Leading Off (10/28/08)

1. The Dallas Morning News reveals that months before a computer crash destroyed important Attorney General files, state agencies had been complaining about IBM, which is the company contracted to back up these sorts of critical records and files. Uh, guys, this is why you buy Macs. Ever heard of iDisk? Look into it.

2. Patrons of the swinger’s club known as The Cherry Pit took the Fifth on the stand yesterday, for fear of incriminating themselves. This is not to be confused with refusing to go five-hole [hockey term], for fear of infecting themselves. Hi-yo! I’m talkin’ ’bout l’amour! As in “to swing,” baby!

3. UNT now has two albino squirrels on campus. That is, until Tim sees one. Hey, Tim, want to share your story with the group? Squirrel killer?


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23 responses to “Leading Off (10/28/08)”

  1. Carolina In My Mind says:

    White Squirrel souvenirs found here in my favorite part of the world: http://whitesquirrelart.com/

  2. JS says:

    Be careful Tim — I almost got a rabbit with a lawn dart once and the next thing I knew, I was being stalked by killer jackalopes.

  3. Dr. Freud says:

    Hmmm, Carolina. I remember when Dr. Mengele started experimenting with those animals in the hills outside Vienna. Now we know where they went after the war.

  4. amanda (the real one) says:

    Squirrel killing should be an olympic event. My neighbors sit on their patio and pick them off with air pistols. The kids love it.

  5. vceleste says:

    I thought Tim just tortured racoons. Don’t make me call PITA, you will get more than sporks in your yard.

  6. “PITA”?

    People for the Inhuman Treatment of Animals?

  7. Bethany says:

    I love pita. Especially stuffed with some lamb and tzatziki.

  8. Daniel says:

    If you were the real Amanda, your neighbors would sip sweet tea on the veranda, bicycles leaning against the steps in the dappled sunlight, as you regaled them with a catalogue of your latest trials and satisfactions as a Dream Home-owner and a similar accounting of the ineffable self-regard such ownership has afforded you.

    You ain’t no real Amanda.

  9. vceleste says:

    Sorry PETA. It is clear I don’t think before I type because I am trying to hurry up and log off before my boss catches me. Please forgive me.

  10. amanda (the real one) says:

    Daniel, are you double, no triple dog daring me to off a fluffy tailed rat right here in front of God and everybody? (‘Cause I’ll do it…with over 90 trees the Dream House landscaping provides excellent coverage from prying eyes and the Richardson Police…)

  11. Daniel says:

    Now that’s the real Amanda. (I’m half convinced we have an Amanda-relay situation going on.)

    I happen to find squirrels cute. Rats, I want dead, you hear me?-dead! I’m probably typical in this regard. Is it really just the tail? Why are squirrels cuter than rats when they’re nearly identical? Discuss.

  12. amanda (the real one) says:

    Daniel, it’s because rats are DEMOCRATS. Squirrels? GOP, all the way.

    I have at least 20 of the fuzzy little bastards on my lawn this very minute…where’s Tim when you need him?

  13. Daniel says:

    I think of rats as squalid criminals who can hardly be bothered with the finer, or even broader, points of politics. Squirrels? They’re mostly swing voters, although a substantial minority are Crunchy Cons — they’re the ones in the tweed jackets with the really smug expressions on their faces.

  14. S.E. says:

    Amanda, are you sure those squirrels aren’t looking to redistribute your wealth like the rats? I know I have one mooching off my attic space.

  15. R says:

    Interesting…IBM is the data outsourcer for The Morning News for storage and networks…I wonder how they feel about all the love.

    I wonder how nervous those reporters and editors are knowing that their data is in the hands of the subject of their stories.

  16. I’m in NYC and going to the 24/365 Apple Store today to be in awe of it being a 24/365 Apple Store. Nothing better than to make sure your kids have a Mac, too. http://www.dadscenter.org/2008/10/growingupmaccom.html

    Here’s the link to the wonder store: http://www.apple.com/retail/fifthavenue/

  17. amanda says:

    Daddy Clax, thanks for the travel update!!! I was just thinking to myself, I wonder what he’s up to and how I can steal his plasma…

  18. Bethany says:

    Ok…I like Macs. Sure. I’ve used both in my career, and could really care less which one I use, as long as it’s a working computer.

    However, I am fairly computer proficient enough that I can fix something that goes wrong with a PC. Generally. However, everytime a Mac has eaten an entire issue of a paper I just finished laying out, and gave me the sad mac face, then the bomb, then the finger, I’ve had to do this god-awful thing called zapping the PRAM that takes three arms and the abilities of a contortionist. Seriously.

    And if that doesn’t work, you have to pay some guy $500 to fix it. Minimum.

  19. Adamundo says:

    Name suggestions: Todd Dodge

  20. Adamundo says:

    Endangered!!! IJS

  21. Bethany says:

    Tourette’s much?

  22. Cassie says:

    Eric, re #2….

    We all love Macs, but the problem is not isolated to desktop computers and switching to Macs to manage Terrabytes of enterprise data (e.g. finance, HR, etc) is not feasible. (Psst! Apple does not use Macs to manage their own enterprise data).

    This is a process and execution issue first and a technology issue second. Apple can barely manage its own software deployments, and they are not ready to be an outsourcer.

  23. Dont B. Fooled says:

    “DADDY CLAXTON” is trying to whip up some scheme to get other people to buy macs for his kids…stay away from this scammer whatever you do.