Obama Continues to Dominate at 7-Eleven

As if Barack Obama’s trouncing of John McCain in the coffee-cup poll weren’t enough, check out more evidence of That One’s popularity among the 7-Eleven set. Honchos at the chain’s store on Abrams near Northwest Highway say Obama’s stuff sold out the first day this display went up. (And hey, we’re just reporting the news here. Contrary to misinformed commenters on other blogs, not every editor at the D company is backing the Dem. No big fan of McCain, I nonetheless tried to warn Wick that the combination of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the Saul Alinsky-loving European socialist would be disastrous for our country, but did he listen to me? Uh, no.)


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45 responses to “Obama Continues to Dominate at 7-Eleven”

  1. lightbulb says:

    I can’t even imagine the McCain wants to vote for himself after the way his campaign has turned to ugliness over the past couple of weeks. I can see the end of Palin’s political career from my house.

  2. brighterlightbulb says:

    I can’t even imagine the Obama wants to vote for himself after the way his campaign has turned to ugliness over the past couple of weeks. I can see the end of Biden’s political career from my house.

  3. Bethany says:

    You are so right. I regularly hear the chants of “kill him” coming from Obama’s crowds every time he speaks about McCain at a rally.

  4. the cynic says:

    Oldest political trick int he book, when you have nothing to contribute, just attack your opponent and hope it sticks. It’s sad that McCain-Pallid is all the publicans could muster. Despite all their economic doomsday talk, remember 1992? They said the same about Clinton and he led us to a Federal SURPLUS (which W promptly turned into a deficit and now a record one) Ch-ch-ch-changes!

  5. Spamboy says:

    I think people are using the Obama stickers to plug the leaks in their 401(k)’s.

  6. Maggie says:

    The McCain internals must be terrible if they’re spending the last month of the election rallying their base and the hateful crazies instead of to swing voters.

    Also, can we send everyone crying socialism back to ninth grade government class? Thanks.

  7. JB says:

    Okay I put this up about a week ago and no one responded I am trying to get the Obama point of view:

    Main concern for me:

    I am more worried about small businesses specifically S corp, farmers, etc who are going to be taxed under Obama’s plan because it is considered individual income over $250,000. These high growth businesses, though only 5% of small business, shouldn’t be subjected to higher taxes during the often volatile transition from a small business to larger… especially during a potential recession in the next few months. Couple this with mandated healthcare, a raise in the minimum wage, and the other business taxes, and the complete lack of confidence in the market… it just feels like a perfect storm for melt down,

    If Obama gets in… I hope he rethinks his plans until the market and economic volatility level out. If not I just do not see how all that combined will help…

    Oh and both parties still suck…

  8. publicnewsense says:

    Never mind coffee. Inexplicably the Frontburner photographs have returned to the website when I call it up. I have done nothing to my computer. Has D done something?
    Is this just another Friday surprise to get my mind off the market?

  9. Glenn Hunter says:

    JB: You’re not likely to get many responses, either, because you’re being entirely too practical and realistic with your concerns. What’s important now is that we all cast our doubts aside and put our faith in The Cool One who’s promising–well, just about everything under the sun–and everything will turn out just fine.

  10. Josh Pearson says:

    public – do you read other posts on FB? I’ll help. Start with this one, then go to this one, and finally, check this one out. No need to thank me.

  11. yikesdallas says:

    I’ve always kind of liked and respected McCain, but this past week I’ve been incredibly disappointed. The vague, scary character assassinations against Obama are reprehensible. Whenever I hear “What won’t Obama tell you!??!!” I want to scream “Well, WHAT? Just ask him! What exactly is it you want to know?” As far as I know, Obama hasn’t hesitated to answer any questions.

    And for PALIN to start up with the same message is beyond ridiculous! She won’t answer ANY questions or talk to any reputable news organization about anything. I don’t find her speeches to be particularly filled with Christian love, either.

