Which D Magazine Cover Do You Prefer?

For the December issue of the “print product,” our cover story is “Best Restaurants.” What you see here are the three cover treatments we considered. If you’re a subscriber, you already know which one we chose. Either way, I’d be curious to hear which cover makes your magazine pants go crazy. On the left, you see the Chocolate Seduction cake from Breadwinners. In the middle, a sloppy joe from Cowboy Chow. And on the right, chef Julian Barsotti, from Nonna. Do tell: which cover most makes you want to reach out and pick it up?

Which cover do you dig the most?
Mmm … cake
Sloppy joe, slop-sloppy joe
Chef Julian Barsotti


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33 responses to “Which D Magazine Cover Do You Prefer?”

  1. Chris says:

    none of them…
    The chocolate cake is just…cake… the sloppy joe just looks heavy, messy… And a single chef doesn’t tell me that there are 62 great restaurants inside.

  2. CJ says:

    I’m a subscriber and know what you chose. I must say it’s not a bad cover, but the prominent placement of the Mckinney Murder story was a little off-putting on a best restaurant cover.

  3. Michael says:

    The picture on cover number 2 (sloppy joe) is the photo that would most likely make me pick it up. I like how I can easily see the other major stories in cover 3. The murder story and radio wars sound like stories I might read.

    But I’m so far removed from D Mag’s target audience that I doubt Mr. Rogers really cares what I think.

  4. DGirl says:

    I voted for the cake. But it’s a great issue and I’ll refer to it each time I can’t decide what to eat or drink until the 2009 issue comes out.

  5. Daniel says:

    The sloppy joe pic is the best photo, even if it is a rather humble food. The cake is pedestrian-looking, even though I’m sure it’s delicious. The picture of the chef conveys/evokes absolutely nothing.


  6. El Rey says:

    Good Adam Sandler reference on the sloppy joe. I had that in my head as I made my vote!

  7. Brian Barnaud says:

    cowboy chow food taste as good as that cover looks.

  8. Daniel says:

    Dammit now, I’m going to Cowboy Chow and eat me that for lunch.

    That’s how good the cover is. Here’s hoping you used it.

  9. John M says:


    I look at the cake and while I know it is good, I pretty much know what to expect when looking at cake as far as how it does and should taste. I rarely have cake that I would describe as bad and on the other hand I’ve only had a few cakes that I would describe as spectacular.

    The chef doesn’t send me any sort of message and frankly, the pose and facial expression strikes me as a tad creepy, it almost looks seductive but somewhere in the process something went terribly wrong, besides I don’t know that a picture of a seductive looking chef would entice me to go to his restaurant, unless of course he was super, super hot and was going to feed me chocolate covered strawberries or something.

    #2 says to me that you really thought outside the box when it comes to the 62 best restaurants and didn’t dismiss spectacular food fare despite what might seem like rather modest origins. I look at it and it looks tasty but before sitting down and eating it I really don’t have some sort of pre-conceived notion of what it is going to taste like but since you guys said it is really good and it looks appetizing from the picture it makes me want to try it and read to find out where I can.

  10. Bethany says:

    I agree, John. It should’ve been a shirtless chef. That is what you said, right?

  11. Brian Barnaud says:

    lol bethany

  12. Daniel says:

    Barsotti looks like he poisoned your food and you just took a bite of it and now your fate is sealed and it’s furnishing him with a private moment of nefarious delight.

  13. Emily says:

    Curious that an actual restaurant wasn’t one of the options?

  14. Jo says:

    Which one did you actually pick?

  15. MC says:

    The chef is HOT!

  16. Darren says:

    I picked #2 because it said “Best Restaurants 2008”, which is very helpful since I keep those issues and refer back to them when people ask me for suggestions.

    Plus the Sloppy Joe sandwich looks really good right before lunch!

  17. KEH says:

    Looks like you picked the wrong cover based on the survey results. I am a 10+ year plus subscriber and the 3rd (the one you actually used) was by far the least of my favorites

  18. Daniel says:

    They actually used the Bond villain coldly gloating while the viewer’s liver liquefies? Nice.

  19. Did you say, “which cover most makes you want to reach out and pick it up?” ‘Cuz I was thinking “reach out and pick him up”. Meow.

  20. Bragga says:

    Julian Barsotti is hot and a talented chef. I vote for that

  21. China says:

    I vote for casey thompson in a bikini

  22. Daniel says:

    Well, villains always are either hideously scarred and grotesque owing to an unfortunate but life-defining incident, or else they’re magnetically handsome and have a way with the ladyfolks, who almost unwittingly — ineluctably, let’s say — are seduced not only into the villain’s bed but into the darkness whence his soul emerged and into the implacable coolly disciplined hatred in which his mind was forged in all its malignant glory and into the doomed crucible of his sworn vengeance against inscrutable forces that can be picked off like birds on a highwire but never truly vanquished.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a sharp pain in my side.

  23. nmlhats says:

    I picked the one with the human being on the front. The ones with food on the cover look like cooking magazines to me, and I would be unlikely to pick those up even though I cook a lot.

  24. a says:

    3rd. it’s the only one that conveys a restaurant (a chef, food, drink, table, place setting) and not just a dish / food pic

  25. Susie Abb Priore says:

    Well, considering we only have one choice with a human on it, and ALL food magazines (at least the 100 or so I have laying around my house right now in immediate view) put food on the cover- I pick #3. I can only assume that since its the Best Restaurant Issue, Nonna, Chef Barsotti’s new restaurant, got the top nod. I like seeing the face BEHIND the food- especially such a good looking (HOT) one, as fellow reader MC so blithely put it. You go, Jules!

  26. Ana Moure says:

    Sloppy joe would be good for a Thanksgiving restaurant issue. Warm colors, hot food. But when it comes to Christmas, I want frosty blue, and cake. And cake! And more cake!

    The picture of the chef doesn’t excite me, unless the chef is a 24-year old shirtless Brad Pitt.

  27. Bethany says:

    How about 24 year old Brad Pitt, eating a sloppy joe, wearing cake pants?

  28. Katy says:

    Now, Marco, don’t go picking on Lisa Garza- she really SHOULD have won the Next Food Network Star- cute outfits or not-

  29. Annie says:

    #####333333—what a BABE!!!

  30. CG says:

    ‘Fess up, please. Why did you photoshop his eyes? He doesn’t really look like that.

  31. DTD says:

    Gimme that brisket sloppy joe anytime. Great shot.

  32. brandy says:

    getting to this late! but i’m glad to find out you went with Julian! he deserves it! great job!!! and no it’s not Lisa’s apron. Trying to remember, but I think they are from the long time family friend (or aunt) that owns DD French?