Obama Leads McCain in Heart of Bush Country

John McCain might be pretty confident about winning Texas, but it looks like he has lost the wealthiest part of Dallas — which is to say, the Park Cities. Texas Rep. Dan Branch commissioned a Baselice & Associates poll of his district the week after the Republican convention, and what he found was surprising. While McCain was enjoying a national “Palin bounce,” District 108 wasn’t feeling the love. Branch’s poll found that 47 percent of voters planned to pull the lever for Obama, only 45 percent for McCain.

To appreciate the significance of those numbers, have a look at the boundaries of District 108. From the north, it includes Highland Park and University Park, site of the future Bush library, in case you’d forgotten. To the south, it includes most of downtown Dallas. In other words, there’s a reason Branch is a Republican. That same poll found Branch leading Democratic challenger Emil Reichstadt 58 to 24 percent. In the Senate race, Republican John Cornyn was leading Democratic challenger Rick Noriega 49 to 40 percent.


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118 responses to “Obama Leads McCain in Heart of Bush Country”

  1. julie says:

    It’s all over but the shouting (and the dip of the Dow below 10k is just another nail in the Palin/McCain coffin).

    Obama will be the next President, our country will begin to recover from the abuse it received under bush, and all you conservatives will be jjjuuuuussssttt fine.

  2. Highway 6 says:

    Well, there goes another Democrat (julie) doing her I-can’t-help-myself-but-gloat-before-there’s-anything-to-gloat-about best to convince me, once again, to vote for the opposition even though I am inclined to vote for her guy.

    The Repubs have implemented this laissez-faire capitalism to the point where households earning well over six figures are struggling to make ends meet. That — and that alone — is why Obama stands such a good chance of winning. And it explains this poll.

  3. Bethany says:

    Oh dear. This isn’t going to end up pretty.

  4. Daniel says:

    No, they won’t, Julie — they’ll bitch and moan all the while about how hard it is to be a well-off WASP and how Obama is the reincarnation of Joseph Stalin and how he once had sex.

    I actually wish McCain had picked someone like Jim Webb for a running mate, and then won. As it stands, a McCain victory will engender the selfsame bitching, moaning and finger-pointing from liberals, who, not without good reason, loathe Sarah Palin.

    In short, we’re doomed to at least four more years of strident, hysterical accusations and irrational, paralyzing contempt. But yeah — Obama will win this one.

  5. julie says:

    Highway 6 doesn’t have any grasp of his/her own ideals or principles, and so would vote for a person on the basis of “getting back” at what some stranger said on a message board.

  6. julie says:

    Daniel, I agree. My family is Republican, and I’m a lifelong Dem. So if Obama wins, Thanksgiving dinner is going to be h*ll. And if McCain wins, Thanksgiving dinner is going to be h*ll.

  7. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    This one’s a referendum on the Bush years specifically and the GOP in general. And that report card is (Bethany help me here) a pinch spotty. I predicted on Labor Day (ask our bad boy Dreher) and again after the RNC in twin cities… that Palin would be a HUGE meter-reader Gong Show hit at first while ultimately being credited (aka blamed) in post-election autopsies as the deciding factor that cost McCain the election. Palin would prove to be like a Little Debbie Devil Cake; tempting and sweet but with no redemptive nutritional value, possibly compromising one’s personal health. Besides, between Tina Fey and Wick Allison, why fight the undertow? (Props to Claytie Williams)

  8. Daniel says:

    Good God, I’m in the same boat, Julie — although I wouldn’t self-identify as a “lifelong Dem,” my aging parents are Republicans of the most rabid variety: former liberals who Took the Cure, as they see it, and had the scales fall from their eyes. Evidence of their newly lucid vision has included such tidbits as Hillary Clinton’s undeniable murder of Vince Foster. I dismayingly have noted Limbaughisms creep into their pronouncements — the press, for example, is “in the tank” for Obama. Now, they’re not without a leg to stand on there, but can’t they come up with their own phrasing? These are intelligent people. What happened?

    My Thanksgiving will actually pass much more pleasantly if McCain wins.

  9. Patrick says:

    Can we all get together and just have a “I’m So Sick Of Politics Party”??? C’mon, I’ll bring the dip!!!

  10. Spamboy says:

    The reason for Obama’s surge in the Park Cities is because only he can solve the issue of parking at Snider Plaza!

  11. Bethany says:

    I certainly am not all that surprised that McCain is concentrating his efforts on battleground states – we have less than a month before the election, and spending time in Texas would be akin to fixing your unbroken windshield wipers when your transmission is out.

    And – right or wrong – Bush, and by extension the GOP – is getting much of the blame for the current financial debacle. But combine that with the repeated drumbeat of “He agrees with Bush, he voted with Bush 97 times” with a continued financial crisis and generals coming right out and saying we don’t have enough resources in Afghanistan, and you’ve got the makings of a perfect storm of electoral loss.

  12. Jason says:

    What I don’t get is how Palin is being positioned as the great change agent on the Repub’s bill. When W was running, he also was the popular governor, who came from outside Washington, and whose foreign policy experience was nil. He was also the Joe Six-pack that everybody wanted to share a beer with, made gaffe after gaffe in interviews, and pretended to hold some higher moral code than any other candidate based on his church attendance. Now, eight years later, Palin’s running on the EXACT SAME PLATFORM. How on earth can anyone have the wool pulled over their eyes twice…or thrice if you include the 04 election? Even my conservative parents claim that Bush has been a travesty, and yet, they appear to back in line for more with this meet-the-new-boss-same-as-the-old-boss candidate. I would honestly think, if you’re a republican, you’d be tired of having your party’s name run through the mud by these image-only candidates.

  13. Highway 6 says:

    Remember Reagan’s question: ‘Are you better off today than you were four years ago?’ Most people today are answering, “No.”

    It will be easier to pull out of Iraq than to fix the parking at Snider Plaza.

  14. Highway 6 says:

    Oh, I forgot. Julie, it was a joke. Lighten up, will ya?

  15. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    Something tells me this is going to be the ‘Jack In The Beanstalk’ thread.

  16. Obama sadly doesn’t stand a chance in TX.


  17. For the record says:

    Considering the recycled platform/image that Jason rightly points out, I’m surprised that the old “neo-con” and “tax-and-spend liberal” scapegoats haven’t been more evident. They’re scapegoats because people are generally too lazy to come up with newer, more accurate terms. We have seen the “creeping socialism” exercised once or twice, though.

