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Water, Water Everywhere–But No Worries

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If you should see thousands of gallons of water shooting into the street and down into your underground parking garage for more than a day–as we have here at the D building off Herschel, just west of Oak Lawn–it’s not always a cause for alarm. So says Thomas McGarr of Dallas Water Utilities‘ Purification Division, who explains that state law mandates flushing a new main for at least 24 hours to get all the “super-chlorination” and other bad stuff out. McGarr took a sample of the H20 late this morning and will send it out for testing this afternoon. Hopefully the water from the new 2-inch main (shown here) will pass muster; if not, we’ll be getting our shoes soaked for another 24 hours sometime later this week. Maybe it’s just me, but the procedure doesn’t seem all that “green”–especially in a region where water’s been known to be in short supply.