    But I guess I’m most disturbed and depressed about the hatefulness exhibited at the Republican rallies. I think it’s a frightening statement about our country. I might not agree with McCain/Palin, but I don’t think that means I have to hate them.

    Of course, that’s also why I stopped being a Southern Baptist: I got tired of having to hating everyone.

  12. Tom says:

    They hate us for our coffee cups.

  13. lightbulb says:

    @ yikesdallas

    Well said.

  14. DM says:

    I bet if they had the same cup contest at Starbucks, McCain would win. Republicans just don’t drink 7-11 coffee.

    On a completely different note:
    why on Earth would anyone want to be President during the next four years?

  15. yikesdallas says:

    And don’t get me STARTED on Cindy McCain saying that Obama is running “the dirtiest campaign in American history”. For her to say that after being subjected to the Bush camp’s “illegitimate black baby” ruse is laughable.

    So disappointing.

    Of course, according to Sen. McCain, if Obama had just agreed to do town hall meetings like he asked him to, none of this “negative” stuff would be going on. So it’s all Obama’s fault, gosh darn it! He has brought it on himself.

  16. Bill says:

    They should sell Obama’s books there too! “Dreams From My Father” is awesome! We get to read all about Obama’s cocaine use, Black Nationalism, Cracker America, Mohammedism, Bill Ayers and ACORN. Right there in the book.

  17. yikesdallas says:

    DM – you are so right! Being President is definitely a job I wouldn’t want right now.

    I’m just worried that if McCain wins, all the added stress will push him over the edge. Then… we’re really screwed!

  18. Daniel says:

    Latte conservatives, DM? What next, Republicans as East Coast elitists? What, like they went to Yale or something? Sheesh.

  19. lightbulb says:


    You may have a point about Starbucks, but Bush did win this coffee “poll” in both 2000 and 2004.

  20. I wouldn’t sweat it, Glenn.

    I think that commenter at Unfair Park was referring to D Magazine editors exclusively.

    He probably doesn’t know D CEO exists (most people on that side of the spectrum don’t follow the business press or understand commerce) even if you are are well-known in the D Empire as a rock-ribbed conservative.

  21. DM says:

    @ yikes : yes. In two years, we could hear the phrase on CNN… “Heya! I can see the Washington monument from my Whitehouse!”

    and @ Daniel:

    I raise to you my Barry Goldwater beer bong

  22. Dubious Brother says:

    I may be wrong, but I don’t think that I would go to a 7-11 at Northwest Highway and Abrams to get a true sampling of Dallas voters.

    Cynic or not, Bill Clinton took office after a recession and the Republicans took control of the House and Senate two years later. As most of us know, the President doesn’t spend the money, Congress does. The President just gets too much credit when things go well and too much blame when they don’t.

  23. Billusa99 says:

    Ooooooooohhh… “The Cool One” and “D CEO,” both mentioned within disparaging comments about other commenters, all in the same thread.

    Looks like “They” aren’t just chanting at a McCain rally now. Thanks, Tristan, for sending them here.

  24. CDD says:

    my thoughts regarding the tax issues for the $250,000+ crowd is this: while their taxes will go up, the middle class taxes will go down. more money in our pockets means we’ll spend more money on goods and services, right? I can only speak for myself, but when Uncle Sam gives me cash, I spend it. ergo, those businesses will be able to handle the taxes, because they’ll be pulling in more income, right? in a perfect world. I know, it’s wishful thinking. but I agree that they don’t “deserve” higher taxes.

  25. amandacobra says:

    @ CDD

    I agree. It might be wishful thinking but it seems like a lot more plausible than the idea that cutting taxes on those making more than $250k a year will cause a trickle down effect. I’m still waiting to get trickled down upon with money.

  26. really? says:

    Democrats practicing wasteful spending on overpriced key chains and buttons at 7-11? NEVER!

  27. JennWarren says:

    This research methodology, while fun, has its flaws. First who are the 7-11 customers and second who will really vote in it. The Abrams and NWHy 7-11 is likely has a certain political slant.