  18. For the record says:

    Oh, and one of the only bright spots in the national employment picture is with the Secret Service. Starting with the then-surprising, early Obama wins, there were resigned calls from SS folks back to the spouses: “Honey, a black guy is winning, which means all the kooks are coming out, and there’s going to be a a ton of required overtime.”

  19. JB says:

    Palin is not running for President. John McCain is and he is far more qualified than Obama and probably better qualified when he was running against Bush back in the primaries. The hilarity of it all is that Obama and Palin are being compared to each other for their experience or lack thereof while McCain is the presidential candidate. Also, one can certainly blame the failures or successes of the war(s) on Bush but the evidence for this current financial ‘crisis’ clearly falls in the Clinton administrations lap as this NYT article of 1999 pretty much praises Bill for being so generous with Fannie and Freddie.


  20. julie says:

    What the McCain campaign doesn’t seem to understand is that there are “ideas” that the American citizens just aren’t buyin’ any more:

    1. That it’s great to elect someone you’d like ta have a beer with

    2. That we want candidates of average Joe SixPack intelligence

    3. That we can be distracted by personal smears from the tanking of our 401k’s and the economy

    4. That even less regulation of Wall Street will help Main Street get out of this economic disaster

    If McCain had chosen Kay Bailey Hutch, I truly would have been quite worried. Intelligent, mature, experienced–heck even a librul can’t help but like her just a little bit.

  21. Tom in dallas says:

    Osama Bin Laden accomplished what he wanted when bombed the WTC- the economic collapse of the United States of America.

    I am a life long Republican who does split his ticket at election time And I remember this Bismarck quote,”People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war, and before an election.”.

  22. mike says:

    Be careful interpreting polls with questions involving a racial context. They are notoriously inaccurate. Folks will not reveal their biases when asked. It’s called the “Bradley Effect” — as in former LA Mayor Tom Bradley.

  23. jason says:

    JB, she’s the one bringing the crowds, not McCain. There are yard signs in our neighborhood that actually have PALIN! written in giant bold letters, with McCain listed in small italics at the bottom. I’m not saying she’s running for top of the ticket, but she’s being marketed that way.

    As far as Clinton being the bearer of all things related to the collapse, you do realize the bill he signed was the The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999, don’t you? You do also realize that all three of those names are Republicans, right? I mean, you wouldn’t just throw out some kind of data without backing it up and looking at who authored the beast, right? I mean really, you’re smarter than that.

  24. jason says:

    One other thing, Obama’s financial advisor is not Bill Clinton…McCain’s so happens to be Gramm. Talk about your guilt by association. That’s like appointing the captain of the Titanic as the driver for the Straight-Talk-Express bus.

  25. julie says:

    JB, sure–all those foreclosed homes in Frisco and Highland/University Park were bought by the really poor people…

    Let’s blame poor people for causing the demise of Wall Street. Wow, those poor suckers have more power than anyone knew…

    I like this source for independent commentary in plain language..

  26. Seven says:

    The financial deregulation came under CLINTON. The good economic times came after a Republican President. Clinton just happen to come in at a high point. I am surprised that HP and UP would vote for Obama when he wants to make people who earn income over $250K pay more taxes.

  27. Arec Barrwin says:

    If you look at the whole District, I don’t find the numbers surprising in the least. District 108 includes a lot of M Streets, Deep Ellum, Munger Avenue, and other areas that are very Democratic. If you just look at the Park Cities, the McCain to Obama % would probably be in the 65-35% range, which is close to historical norms. The implication that McCain is doing poorly in the Park Cities or other Republican strongholds in Texas is incorrect.

  28. Patrick says:

    OK fine, I’ll bring the chips too!!!

  29. j.d.w... says:

    Who the hell wants to have a beer with Palin?

  30. Bethany says:

    What kind of beer? I’ve had beer with plenty of people, but that doesn’t mean I’d vote for them in an election.

  31. Bill says:

    Pete Sessions made ALOT of enemies voting for the bailout bill the first time around. WTF was he thinking? No one in his district will benefit from that. Has he come under the spell of the Cactus Juice?

    I’m leaving the 32nd box spot on the ballot blank. That Dorkus Maximus is gonna have to win this one without me.

    Reminder: Alot of people in the Park Cities voted for Hillary instead of the republican ticket because El Rushbo told them to.

  32. In reading McCain’s prepared remarks he’s going to give today in Albuquerque, NM, it’s seems he’s all-in with the scare everyone tactics.

    Polls don’t vote, but when recent polls show McCain’s 10-13% back in VA, 7% back in NM, way back in Iowa (all went for Bush in ’04) and now ceding Michigan to Obama, it looks bad.

    Combined with the voter reg numbers in swing states, McCain is close to done.

  33. cs says:


    Key phrase being, “after a Republican President”…

    That’s fine, if what you say is true, then let’s put another democrat in so we can enjoy, “good economic times” again, genius.

  34. Dallasite says:

    That area includes all of Oak Lawn, Uptown, and Deep Ellum, not exactly GOP strongholds.

    I’d be willing to bet if you separated out the Park Cities the ration would be closer to 65% McCain, and 25% Obamasiah, and 10% “who cares”.

  35. Arec Barrwin says:

    Michael Davis:

    If I wanted to read the headlines from dailykos.com, I’d go there. We don’t need propaganda reposted. Thanks.

  36. The Proverbial Pot says:

    Dear Arec:
    My name is pot. I’ve nicknamed you kettle.

    Love and kisses,
    The Proverbial Pot

  37. Puddin'Tane says:

    Thank God for Checks and Balances built into our country’s governing structure. The issues are to hold all our representatives accountable from the state to national level.

    Regardless of who is elected, We are facing the most serious economic situation since the Depression (yeah, we’re in the sh*tter, folks!) and the person elected to the Oval Office is gonna have one hell of a go ‘round!

  38. DM says:

    I took a poll at our office and it came up

    32% McCain
    68% Obama

  39. Robb says:

    Obama will be our next president. Our taxes will jump and much effort will be spent making sure those who work hard for their money. The driven workers will be forced to take care of those who do nothing, and many people will be happy as a result. Many will not.

