Leading Off (10/6/08)

1. “I don’t believe it’s fair or appropriate to come here and ask for your money and then not campaign here,” Sen. John McCain said in Dallas in June. “I’ll be back to the great state of Texas on several occasions. Not just for fundraising, but because I think it is an important state for the future of this nation.” That situation has changed.

2. The only two guys who looked especially sharp in the Cowboys’ shaky win over the Cincinnati Bengals? Marion Barber and Felix Jones, who combined for 180 yards rushing, a far cry from last week, when Barber had eight carries and Jones none. Just remember that when the ‘Boys lose in the playoffs and Barber/Jones have about 12 carries between them, while Tony Romo throws 56 times. (Or, roughly half the amount of times Jessica Simpson will be shown by the Fox cameras, looking like she’s doing long division in her head.)

3. And finally, today is the last day to register to vote in November’s general election. So if you haven’t registered yet, you know, get on that.


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6 responses to “Leading Off (10/6/08)”

  1. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    1) Funny how this year I was able to stand in line to see Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama. Even former President Clinton. All free. Not once but twice. Each. But no matter what, never ever John McCain. Everything was a few-thou-a-pop invite-only event or iternal, closed to public like the Texas Instruments ‘town meeting’.

    Looks like the ‘straight talk express’ I supported in 1999 went straight to the bank circa 2008. But then, dogonnit, those darn mavericks always stray from their home turf. (Hint-hint: Senator McCain: If money talks this speaks volumes.)

  2. Spamboy says:

    1 = Texas stopped mattering after the evening of the primary. No big surprise here on McCain’s part.

    2 = I thought Keith Davis was especially sharp when he broke up the 2-point conversion.

    3 = I just voted — at 7-Eleven (gently sipping from Obama blue coffee cup)

  3. Bethany says:

    I wanted to kick Romo in the gonadal region, but realized his cup would probably do more damage to my toes than my kick would do to him.

    Plus, you know, he wasn’t right in front of me.

  4. MushMouth says:

    If you want to see even more of Mrs. Ed she will attempt to sing the anthem before the NASCAR race Saturday night in Charlotte. I predict a YouTube sensation.

  5. Bob says:

    McCain has managed to betray almost every core principle that he asserted at the beginning of this campaign. To be charitable, you could say his changes came with his advancing age. Otherwise, you would have to conclude that he was just a low-down liar all along. Regardless, I guess that we are lucky to see this transformation BEFORE his election and BEFORE his supremely unqualified Ms. Joe Six-Pack was waiting in the wings for him to expire. The Lord doth work in strange and wonderful ways. He giveth Sarah and he taketh away John. Amen.

  6. …just when you thought there would be no running back controversy this year in Dallas…