    Checking different locations around Dallas would be an interesting extended test.

    (Trickle down is another nice theory which doesn’t necessarily happen in practice, just like the intent with financial deregulation. The problem is that people circumvent regulation for gain ala financial crisis now.)

  28. KRM says:

    The daily gratuitous pro-Obama post from FrontBurner. Please keep one coming per day until the election. It’s amusing to see Tim toot the unbiased, impartial horn when the stripes are so blatant. CDD and Amanda, Obama’s anti-corporate growth policies will result in less income and incentive to invest for the entrepreneurs, investors and owners of the companies that pay your salaries. Thus, you may lose your jobs or be asked to take salary reductions. That’s how Obama’s economics will trickle down.

  29. J.B. C. says:

    I believe those tax cuts you are going to get won’t make up for the difference in the price of goods and labor with mandated healthcare, imposed minimum wages, and higher tax count for the S Corp, Farmers and etc. in the middle of a recession where (unlike some commentors on the message board) people won’t be spending money. These high growth small businesses usually are the ones who step up from local commerce to expand to other areas. Obama plans to expand the tax burden on these unlucky businesses up to 62 cents on the dollar. Most likely restructuring their business won’t help with those taxes either because they would again be taxed under Mr. Obama’s plans.

    Plus if farmers are being taxed under such a heavy burden you won’t be buying much with that money anyway.

    I always laugh at people who think taxing corporations higher percentages is “justice” – most of the corporations have to answer to investors.. mainly you in your 401K. If they see a hit in their income they will raise prices.. especially if there are as evil as people believe they are.

    To make a long story short – Obama’s plans are flawed for the middle road businesses who would most likely pay with jobs loss and less growth opportunity. BIg business will stay big… small business will be diminished.

    I personally am for the removal of income tax and creating a higher sales tax to cover the lost income tax revenue. Taxing those who make more money and have been successful is not a “fair” system as Joe Biden says.

    What’s more fair than those who consume more paying more based on their use of their own money.

    Obviously there are alot of caveats to my plan which I plan to divulge in an Obama like fashion for the next 16 years.. but be sure to vote for me in the 2024 election.

    I also promise free pie for everyone… because who doesn’t like pie?

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  30. Bethany says:

    Did you even read the post all the way through? Glenn is so not pro-Obama.

  31. yikesdallas says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how the economic downturn is a result of gay marriage, but I’m sure McCain/Palin will fill me in on the linkage.

    Hey, if all Republicans talked like J.B. C., we might get somewhere. Unfortunately, instead of focusing on the economy, rebuilding our infrastructure, and the US’s status in the world, all we hear from them are dead babies, Adam+Steve, and a college professor who 40 years ago did some pretty bad things and who apparently lives in the within the same city as Obama.

    Awfully mavericky, if you ask me.

  32. amandacobra says:

    @ JBC and yikesdallas

    Agreed on both counts. JBC, you offer solid reasons to be leery of Obama’s financial game plan and you cite solid reasons why you feel this way. That’s the kind of stuff I like to hear from someone who has a differing opinion from mine. I believe that Obama’s economic game plan is the only solution to businesses who are running amok with very little oversight and have been for more than 8 years. Hi Phil Gramm!

    The Republicans that get me all riled up tend not to be ones concerned with fiscal conservatism but with “Obama’s gonna pass a law to make everyone be homos” or “He’s a Muslim” or “He wants to take away all our guns and let al-Queda walk your kid to school while you watch unarmed and defenseless” or whatever.

  33. another amanda says:

    It’s good to know that people who love Obama also love crappy lukewarm java and mystery meat/roadkill tacquitos.

  34. amandacobra says:

    According to this link, the amount of FrontBurner Amandas should be only outnumbered by the amount of FrontBurner Jennifers.