    The one constant I keep coming back to is; McCain is not responsible for what Bush has done anymore than Obama is responsible for what Carter did.

  40. jason says:

    Maybe this made the HP’s change their vote:


  41. Bethany says:

    Robb, I’m not sure you can compare Obama/Carter to McCain/Bush.

    For one thing, Bush was in power when McCain was a voting Senator, Carter was not for Obama.

    According to the Congressional Quarterly, McCain voted with President Bush 100 percent of the time in 2008, and 95 percent of the time in 2007. Carter was president beginning in 1977, and Obama was about 16 at that point – making it impossible for him to even vote for Carter in the presidential election, let alone in the Senate.

  42. jrp says:

    i’d like to drop a Rufie in Palin’s beer and see where the night goes

  43. Dubious Brother says:

    I don’t think the Keating 5 rehash is what HP is looking at, it is Obama explaining his health care plan as seen here:


  44. JB says:

    Julie had me playing along until the KBH comment. Many who have actually met her will attest that there is absolutely nothing likable about her. I wouldn’t vote for her for County Surveyor, much less Veep or Gov’na.

  45. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    This today from my neighbor Ms. Bille: “I would vote for Mr. Obama but things have been good and I see no reason to change horses.” Ms. Billie has Alzheimer’s.

  46. DM says:

    This would be a good year to actually have Alzheimer’s.

  47. Robb says:

    My point is McCain is not Bush, like other Democrats aren’t Obama. Just because McCain voted with Bush does not mean he is going to follow the same policies. How did McCain vote on the bills Obama authored over the last four years?

    Look, it doesn’t matter anyway. The next president inherits huge challenges and will be out of office in four years.

  48. David says:

    Daniel–“Now, they’re not without a leg to stand on there, but can’t they come up with their own phrasing? These are intelligent people. What happened?” I have the same story to tell about my parents. My mother was once a supporter of Hillary, but couldn’t stand what she perceived to be the “pro-Obama bias” of the mainstream media–so she turned to Fox. Within a few months she began to self-identify as a “neocon.” It was frightening. All she wants to do now is debate “hot-button issues.” It’s weird. She repeats exactly the same language and claims that you hear on Fox News. And that’s the side that worries so much about “indoctrination.” Something strange is clearly going on. Maybe we should start a support group.

  49. Daniel says:

    The next POTUS will indeed be a one-termer … unless, miracle of miracles, the economy is all hummin’-like come four years hence. Doubtful business, that.

  50. DBX says:

    This is progress, but it needs to be put into perspective. I ran the numbers using Dallas County precinct data for the 108th state house district, and the 2004 Bush-Kerry margin was 53.2 Bush, 45.2 Kerry. So going from -8 to +2 is certainly progress, but only a 5 percent swing is not going to bring Texas to the Democratic ticket; you’d need an 11.5 percent swing to do that in view of Bush’s 23 percent margin last time.

    If Obama can stretch that North Dallas margin to +15, we’ll know Texas is at least a toss-up. But the rich Republican dead-enders are still going to be the last to come around in this situation; many of the non-dead enders already came aboard for Kerry.

  51. Dubious Brother says:

    Or maybe HP is figuring that since Obama is no longer licensed to practice law he has left the dark side. In “Dreams From My Father” Obama said the law could sometimes be “a sort of glorified accounting that serves to regulate the affairs of those who have power — and that all too often seeks to explain, to those who do not, the ultimate wisdom and justness of their condition.”… “I try to do my small part in reversing this tide.” Any day now he will announce his plan to prosecute the Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac five, or ten or however many are involved.

  52. amandacobra says:

    @ Robb

    McCain isn’t Bush but is a lot more closely related to him, even endorsing him and campaigning for him “enthusiastically” in 2000. Oh yeah and Bush has returned the “favor” by whole-heartedly endorsing McCain in 2008.



  53. Daniel says:


    Creepy, no? What’s going on here? This not intelligent conservatism — the things it espouses are only classically conservative maybe 60% of the timne. This is sheer demagoguery. Queers getting married matters
    not one whit to the future of our Republic, for the love of St. Pete. The scary thing is how they’ve managed to get the working class on board with global corporate interests that will run the American worker over like a three-legged dog — all by vilifying gay people and educated people; by instilling a sense of beseigement among Christians; by tagging anything even slightly left of center as “left-wing radicalism”; all this even as Republican leaders are every bit the “big city types” they vilify — expensively educated, mostly
    secular, just as likely to have been divorced or to have a lesbian daughter or gay stepdad or what-have-you.

    It’s grisly, and it’s horrifying and dispiriting to see how well it works. And then Republicans, or a certain obstreperous strain thereof, have the temerity to compare Obama campaign appearances to the Nuremberg rallies. So weird…

  54. YesISpoutCampaignSlogansAsFactToo says:

    I couldn’t find in Congressional Quarterly how Bush voted. Does anyone have that link?

  55. Bethany says:

    I’ll assume you meant McCain.

    You’ll need an account, though.

  56. amandacobra says:

    @ YesISpout….


    The phrase “voting with” doesn’t literally mean that Bush was voting on the floor but that McCain voted in line with Bush’s position. The president usually makes his feelings known one way or the other on an issue.

    Sorry for any confusion. I think most people who have recited that statistic were aware that Bush does not have a vote in the House or Senate.

  57. Dan says:

    Now let’s get this one straight. How is Palin going to be blamed when out of sheer desperation she was allowed to be added to the ticket in the first place. McCain was never ahead or set to win this race. His last ditch effort pre convention was to try this desperte Hail Mary pass. Which is having the predictable outcomem after a momentary “bounce”.

    Don’t try to pin anything on Palin. This loss was inevitable. McCain didn’t have the stuff as always and Obama was so much superior as far as choices.

  58. Dan says:

    McCain is going desperate fanning the flames of hate and fear. But last time I looked Reagan was shot due to crazy. It never is a good strategy to fan the flames of hatred and crazy. He endangers himself and Palin, as much, if not more than Obama. Very irresponsible and maniacal.

  59. jason says:


    Rehash the Keating 5? That’s rich…and we already saw Palin attempt that talking point, but I’ve noticed the conserva-blogs have been trying to sell that line of defense for the past three months now.

