• Return to sender

    (see what I did there?)

  • I’d rather the Mavs re-sign any white scrub they’ve ever employed.

    Uwe Blab, Jim Farmer, Steve Alford, Mike Iuzzolino, Tim Legler, Eric Montross, Shawn Bradley, Chris Anstey, Bill Wennington, Kurt Nimphius, Christian Laettner, Raef LaFrentz, Pavel Podkelzine, Antoine Rigadeau, Jiri Welsch, Evan Eschmeyer, Keith Van Horn — take your pick.

    Even Randy White.

  • Don in Austin

    He and Bill Laimbeer were tossing a few….elbows.

  • Dan

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  • @ Zac

    While I don’t necessarily disagree with you, I would leave Bill Wennington off of that list … he did go on to win 3 NBA rings w/ the Bulls. (Which included starting 20 games in 96 when they set the record for most wins in a season.)

    And how could you forget Loren Meyer, a former first round pick who lasted a whoipping 3 seasons in the NBA?

  • @ Zac


  • Yes, I forgot Loren Meyer. Not sure how.

    As for Wennington, if I were taller, I could have won three rings with the Bulls as well, since his duties were mainly confined to waving a towel (can do so with either hand) and looking sweet with a beard, which I’ve been doing since 2000.

  • @ Zac

    Well played sir.

  • Fact Checker

    Sweet! Karl Malden was great in “The Streets of San Francisco” and “A Street Car Named Desire.”

    Welcome to Dallas, Karl.