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Leading Off (10/3/08)

By Eric Celeste |

1. The DISD school board approved a budget-reduction plan that will result in nearly 1100 employees being let go next week, including about 550 teachers. No way around it: this was a debacle, blame ultimately rests on Superintendent Hinojosa’s shoulders, and now he must find a way to restore faith in the district and his leadership. I hope he can do it, because I think up to this point he was doing a remarkable job steering an enormous, cumbersome ship.

2. I feel for Anna Tinsley, the reporter on this story. Because I imagine her sitting at her desk, hoping the day will bring her a chance to do some quality journalism, when an editor approaches her and says, “Hey, we want you to hang out with local Hockey moms tonight and tell readers what they think about Sarah Palin’s debate performance.” And she smiled and said okay, and then went back to searching for a job that doesn’t seem so ridiculous.

3. New Mavs coach Rick Carlisle says his team needs to be nastier this season. I mean, really be tougher. Meaner. Not just talk about it. Grrr, you know? Just like they’ve promised to do every year for the past half-dozen or so. But this time they’re serious! Roar!