DMN and Star-T Newsgather … Together?

The two papers recently announced a partnership of sorts when it came to distribution of the news. Now comes word they might be collaborating in the newsgathering stage. The Star-Telegram has info on it here. And Bob Mong’s memo to DMN staffers is after the jump.

Memo to Dallas Morning News employees

*From:* TDMN Internal Communications
*Sent:* Friday, November 07, 2008 11:54 AM
*To:* Everyone – TDMN; Everyone – Quick; Everyone – DFW; Everyone – Denton RC; Al Día All
*Subject:* A Message from Bob Mong

To one and all:

I wanted you to know that senior editors of /The Morning News/ and the /Fort Worth Star-Telegram/ are exploring ways to collaborate in a few targeted areas of newsgathering.

Editors at both papers feel there are some common sense ways we can save money through cooperation that can free valuable resources in both newsrooms.

We commenced talks because of the challenging economic and revenue environment we find ourselves in. I can assure you we have no intention of diluting our powerful brand. But I do know there are ways to move forward with the /Star-Telegram/, save money and continue to provide the outstanding unique content we are known for.

I also believe that collaboration is made possible because of the mutual respect the two newsrooms have for one another.

I’ll keep you posted on the initiatives we come up with. As always, your thoughts and ideas are welcome and encouraged.

Bob Mong, editor


  • yeah, right.

    Well, with the government taking over the banks and financing everything else, I think we need more collaboration and cooperation between our local news sources. Socialism for all!

    This will just speed the end of these newspapers. Reduce the competition and the press will become an even bigger mouthpiece of large advertisers and the politically powerful.

    Good night and good luck, indeeed.

  • GuiltyBystander

    Cats and dogs living together.
    The mutual respect might flow from East to West but not from West to East. Most S-T folks think the DMN is FUBAR. The only way this would improve both papers is if the DMN did away with its staff and turned its check book over to the S-T.

  • publicnewssense

    What if the Star-Telegram’s editor decides a DMN staffer ought to be fired? In the spirit of cost-saving cooperation, will the DMN can the staffer.
    This sort of joint news-gathering cooperation requires that both papers set aside integrity — oh, wait. Forget I brought that up. Like Addie Pray said to her dad Moses in the movie Paper Moon, “I don’t know what scruples are, but if you got ’em they probably belong to somebody else.”

  • Dane

    Welcome to the DFW News-Telegram, January 2010…

  • Dane

    …Or News-Star. “Telegram” isn’t in Belo’s vocabulary.

  • Billusa99

    With respect to” “I can assure you we have no intention of diluting our powerful brand.”

    Perhaps an S-T reporter’s first assignment could be an in-depth expose on that revisionist statement.

  • IreneAdler

    “I can assure you we have no intention of diluting our powerful brand.”

    Too late for that, Bob…you’ve already been diluting it at Moroney and Decherd’s behest since the year 2000, at least. And don’t think the readers haven’t noticed.