. Grant put Youkilis, the Greek God of Walks, first on his ballot. If Youk is the MVP, it’s pretty hard to say that a teammate of his was 2nd, 3rd etc., unless that team decisively beat all others. If Pedroia isn’t the Sox MVP, it’s ok for him to not be in the top 10 in the AL.

    Now, about that whole Youk 1st place vote….

  5. Wes Mantooth says:

    This will do wonders for efforts to get major league baseball to be played in north Texas someday.

  6. Long Memory says:

    Let’s show the writers a little love. After all, they LOVE the little guys who are like them, who make them think that they coulda been MVPs too. Fortunately, they don’t usually vote for them. I’ll give ’em a pass just this once. Still, Eric, I salute (so to speak) your suggestion for Evan. I just wonder who Gerry Staley voted for. A-Rod, perhaps?

  7. I came from the extra rib says:

    Remind me again why chubby, ten to a dozen, self grandizing hack writers have a vote on the MVP ballot? Was it because they carried the water cooler for the little league games.

  8. Very nice Twins information. I think Morneau will be a future hall-of-famer.
    I hope to be in Minnesota for a game this fall. I am visiting from Peru.