    It’s a bit of an odd tactic though, don’t you think?…using the “that’s ancient history” approach, considering it was one of the most colossal scandals of our generation, and that trial was in 1990 if you remember correctly. Hardly ancient history…hell, I’ve got socks that are that old.

    If someone raped one of your family members, and was put on trial 15 years later, do you think they could use the same excuse? “Come on Judge, do you really want to rehash that old business?! I did that years ago!”

    Nice. Also, if you’re going to attempt that card, remember that Ayers did his crimes in the 1960’s.

  60. Robb says:

    Amanda, McCain voting for Bush policy doesn’t mean he will carry the same policy if he is elected. Yes, Bush endorsed McCain, but McCain has distanced from Bush as much as he could.

    Yes, Obama is a change completely, but everybody is in love with his character, and they are blind to his actual track record. Would you hire a person to roof your house just because he thinks your rook should look better than it does, yet he has never roofed a house in his life? Would you hire somebody who had never operated on a human being to perform surgery on your child?

    Obama has zero experience. He has authored no bills. Yes, he has grand visions, but the reason everybody loves him is because “he isn’t Bush.” That’s fine and dandy if that’s what you like, but I am worried about the state of my country, and neither of these bozos make me very happy. Especially when they guy has yet to author something I can actually comprehend.

  61. Code Punk says:

    Sad how divisive we have become as a society.

    Sad how it becomes even more divisive when trying to find who to place the blame of the divisivness on.

    Eat more tuna from a can.

  62. Fred says:

    @JB: Palin is indeed running for President. John McCain is 72 years old and has a history of aggressive skin cancer. Chances are very good that he will suffer a recurrence within the next few years. If that happens and he needs treatment, he will be incapacitated and Palin will have to step in. And if he dies, well… Either way, this campaign is all about Palin, and if you truly believe you are voting for McCain rather than Palin, you are deluding yourself.

  63. Fred says:


    The Bradley Effect is disappearing and does not have the same influence it had in the 1980s.


  64. jason says:

    Robb, since you haven’t had a chance to take a look at exactly what he’s done (ref. bizarre roofing metaphor), here’s a little list:

    Senator Obama has sponsored or co-sponsored 570 bills in the 109th and 110th Congress.

    Senator Obama has sponsored or co-sponsored 15 bills that have become LAW since he joined the Senate in 2005.

    Senator Obama has also introduced amendments to 50 bills, of which 16 were adopted by the Senate.

    His record is in fact quite impressive for a junior Senator from Illinois.

    Most of his legislative effort has been in the areas of:

    * Energy Efficiency and Climate Change (25 bills)
    * Health care (21 bills) and public health (20 bills)
    * Consumer protection/labor (14 bills)
    * The needs of Veterans and the Armed Forces (13 bills)
    * Congressional Ethics and Accountability (12 bills)
    * Foreign Policy (10 bills)
    * Voting and Elections (9 bills)
    * Education (7 bills)
    * Hurricane Katrina Relief (6)
    * The Environment (5 bills)
    * Homeland Security (4 bills)
    * Discrimination (4 bills)

    Of the 15 bills Senator Obama sponsored or co-sponsored in 2005-7 that became law:

    Two addressed foreign policy:

    * Promote relief, security and democracy in the Congo (2125)
    * Develop democratic institutions in areas under Palestinian control (2370).

    Three addressed public health:

    * Improve mine safety (2803)
    * Increased breast cancer funding (597)
    * Reduce preterm delivery and complications, reduce infant mortality (707).

    Two addressed openness and accountability in government:

    * Strengthening the Freedom of Information Act (2488 )
    * Full disclosure of all entities receiving federal funds (2590)

    Two addressed national security

    * Extend Terrorist Risk Insurance (467)
    * Amend the Patriot Act (2167)

    One addressed the needs of the Armed Forces

    * Wave passport fees to visit graves, attend memorials/funerals of veterans abroad (1184).

    Of the 570 bills Senator Obama introduced into the Senate during the 109th and 110th Congress (Senate Bill numbers are in parentheses), they can be summarized as follows:

    25 addressed Energy Efficiency and Climate Change

    * Suspend royalty relief for oil and gas (115)
    * Reduce dependence on oil; use of alternative energy sources (133)
    * Increase fuel economy standards for cars (767, 768 )
    * Auto industry incentives for fuel efficient vehicles (1151)
    * Reduce green house gas emissions (1324)
    * Establish at NSF a climate change education program (1389)
    * Increase renewable content of gasoline (2202)
    * Energy emergency relief for small businesses and farms (269)
    * Strategic gasoline and fuel reserves (1794)
    * Alternative diesel standards (3554)
    * Coal to liquid fuel promotion (3623)
    * Renewable diesel standards (1920)
    * Reducing global warming pollution from vehicles (2555)
    * Fuel security and consumer choice (1994, 2025)
    * Alternative energy refueling system (2614)
    * Climate change education (1389)
    * Low income energy assistance (2405)
    * Oil savings targets (339)
    * Fuel economy reform (3694)
    * Plug-in electric drive vehicles (1617)
    * Nuclear release notice (2348 )
    * Passenger rail investment (294)
    * Energy relief for low income families (2405)

    21 addressed Health Care

    * Drug re-importation (334)
    * Health information technology (1262, 1418 )
    * Discount drug prices (2347)
    * Health care associated infections (2278 )
    * Hospital quality report cards (692, 1824)
    * Medical error disclosure and compensation (1784)
    * Emergency medical care and response (1873)
    * Stem cell research (5)
    * Medical Malpractice insurance (1525)
    * Health centers renewal (901, 3771)
    * Children’s health insurance (401)
    * Home health care (2061)
    * Medicare independent living (2103)
    * Microbicides for HIV/AIDS (823)
    * Ovarian cancer biomarker research (2569)
    * Gynological cancers (1172)
    * Access to personalized medicine through use of human genome (976)
    * Paralysis research and care (1183)

    20 addressed Public Health:

    * Violence against women (1197)
    * Biodefense and pandemic preparedness and response (1821, 1880)
    * Viral influenza control (969)
    * End homelessness (1518 )
    * Reduce STDs/unintended pregnancy (1790)
    * Smoking prevention and tobacco control (625)
    * Minority health improvement and disparity elimination (4024)
    * Nutrition and physical education in schools (2066)
    * Health impact assessments (1067, 2506)
    * Healthy communities (1068 )
    * Combat methamphetamines (2071)
    * Paid sick leave (910)
    * Prohibit mercury sales (833, 1818 )
    * Prohibit sale of lead products (1306, 2132)
    * Lead exposure in children (1811, 2132)

    14 address Consumer Protection/Labor

    * Stop unfair labor practices (842)
    * Fair minimum wage (2, 1062, 2725, 3829)
    * Internet freedom (2917)
    * Credit card safety (2411)
    * Media ownership (2332)
    * Protecting taxpayer privacy (2484)
    * Working family child assistance (218 )
    * Habeus Corpus Restoration (185)
    * Bankruptcy protection for employees and retirees (2092)
    * FAA fair labor management dispute resolution (2201)
    * Working families flexibility (2419).

