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27 responses to “Janine Turner Hearts Sarah Palin”

  1. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    Janine Turner ‘cried when she heard’ Sarah Palin announced. But thanks to Restasis Eye Drops, she was able to actually shed tears when listening to ‘Fox XM’. (Who shasn’t?) But Turner better keep those drops handy. Because, although Palin was first showcased as a Nordic Helen of Troy, she’s long since proven to be McCain’s Trojan (props to Planned Parenthood) Moose.

  2. Dubious Brother says:

    McCain’s Trojan Moose never tried to blow up the US Congress, never God d***** America nor was convicted of fraud and money laundering as Obama’s mentors have been. It is alarming that Palin is being attacked by the press for nothing when up to now, Obama has been given a free ride despite his past and current associations. I will give Obama two things though, he does know how to think quick and he does know health care as demonstrated on this

  3. Jack E Jett says:

    In the photo above, which one is Janine Turner?

  4. MushMouth says:

    Got to love these “high moral” types like Janine… By the way who’s the father of her child???

  5. chickenpants says:

    Well, we know who “grandpa” is!

  6. JB says:

    I love those liberal types who are supposed to be the “tolerant” and the “nuanced” among us but only bring up personal attacks on people who do not share their belief system.

  7. MushMouth says:

    I’m right there with you JB!
    “Do as I say not as I do”
    That’s why I’m a proud card-carrying Feudalist

  8. KRM says:

    What, the GOP didn’t die a little bit more today, Wick? It’s actually alive and well somewhere? Janine, you smart, talented, beautiful Dallasite woman, thank you for taking pride in the glass ceiling that Sarah America has shattered. Every American should be proud, except for the Barack-star Marxists who socialize with their friendly neighborhood bombers.

  9. JB says:


    You attack someone’s views and personal failures trying to find “justice” in your own by the fact she had an out of wedlock baby?

    Good show!

    I am not religious but I do not pretend to be superior. People can believe what ever they want. I personally would never hang someone’s religion around their head. If they find personal strength in it why should we impugn them? Even if they differ in opinion.

    I have a feeling this discussion is going to turn into a religious shooting so I am opting out at this point.

  10. Texas Republican says:

    Dubious Brother you need to calm down. Seriously. You’re scaring the blogosphere.

  11. KRM's Reality Check says:

    KRM, are you serious? LOL. You are quite the kidder. LOL.

  12. Spamboy says:

    I cried when I heard Sarah Palin was nominated also — but for different reasons.

  13. Dubious Brother says:

    Sorry Tx. Rep.,

    That’s just what Dubious Brothers do.

  14. Aeneas Taint says:

    I don’t understand why conservative Hollywood elites should project their views to Middle America.

  15. Dr. Freud says:


    “Yes, Governor Palin brings back many Northern Exposure memories.”

    Did someone forget to mention to Ms. Turner that the series was taped in Roslyn, WA?

    “I am supporting and applauding [Palin’s] character, moral fiber, intellect, feistiness, and spunk. She is the essence of the independent spirit of America – the pioneer spirit – the type of spirit that made and makes America great.”

    I wonder when Ms. Turner became delusional.

  16. Dr. Freud says:

    Hah … D’s content filter censored a word that National Review and Janine Turner find descriptive.

  17. KRM says:

    Uhh, Freud, Janine was in Northern Exposure, I think she knows where it was shot. The link below of the great TV spokesperson, Obamessiah, is so good it deserves a repost:

  18. J Paul says:

    Ms. Turner forgot to mention “abuser of power” in her descriptives of the northern lightweight Palin.

  19. Colleywood says:

    Come on, JB. Like the GOP doesn’t use personal attacks on people who don’t share their belief system. Double standard, perhaps? Puhleeze.

  20. Evelyn Jase says:

    what is wrong with all the smart women and where did they go. sarah is a joke and the only position she should have to chosen for is as a replacement for Holly when she leaves the show, The girls next door. LThe choice to make her his vp shows just what John McCain thinks of women.He could not deal with a smart woman so he picked her. Oh by the way I am a Republican so don’t try that old bull on me that you use on the other parties. the whole world is laughing at us because of bush and his old men (greedy old men) and then john had to go and get this mess to go on the world scene with her comments I will not call them thoughts because she does not think she repeats go away sarah go away.

  21. Daniel says:

    It’s quite simple — critics of the Republican Party do not impugn Republicans for gay cruising, out-of-wedlock children, etc. We impugn them for their rank hypocrisy in waving the banner of Family Values.

    Ailing? They don’t need a doctor, they need a priest.

  22. just an intern says:

    They they they they they. So much for progress.

  23. just an intern says:

    Responding to the comments and general social attitude I see lately, not the story.

  24. KRM says:

    Evelyn, that is the smartest pro-Obama endorsement that I have heard this year.

  25. Dubious Brother says:

    I’m surprised this hasn’t been on the front page of the DMN

    Are there no good looking Democrat women?

  26. vrh says:

    I’m a liberal Democrat but I think Ms. Turner has the right to support anyone she chooses. Why all the anger ??? Sarah Palin isn’t my choice but somebody must like her she did get elected Gov of Alaska.

  27. martina says:

    I saw Janine Turner on Larry King. I didn’t know she was dumb. I see why she likes Sara Palin.