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Leading Off (11/24/08)


1. Cowboys win, Terrell Owens has his best game of the season (and some words for DMN columnist Jean-Jacques Taylor), and ‘Tellus Bennet does a TD dance inspired by local rappers. So everything’s great again, I guess. Well, until this inevitably blows up on them. And it definitely would if some smart NFC team would just hire Lawrence Taylor to be vice-president in charge of sending coke and hookers to the opposing team’s hotel.

2. First Arlington stole the Cowboys. Then the Cotton Bowl. Now they’re trying to steal our Cesar Chavez-related street-naming controversy. I couldn’t decide on a joke to end with, so choose from the following:

  • I hear Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck is thinking of getting finger extensions.
  • Next thing you know, we’ll be reading about all this courtesy of the smug folks over on the A Magazine blog BackBurner.
  • Arlington, if you’re still looking for Dallas-based things to take, check out my eBay auctions (seller name: gentlyusedofficesupplies1974).

3. Here are a few quotes that should get you 100 percent fired up about going to work this morning at the municipal courts complex: “We have an average of I would say, once a month, issues that are serious enough to make us consider shutting down the building.” And: “Historically, we just have not been very good about maintaining things.”