• Daniel

    For years and years, she worked at the Army Navy Store that was on McKinney just south of Knox. I lived nearby and saw her regularly. Very ordinary-looking, fairly quiet.

  • Bill

    Yep, I remember her working at the Army/Navy store too. That was the store with the gigantic 10 foot long M14 rifle on the wall. It struck me as odd that she would work in a store like that.

    Last I heard she was living out in Heath, near that Channel 8 weatherman.

  • SLR

    I bought a building a while ago from Wallace Heitman, a former FBI agent. He would regale us with stories about interviewing Marina right after the assassination. He recently came out with a book about her called “Wife of the Accused Assassin” ( Wally said she was quite a looker in her day.

  • rick

    i knew rachel in austin many yrs ago—beautiful and smart—if she reads this, i hope she replies

  • denise barchuk

    i was married to marina oswalds best friends son,one day I asked her ,did you know what your husband was up to ,she replied “do you know whatt your husband does when hhe is not with you ”
    I never asked her anymore questions,,when they made the movie connspiracy theory,oliver stone came to my mother in laws home he talked to marina at great length ,,the next day kevin cosner and oliver stone both showed up to ask her more questions.
    she swears he was a patsy ,,i do believe her.