    13 addressed the Needs of Veterans and the Armed Forces:

    * Improve Benefits (117)
    * Suicide prevention (479)
    * Needs of homeless veterans (1180)
    * Homes for veterans (1084)
    * GI Bill enhancement (43)
    * Military job protection
    * Dignity in care for wounded vets (713)
    * Housing assistance for low income veterans (1084)
    * Military children in public schools (2151)
    * Military eye injury research and care (1999)
    * Research physical/mental health needs from Iraq War (1271)
    * Proper administration of discharge for personality disorder (1817, 1885)
    * Security of personal data of veterans (3592)

    12 addressed Congressional Ethics and Accountability

    * Lobbying and ethics reform (230)
    * Stop fraud (2280)
    * Legislative transparency and accountability (525)
    * Open government (2180, 2488 )
    * Restoring fiscal discipline (10)
    * Transparency and integrity in earmarks (2261)
    * Accountability of conference committee deliberations and reports (2179)
    * Federal funding accountability and transparency (2590)
    * Accountability and oversight for private security functions under Federal
    * contract (674)
    * Accountability for contractors and personnel under federal contracts
    * (2147) Restrictions awarding government contracts (2519)

    10 addressed Foreign Policy:

    * Iraq war de-escalation (313)
    * US policy for Iraq (433),
    * Divestiture from Iran (1430)
    * Sudan divestment authorization (831)
    * Millennium Development Goals (2433)
    * Multilateral debt relief (1320)
    * Development bank reform (1129)
    * Nuclear nonproliferation (3131,977,2224).

    9 address Voting/Elections

    * Prohibit deceptive practices in Federal elections (453)
    * Voter access to polls and services in Federal elections (737)
    * Voter intimidation and deceptive practices (1975)
    * Senate campaign disclosure parity (185)
    * Require reporting for bundled campaign contributions (2030)
    * Election jamming prevention (4102)
    * Campaign disclosure parity (223)
    * Presidential funding (2412)
    * Integrity of electronic voting systems (1487)

    11 addressed Education

    * Increase access of low income African Americans to higher education (1513)
    * Establish teaching residency programs (1574)
    * Increase early intervention services (2111)
    * Middle school curriculum improvements (2227)
    * Public database of scholarships, fellowships and financial aid (2428 )
    * Summer learning programs (116)
    * TANF financial education promotion (924)
    * Higher education (1642)
    * Build capacity at community colleges (379)
    * Campus law enforcement in emergencies (1228 )
    * Support for teachers (2060).

    6 addressed Hurricane Katrina

    * Hurricane Katrina recovery (2319)
    * Emergency relief (1637)
    * Bankruptcy relief and community protection (1647)
    * Working family tax relief (2257)
    * Fair wages for recovery workers (1749)
    * Gulf coast infrastructure redevelopment (1836)

    5 addressed the Environment

    * Drinking water security (218, 1426)
    * Water resources development (728 )
    * Waste water treatment (1995)
    * Combat illegal logging (1930)
    * Spent nuclear fuel tracking and accountability (1194)
    * Asian Carp Prevention and Control Act (Introduced in Senate)[S.726.IS ]

    4 addressed Discrimination

    * Claims for civil class action based on discrimination (1989)
    * Domestic partnership benefits (2521)
    * Unresolved civil rights crimes (535)
    * Equality or two parent families (2286)

    4 addressed Homeland Security

    * Judicial review of FISA orders (2369)
    * National emergency family locator (1630)
    * Amend US Patriot Act (2167)
    * Chemical security and safety (2486)

  65. Bethany says:

    There wasn’t a link for all that? Geez.

  66. Puddin'Tane says:

    And the roll of toilet paper just ran out….

  67. jason says:

    I think requiring him to scroll through it creates a better effect, no?

  68. Bethany says:

    You’ve obviously never tried to scroll through the comments on your phone.

  69. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    If this thread could be needled, who knows what we could sow.

  70. Bret says:

    Jason made a great list. It’s a list I can believe in.

  71. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    Today’s Happy Hour mantra: “Say it like it’s so and maybe it will be true or at least theu’ll think so.” This premise works best when people like Jason are not sitting at that bar. Salud!

  72. Bert Chadick says:

    Say it aint so. I have a personal investment in writing off the Park Cities as a troglodyte bastion of irrational Republicanism. What nest? The Cowboys are going to stop being evil?

    HPHS ’64

  73. Puddin'Tane says:

    Rawlins: the HH Mantra should be “Get your facts first so then you can distort them as much as you please.” -Mark Twain

  74. Dubious Brother says:

    The Keating 5 was four dems and McCain. McCain was cleared by the Senate Ethics Committee and he admitted that his involvement although not illegal was dumb.

    Ayers on the other hand was blowing up statues and buildings, lost a girl friend and another fellow bomb expert when they blew themselves up and he still thinks that he did nothing wrong.

    Obama comes from the most politically corrupt city in the political cesspool Illinois. His baggage is explosive unlike Chauncey Gardeners.

  75. Jill B. says:

    I would like to see McCain’s list. Could you get that for me so I can compare?


  76. william says:

    I met a woman this weekend knitting a brain out of brass wire.

  77. m2thej says:

    I can’t believe no one has talked about this Rolling Stone article yet… its a must read, although brace yourself for the 10 pages online… http://www.rollingstone.com/news/coverstory/make_believe_maverick_the_real_john_mccain/page/1

    Make Believe Maverick.