  35. yikesdallas says:

    On CNN today (in response to earlier post about Obama’s tax plans hurting small businesses – not sure if this solves the problem?)

    “Obama called for a program of loans for small businesses made through either the federal Small Business Administration’s Disaster Loan Program or by private lenders. The private loans also would be guaranteed by the SBA, Obama said.

    The plan also would eliminate all capital gains taxes for small businesses and start-ups, Obama said during a rally in Chillicothe, Ohio.”

  36. Loans they wouldn’t need but for Obama’s proposed tax increases.


    Once again government proves to be a cure worse than the disease it claims exists, and worse than the diseases it causes.

    Absolutely brilliant.

  37. KRM says:

    Well said, TG. Bethany, who reads the entire body? It’s all Headline Effect. That’s how Wick is manipulating us through his Machiavellian tactics. Publisher turned Editor-In-Chief, so tricky you are!

  38. julie says:

    The Repubs are now “benefiting” from years of feeding ignorance and appealing only to the lowest common denominator in our society. Now the the very lowest of the “low-information voters” are running your campaigns, forcing your candidate to state that his opponent is a “decent family man” and “not a person to be afraid of.” You all didn’t think that inciting ignorance was a strategery that could work in the long term, without coming back to bite ya in the a*s….

    did ya?

    @KRM: um, in case you forgot..we tried your economic ideas already. It resulted in the Depression of 2008. Checked your investments lately?

  39. JB says:

    You are grossly mistaken if you believe that Republican economic policy specifically is what caused the current downturn in the market. I assume you are speaking of “deregulation”. In all actuality it was not… a quick overview of what actually happened with the CRA during the 90’s tells a different story.

    They placed more regulation on the original CRA so that people with even lower incomes could “afford” to buy a house. It is an honorable position.. but emotions should not be used in creating economic policy. Both the republicans and even President Clinton wanted more oversight of this process and GSEs like Fannie/Freddie – but Barney Frank and other Dems would not let it happen.

    Here is Mr. Clinton:


    Any upstanding loan officer would not have taken the loans from people who could not pay them back – that is just bad business. But when you are forced by regulation to give these loans to people who could not afford them its not really your call and upstanding loan officers along with greedy ones all followed the law. The bank would be fined and you would lose opportunities to merge with other banks if you did not meet the government quota. The government held the regulation over the banks heads – but that is not the only entity that did.

    Certain groups within the country would sue banks if they did not meet their “quota” for low income housing. Some banks had no choice but to make the loans – if you wanted to continue to grow your banking business what else were you supposed to do? If you didn’t give the loans – you were sued for being “systematically racist” and you would lose business opportunities in the future. If you gave the loans you were screwed out of money.

    More people buying houses equals more demand. So business did what it is supposed to do. It started trying to meet the demand. This swelled home prices higher and higher while developers built complete neighborhoods. Then people stop paying and stopped buying… now there is too many houses. Boom – prices go down.

    I would hate to break it to anyone but if you bought a house as an investment in the last 4 years you probably paid more money that what it was actually worth – if you bought a HOME to live in you are okay. The american people lost the personal emotional connection to what a house really is – it is not supposed to be an “investment” – it is supposed to be a HOME – where you live and a raise a family or make memories. Regular American people saw that house as money… and nothing more.

    Not only that but people were signing contracts without even knowing what the hell they were signing! I mean… cmon, I am sorry but if I am spending 200 grand on something I am going to read the fine print and get some second opinions.

    All in all about 5% of the mortgages are bad but look what it is doing to the world.

    Everyone is to blame.. even normal Americans.

    On party lines its more the democrats fault for pushing for this change in the CRA without regulation:

    And while Obama was writing a letter to the Treasury – McCain was co-sponsoring bill S.190 which would of regulated Fannie/Freddie in 2005.


    I know this probably won’t sway any voters but I just wanted it out there.

