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Saving The Senate


For six years, Republicans controlled the White House and Congress (in some years with a tie in the Senate). We are now reaping the results of that one-party government. With Obama now likely to sweep the election, Democrats will undoubtedly have a larger majority in the House. The danger is that they are also in a position to have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. While this may be good for the GOP (Democrats get the blame and Republicans have time in the wilderness to reinvent ourselves), it is bad for the Republic. Fortunately, John Cornyn is holding his lead in Texas, although it has slipped in the past several weeks. Cornyn is an able, reasonable legislator, and he does a good job for Texas. To my mind, it is essential for the health of the country that Republicans have at the least some ability to apply the brakes to what may become a Democratic runaway locomotive.

Sidenote: In the Rasmussen poll I link to above, Cornyn has a 57% favorable rating. But note the following about Rick Perry:

Texas Governor Rick Perry earns good or excellent job approval ratings from 40% of voters, while 23% give him a poor rating.