We Read Other Dallas Blogs So That You Don’t Have To

The author of Urban Insanity has a problem.

Because of my own indiscretion, a dozen or so gays in Dallas now know who I am, and some of them now pull up this site occasionally. 

That means that I can never again be completely honest and forthright on this blog. 

Things I want to discuss or throw out there into the cyber universe for comments are no longer anonymous, and my reputation as a professional and as a gay man are now subject to scrutiny by acquaintances based upon the ramblings in my cyber diary.  

Many of us have “hookups,” and judging from what I’ve seen here in Dallas over the last 2 years, I am not the biggest slut on the strip. 

He asks for your advice and counsel. For some reason, I have a feeling he’ll get it. 


  • Tim, Wick is gonna be mighty peeved when he finds out you’re posting on his account.

  • John M

    Having hooked up with a few lawyers on the strip now I’m just curious if I have slept with him or not.

  • CBS

    seriously, this is the question of pressing need- whether an openly gay lawyer should continue his blog? Good call, financial crisis, Congo genocide, Leppert’s freakishly long hands, all news that gets too much coverage.

    Just because it’s on the Internet does not mean it is newsworthy.

  • John M


    The question isn’t weather an openly gay lawyer should continue his blog, it’s which of us strip sluts have slept with him and are just moments away from figuring out his secret identity. It’s kind of like 007 except with less guns and sex… wait, just less guns.

  • Damn. Is there a full moon today? Blog haters seem to out in full effect! We thought we were the only ones being picked on.

  • Buh-what? Blog haters where? Git a rope!

  • Peterk

    ah yes the Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again

  • CBS

    @ John M

    I guess I underestimated the depths of egocentric thinking. So now it’s not about the blog writer, it’s about you and the possibility you hooked up with him.

    As God as my witness, I never thought I would write this, but isn’t the point of anonymous gay sex the anonymous part.

  • What’s the point of anonymous heterosexual sex? Just asking.

  • John M


    We aren’t talking about a truck stop bathroom dear, most of us exchange names and numbers if it was good, sometimes say hi if we run into each other in a bar. The anonymous part comes from not remembering their names, not some sort of secret identity and blindfolds and such. As Bethany points out the point is sex not anonymity.

  • Team Obama

    bummer blog without a single jack e. jett chime in. snooze. wick allison gave it a good college try. the booze fest. the snooze fest. where is the beef? i found the jack e. jett blog but it is defunct. the sober are in need of wit too.

  • DM
  • grrgle

    I don’t think that his honesty and forthrightness will be missed. One might advise, sure, start another blog, whatever.

  • Kelly

    The difference is clear…Theres not a heterosexual male out there who would say hi in a bar to the gal he had anonymous heterosexual sex with. They either turn red and head for the bathroom or never look up from their Stella. The Gays are much more classy.

  • Daniel


    Isn’t fzzzz the sound of something dissipating? Why would I need professional consulting on how to make my product or service fizzle out?

    I guarantee I’m not the first person to think that.

  • Neal

    Jack E. Jett has now chimed in on the Urban Insanity post (click link; pg-13 to R depending on your sensitivities). His comments are as constructive and thoughtful as you might expect. Can’t wait for that radio show!

  • Team Obama

    yep yep yep Neal. Thanks for that. There are better Jack E. Jett comments here


    Neal did you know his radio show has a fan club? hells bells tommy james and three dog night and jerry springer oh my.

    Pink says let us get this party startED.

  • DM

    @Daniel 1st – not sure where my funny post went off to. 2nd – do you drink your sodas with no carbonation? didn’t think so.