  40. KRM says:

    JB, you are a brilliant and learned man. Julie, I am long gold and making a killing. The stock market is like a yo yo, always going up or down. But, think of it like a yo yo while walking upstairs…the l-t trend is up. The market will rebound with a 20% swing to the upside prior to the election, mark my words, so don’t panic and sell at the bottom. Republicans know how the market works, but Dems fear these complex capitalist systems that provide the opportunity to make money. The current market might be the greatest buying opportunity of our lifetime. It’s ok to make money, my Dem friends – patriotic even. People like Julie are selling, the smart money is about to start buying.

  41. JennWarren says:

    To further clarify one piece of the crisis. And thanks JB to point out what happened mortgage-wise. The deregulation of financial services (FS), separating the banks from investment banks, was to make the U.S. FS industry more competitive globally with Europe’s mega-banks. Problem was that there was not proper regulatory oversight of these new complex products which were created, as explained to me by a smart professor last week, to circumvent regulation. So, deregulation wasn’t the problem in this case so much as a lack of oversight and regulation keeping apace of market developments.

    As for gov’t policy, if they get in and out, as in the case of Sweden nationalizing banks, then we have a historical case of success to go by. Governments are bad at picking winners though; markets, when not distorted by over-regulation, can supply what is needed generally. I still think that Greenspan’s “irrational exuberance” phenomenon applies here—the bubble mania, where people lose their sense of normalcy, when they’re getting in on lotsa upside. It’s sort of like gambling.

    We have to hold our politicians feet to the ground on this, otherwise our national debt will be our demise. There is a lot of whacky psychology to the markets right now, and I agree with KRM in staying cool-headed.The 24/7 media isn’t necessarily helping either.

    Being able to profit by your own labor, entrepreneurship,is America’s greatest world contribution. We do it well. We just need to find some balance, and get someone in office who will stop promising too much, start being more responsible and deliver what is doable. I’m confident in Main Street.

  42. julie says:

    KRM, sorry to burst your bubble. I moved everything into a money market fund last March on the advice of my millionaire brother. So I haven’t lost a dime, and now I’m poised to jump in at the “bottom” (as soon as we reach it–I’m guessing 7000) and make lots and lotsa money.

    But hey, go ahead with your stereotyping. And while you do that, President Obama and the Dems will set about cleaning up the garbage left from 8 years of republicaneoconism.

  43. wja4507 says:

    Typical – the GOP posters provide insightful, fact-based analyses, and the Dems’ retorts are short, snarky, and “ain’t I just the cutest!” remarks. As if the Dems posters used to watch Wheel of Fortune and think they’re brilliant, only to be humbled by following that up with Jeopardy!

    julie, you want to avoid “stereotyping”? K – try this:

    What “Change” has Obama brought about while in Congress? Name me a “change” bill that became law? Mind you – the Dems have had control of Congress since he’s been there.

    Name me one accomplishment of Obama’s, other than writing two memoirs.

    Fact: Obama has spent more time running for president as a senator than not running.

    Fact: When asked early on if he would run, he said that he did not have enough experience.

    Fact: Obama’s largest financial backers are Wall Street (and rich people who run those companies). See Rolling Stone mag. The very liberal RS reasoned that it’s because they know there will not be any real change.

    Fact: Obama’s half-brother lives in poverty overseas. Not sure why he permits this or whatever his complex familial reasons would be.

    I could go on, even w/o getting into the salacious back-and-forth of his poor choice of associates, his and his wife’s comments on America, and the weighing of his foreign policy strategies and beliefs.

    If you want the Dems to win, that’s one thing. And I suspect a vast majority of Dems will vote for Obama simply b/c he’s their party’s pick. It’s another entirely to view Obama as a job candidate, look at the facts, and support him strictly on his record and experience.

  44. J.B. C. says:

    Earlier last week I promised everyone pie if I was elected president.

    Obviously Barack Obama is stealing my “free pie” platform and I heard in the coming weeks he will offer free pie to all those making under $250,000.


    I am so progressive it hurts.