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Quick Goes Weekly, Local Folks Impressed

By Eric Celeste |

Got a sneak peak last night at the new weekly edition of Quick, which I believe hits boxes today. Passed it around the bar to some young folks. Showed the ladies at home. Passed it around the office today. The consensus was: “Nice.” Everyone agreed the focus on events, nightlife, youth culture, and entertainment is appropriate. Everyone liked the three pages of drink specials. Everyone loved that Gordon Keith, Ben and Skin, and Alibaster were still columnists. Everyone liked the idea of a dating and sex column. Really, not too many complaints. In fact, Ol’ Man Allison nearly spit his coffee. “I LOVE it!” he declared. He also wanted me to mention that earlier this year we had serious internal talks about producing something just like this. We decided that if we did it, the DMN would throw its resources behind a similar product and bury us with money and greater circulation. Looks like we were right.