  78. jason says:


    I fail to see how your logic wins out here. Because four of the five were Democrats, then McCain’s a good guy? Remember we Democrats voted against Hillary because we truly wanted to change the party, you’re the one’s who propped up the status quo.

    The reality of the Keating 5 scandal is that any one of the officials could have stopped the entire trainwreck. McCain’s “bad judgement” was not as simple as you’d wish it were. He sat in the room while the lone regulator was being bullied into looking the other way as Keating performed a massive fraud on Americans. Even McCain acknowledges this. Also, of the five, McCain was considered the closest to Keating. He received $120K in political funds, and trips for his wife, kids, friends, and babysitter to the Bahamas. McCain wrote letters to postpone the investigation of Keating, and further attempted to delay rulings against him. AND ALL OF THIS CORRESPONDS DIRECTLY TO WHAT IS HAPPENING TO US NOW IN THE MARKETPLACE! It’s extremely relevant, whereas trying to pin Obamna to bombings of Ayers requires the heaviest of mental gymnastics…especially since he would have been in grade school!

  79. KRM says:

    Jason, your copy & paste skills are strong, but graduating to the school of hyperlinking would be appreciated by all and decrease your Internet power suckage footprint. You have taken the proverbial bait hook, line & sinker. According to Brookings Institution and FactCheck.org, “cosponsorship does not require a commitment of time, energy or resources — let alone the political or policy ingenuity that might generate a bill idea in the first place.” Tallying sponsored bills, rather than co-sponsored, is “a better metric of a senator’s agenda, efforts and interests.” And, five of the seven Obama-sponsored bills passed by the Senate are “fluff” bills having to do with such goals as recognizing and establishing national observances, honoring individuals’ memories, marking important events and congratulating sports teams.

    You are a sheep being led to slaughter by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Please open your eyes to the real Obama. He is merely a faceman, a TV actor, if you will, for an extreme liberal agenda. You are being sold a bill of goods. And, your buying options are so much better as there has probably never been a more proven leader and patriot running for President than John McCain.

  80. Jenny the Elephant says:


  81. David Marjanović says:

    He is merely a faceman, a TV actor, if you will, for an extreme liberal agenda.

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Please. Obama, like Kerry and both Clintons, would fit comfortably into any conservative party in Europe. Lifting American health insurance out of the Third World isn’t an “extreme liberal agenda”.

    there has probably never been a more proven leader and patriot running for President than John McCain.

    Haven’t seen such a flip-flopper since Fearless Flightsuit last changed the reason for the Iraq war.

    Selecting an ignorance-only creationist for running mate is compatible with being a proven leader or patriot? Since when? Being proud of Hagee’s support is compatible with being a proven leader or patriot? Since when? Promising to keep the USA the land of the working poor without health insurance is compatible with being a proven leader or patriot? An utterly ignorant patriot perhaps — too ignorant for any high office.

    Oh, and… speaking of patriots… you know about Palin and the Alaskan Independence Party, don’t you? B-)

  82. David Marjanović says:

    Incidentally, have a look at this map.

  83. Don't Even Get Me Started says:

    It is not hard for me, an flame ball of a liberal, to admit that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are worthless. Why is it so hard for Republicans to admit that some of the Republican leaders (like Palin) might be better suited for the Short Bus?

  84. Harvey Lacey says:

    I do work occasionally in the Park Cities. I can’t imagine anyone I’ve met there who could or would relate to Palin.




    Park Cities?

    No way.

    A little side note for the ladies on here wanting to be on McCain’s team. How many of y’all would have any respect at all for forty one year old married man that hits on twenty four year old swee thing?

    Now we can understand a young lady being impressed by a forty one year old War Hero. But a forty one year old hitting on a twenty four year old? What kind of guy is that?

    I don’t see him being one for gender equality, that’s for sure.

  85. Harvey Lacey says:

    I still have my Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker on my truck. It would be criminal for someone to even have a thought about me being responsible for the last eight years, especially the last four.

    This week I’ve received two phone calls from friends that surprised me. I also got one from another friend that didn’t.

    The two surprises were from buds that called to ask who I was voting for this year. Both of them told me that contrary to their past history this year they were going for Obama. One because of Palin’s pick, airhead was the term he used I believe. The other’s logic was about his doubts concerning financial survival. He didn’t think he would have anything left with another four years of Bush.

    The not a surprise was, well, I’m sure all of us have that relative we know was really, really illegitmate. And I’m sure we’ve all got friends with faults that are so severe that we love them even though we can’t find one good reason to do so.

    One of those winners that I have in my life called me yesterday morning and asked me if I knew what change was.

    I didn’t say anything.

    He said, “Can you Help A (yup, that word) Get Elected.

    If you are on the fence and want a reason to come over to Obama’s side consider my bud is on the other.

  86. tank says:


  87. Dubious Brother says:


    I don’t recall the market dropping 10% when Keating pulled off his scam. If I were you, I would be concerned with the scumbags that have scammed the taxpayers with the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac cluster ****. Look on both sides of the aisle and see who was pushing for more and who was pushing for less and regulation.
    I was not trying to tie B. Hussein to the Ayers bombings. We all know that at that time he hadn’t chosen his blackness yet and was being raised by his white grandmother, the only relative of his that seemed to care that he hadn’t been aborted. If only his mother had the choice way back when.

    The Dems have made it obvious that they don’t feel this country is ready for female leadership although their female candidate has no leadership experience but neither does their token male.

  88. diahh says:

    Here’s some information on the Keating Five that people might find interesting.

    Stanley Kurtz has been looking into Obamas relationship with Bill Ayers for a while now and here’s his response to the New York times article about Obama and Bill Ayers.

    And here’s some information about the current financial situation, plus McCains speech in New Mexico today.

  89. diahh says:

    And don’t forget that if you say anything that is politically harmful to Democrats and Dear Leader, you’re a racist.

  90. MJL says:

    FEC Queries McCain Campaign on ‘Excessive Contributions’

    By Matthew Mosk (the Washington Post)

    While the Republican Party is pushing the Federal Election Commission to investigate the possibility that Democrat Barack Obama collected excessive contributions, its own candidate is facing scrutiny on the same subject.

    The FEC sent a letter to Sen. John McCain’s campaign treasurer Sept. 30 demanding the candidate turn over more information about “contributions that appear to exceed the limits.”

    The letter is accompanied by a nine-page list showing scores of overages from McCain’s August campaign finance report, including nearly $13,000 from Texas rancher Ray R. Barrett Jr.; $9,200 from an Iraqi security consultant, H. Carter Andress; and $5,000 from Joseph F. Davolio, an executive at a major national liquor, beer and wine distributor.

  91. KRM says:

    Jason – “AND ALL OF THIS CORRESPONDS DIRECTLY TO WHAT IS HAPPENING TO US NOW IN THE MARKETPLACE (the S&L scandal)!” Jason, my friend, do some research. While there are many levels and much blame for the current economic crisis, the S&L situation could not be more different. The contagion today is Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two quasi-government financial institutions pushed by the Dems to increase affordable housing for low incomers. It all started there. It was the government’s fault, with Wall Street getting into trouble following government tail winds. George Bush, as the country’s lead executive, is only allowed to execute laws. Laws are actually made in Congress. Research Fannie, Freddie, Community Reinvestement Act, ACORN, Barney Frank, and your man Obama. The economic firestorm was ignited there. Disappointing that the layman gives the President too much blame when things go bad, and too much credit when things are good, but that’s his role I guess. But, rather than simply voting for change, research what in the heck you are trying to change. A corrupt Congress would be the best change America could make. And, McCain will make a sincere run at that initiative. Obama will be bed buddies with corrupt cronies – Pelosi, Schumer, Frank, Reid, etc. A recipe for disaster.

  92. Doesn’t Obama have close ties to the crooks who ran Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac? This mess is the fault of Congress and and decisions to prop the economy with housing post 9/11. And 9/11 happened because of Clinton. He was too busy “worrying” about interns to pay attention to national security. This is probably why President Bush will not end up in HP or UP.

  93. Harvey Lacey says:

    Candy, really? You’re suggesting Obama is contaminated by being part of Congress for less than one term and McCain isn’t after being there for over thirty years?

    And wasn’t it McCain’s campaign manager that was still getting fifteen grand a month from Fannie or Freddie up until less than a month ago?

    If you like the way things are then vote Republican. If you don’t then I suggest considering a change.

  94. Harvey Lacey says:

    Hmmmm, KRM, haven’t the corrupt Congress people lately run out of office been Republicans?

  95. Harvey Lacey says:

    For those wondering what tank was talking about, Bradley effect refers to the California governor’s race where Bradley was ahead in all the polls prior to the election and lost.

    Bradley was African American. I guess you can put the okie in California but you can’t take the Oklahoma out of them.

  96. wja4507 says:

    @ Harvey Lacey: exactly what would Obama’s “change” be? The beauty of his “change” game is that the word is interpreted to fix each person’s specific problem, whether or not that’s its effect.

    I’m certainly not for “change” for change’s sake. I don’t need big gov’t to coddle me. I’m displeased that the bailout had “sweetners” added to it. The nat’l media ran with that term, when really it was a pork-fest. The politicians must be held accountable for that. And I won’t have my vote bought by Obama promising me a “tax break.” Which is exactly what that is: “Vote for me and I’ll hand you $1,000.”

    Perhaps one of the most important questions you can ask is: In the time that Obama has been a senator, what “change” did he effect?
    Seriously – what change? If one were to strip party affiliation from him, would the support be the same? If Obama was just some guy who appeared at your doorstep, you invited him in for coffee, and he told you all of the things he’s done and, in full disclosure, all of the negatives, would you fell confident enough in him to elect him? Even as mayor of Dallas?

    If Obama wins, this is officially the “American Idol” election. But I don’t believe that will happen. Despite the polls, despite the rhetoric and national media, Obama simply will not win – mark my words.

  97. Daniel says:

    Gee, Candace, just wow. 9-11 was Clinton’s fault — had nothing to do with American foreign policy over the course of decades. Had nothing to do with our ignoble abandonment of Afghanistan after supporting them in their war against the U.S.S.R. Nothing to do with our cozy and mutually hypocritical relationship with Saudi Arabia, a nation whose people despise us as interlopers (even as they grow fat on our oil dollars; I did say “mutual”). And the fact that they despise us has nothing to do with our unwavering military support of Israel. Nope — you heard it here, folks: 9-11 happpened because Clinton was getting a beej while the red-alert light blinked. Candace Evans said so!

  98. Bethany says:

    Actually, it’s McCain staffer Aquiles Suarez – listed in 2007 as an economic adviser, who was former the director of government and industry relations for Fannie Mae – basically he was a lobbyist for the lender and oversaw a $47.5 million lending campaign.

    Top aide Charlie Black’s lobbying firm worked for Freddie Mac from 1999-2004. Campaign vice-chair Wayne Berman and congressional liason John Green got a $1.14 million paycheck for work their Ogilvy Government Relations – also a lobbying firm – did for Fannie Mae. Green also lobbied for Freddie Mac. Arther B. Culvahouse Jr. – who vetted and helped with the Sarah Palin selection – was a lobbyist with O’Melveny & Myers – and worked with Fannie Mae.

    Campaign Rick Davis headed the Homeownership Alliance, which lobbyed for real estate and mortgage lenders – including Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

    Politico says at least 20 more staffers have lobbied for Freddie and Fannie as well.


  99. Harvey Lacey says:

    wja, I like the idea of weighing the candidates on lunch date appeal. Not a bad set of scales to use at all, gud job dude!

    With that in mind I think Obama and Michelle win my vote hands down. But then one of the criteria I like to use in judging a man is the kind of woman he chooses to marry. Michelle is without a doubt a strong woman.

    And wasn’t it John earlier this year talking about the high road on the campaign trail? He said something about negative campaigning wasn’t what the voter deserved. They deserved discussions on the issues.

    It looks like John has flip flopped again, just like he has on every other important issue, even torture of prisoners of war.

  100. J.B. C. says:

    Guess what… everyone sucks.

    I can list a ton of sites/stories/experts that object to Obama/Biden.

    I can list a ton of sites/stories/experts that object to McCain/Palin.

    This election is about your core belief on what the government should be doing for you. Take that as you wish…

    As for the Keating and Ayers debacles….
    Both showed lack of judgement and character.

    Main concern for me:

    I am more worried about small businesses specifically S corp, farmers, etc who are going to be taxed under Obama’s plan because it is considered individual income over $250,000. These high growth businesses, though only 5% of small business, shouldn’t be subjected to higher taxes during the often volatile transition from a small business to larger… especially during a potential recession in the next few months. Couple this with mandated healthcare, a raise in the minimum wage, and the other business taxes, and the lack of confidence in the market… it just feels like a perfect storm for melt down,

    If Obama gets in… I hope he rethinks his plans until the market and economic volatility level out. If not I just do not see how all that combined will help…

    Oh and everyone still sucks.

  101. Dubious Brother says:

    It takes an hour to get through but it does a good job of describing the financial crisis that we are facing – from NPR.

  102. KRM says:

    Dems lose the Fannie and Freddie involvement game big-time. Lobbyist in Washington work for anyone who will pay them, so campaigns employing lobbyists is meaningless. However, three Democrats with close ties to Obama have served as Fannie Mae EXECUTIVES: Franklin Raines, former Clinton administration budget director; James Johnson, former aide to Democratic Vice President Walter Mondale; and Jamie Gorelick, former Clinton administration deputy attorney general. Johnson earned $21 million in just his last year serving as Fannie Mae CEO from 1991 to 1998; Raines earned $90 million in his five years as Fannie Mae CEO, from 1999 to 2004; and Gorelick earned an estimated $26 million serving as vice chair of Fannie Mae from 1998 to 2003. Raines and several other Fannie Mae top executives were ordered in a civil lawsuit to pay nearly $31.4 million for manipulating Fannie Mae earnings over a period of six years to trigger their massive bonuses. Raines currently advises Obama on housing policy.

    A review of Federal Election Commission records back to 1989 reveals Obama in his three complete years in the Senate is the SECOND LARGEST RECIPIENT of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae campaign contributions, behind only Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., the powerful chairman of the Senate banking committee.

    No, Harvey, the corrupt Congressmen have not been run out. They continue to surround the hen house, and the lead fox is close to breaking down the door. John McCain will fight this corruption. Obama is a spawn of this corruption.

  103. Puddin'Tane says:

    Jason: an interesting article on Obama’s record…


  104. Joe Sixpack says:

    Anybody got a beer?

  105. Dubious Brother says:

    Joe Sixpack

    While you are enjoying your beer, watch Joe Biden’s favorite video


  106. Dubious Brother says:

    Joe Sixpack

    Enjoy for beer while watching Joe Biden’s favorite YouTube clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSdFIDygFwM

  107. Robb says:

    Okay, maybe I am confused. I thought “sponsored” meant somebody brought a bill to him that he put his name on and helped champion? I also thought “authored” meant somebody had an idea they put onto paper and tried to push it through (by maybe getting associates to sponsor or co-sponsor)?

    So, Obama has agreed to help with a couple hundred ideas somebody else had? And a majority of Americans are now supporting a guy who’s first original ideas are the ones he is including in his campaign? And these Americans are convinced the first ever ideas he has put on paper will succeed and work without question? So, this guy will be the most successful politician in the history of this great country? Without any experience in actually writing a bill?

    He11, Bethany seems smart and has posted some ideas in the comments that don’t seem half bad……..I guess she is experienced enough to run this country in all your eyes?

    No offense Bethany, but you’re not. Neither am I. Neither is Obama.

  108. Puddin'Tane says:

    Robb: as a friend of mine wrote in response to my above post,

    “It’s hard to tell without a lot of research. “Sponsoring” and “co-sponsoring” are not particularly hard to do since all that is really needed is to grant permission for your name to be used. Usually, the hard work is done by others — elected officials, staff or lobbyists. A lot of this is like saying “I approve.”


  109. Robb says:

    Puddin’: EXACTLY. As Jason pointed out above, and as you just replied, Obama has “approved” quite a bit. Unfortunately, he has yet to “author” something himself.

    People, it’s not hard for somebody to cut and paste their way to an argument for the candidate of their choice. Creative marketing is what campaigns are made of. Magazines use the info from audits that benefit them, and they try not to shed light on the stats that don’t. TV does the same thing. Pro Obama or pro McCain voters will obviously do that as well. As a person who is not pleased with the quality of either of the candidates, it is pretty easy to see faults with both. But, Obama has yet to do ANYTHING. Not real excited about voting for somebody who can’t tell me about any bill he has authored.

  110. Charlie says:

    The comments here by the left wing sheep are frightening. They have totally ignored Obamas past. He has NO accomplishments in the political field, NO management experience and DOES have a background of associating with admitted terrorist that killed American citizens(Ayers), a racist preacher for 20 years (Wright), deep ties with a proven crooked organization (ACORN), bought his house with the help of a convicted felon (Rezko) and believes it’s OK to murder partially born babies. Even his Muslim representatives have attended meeting with militant Muslims. Lewis Farrakhan has called him “The Messiah”. If his closet is ever fully opened, there will be a lot of demons found there. I am not a big fan of McCain/Palin, but they are much more open, honest and experienced than the alternative. I just hope Obamas sheep wake up before they are led to the alter.

  111. David says:

    Charlie: You have stuffed yourself so full of blatantly false propaganda that I wonder how you can maintain it. Do you actively avoid all media that doesn’t agree with you? Do you think factcheck.org is part of the MSM conspiracy? Take your aluminum foil helmet off your head and think for yourself. One example: The Weather Underground’s bombs never killed anybody (except themselves, by accident). They always called authorities ahead of time to warn them and let them evacuate everyone. What do you expect? They were anti-war terrorists. They didn’t want to kill anyone. And Obama’s a Christian, not Muslim (what do you think the title Reverend in Rev. Wright means?). The rest of your loony conspiracy theores are also false.

    Meanwhile, your hero McCain committed adultery against his first wife while he was a commissioned officer in the Navy. That offense (which caused Ross Perot to forever drop his support for McCain) is conduct unbecoming an officer and usually results in a court marshal and dishonorable discharge (unless your Dad is a 4 star admiral like McCain).

    As to Palin, there are no words save Col. Kurtz’s final ones…

  112. CraigoftheWorld says:

    Perhaps a little levity is in order here. This video was made for an election related product, but it is hilarious.


    The people who made it are raising funds for the Yellow Ribbon Fund.