How The AAC Killed Reunion Arena, Memphis Style

Great article in yesterday’s New York Times about Memphis’ grandiose pyramid-style arena that promised to be the epicenter of the entertainment universe in Elvis’ stomping grounds. Somehow, I couldn’t get the parallels between Memphis and Dallas out of my head – like Memphis, Dallas has an older arena (named Reunion) within a five-minute drive from a shiny new venue built to attract a pro sports team (in our case, the American Airlines Center and the Mavs/Stars, in Memphis’ case, FedEx Forum and the Grizzlies). Both arenas died quietly when crowds abandoned them. Yet I think the Memphis Pyramid will make for much cooler footage when they finally demolish it. I’m thinking it would be a great fiery backdrop for Diehard V.


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9 responses to “How The AAC Killed Reunion Arena, Memphis Style”

  1. Jb says:

    They will greenscreen Vegas in the background and ‘blow up’ the Luxor.
    Or… a new landing pad for the bad guys in “Stargate II, Ra vs. Elvis.”

  2. TheKid says:

    A lot of other things have killed Memphis. IJS.

  3. CDD says:

    I lived in Memphis for 6 years and never went inside the Pyramid. Moved to Dallas and attended several events at Reunion within a few months of living here. Honestly, no one went to the Pyramid. It was more of a landmark than a destination. It was doomed from the beginning. Though I am sad I never got to see the inside of it after living practically at its base for nearly 3 years of my time in the Bluff City. At least Reunion had its glory days.

  4. Tom says:

    I’d feel worse about The Pyramid as a Memphis taxpayer as I do about Reunion as a Dallas taxpayer. Reunion was open for 28 years. The Pyramid for 17.
    Many arenas that were built in the late 80s-early 90s were quickly seen as being not modern enough. Miami built a new arena in 1988 for its NBA team, only to see it abandoned a decade later for American Airlines Arena.
    Seattle remodeled Key Arena in 1999, only to see its team bolt for Oklahoma City this summer.
    Getting 25 or more years from an arena is worth the money. At least Dallas had the timing right. Get ready to build something to replace AAC around 2020.

  5. TheKid says:

    Will the AAC’s replacement be in Arlington?

  6. LakeWWWooder says:

    I’d like to see Fair Park Coliseum get the cool concerts and events which used to go to The Bronco Bowl, Moody and Reunion.

    Many tales can be told from the Dallas Blackhawks days in that place..

    I still say forget the convention center hotel and the convention center (turn it into a mall or sell it to a corporation). Hold conventions at Fair Park, which is unique in all the world!

  7. snoopy says:

    I’ve seen REM and Bob Seger at the Pyramid!

  8. wes mantooth says:

    Seger and REM would be one hell of a double-bill. Night Swimming/Night Moves.

  9. snoopy says:

    The Grateful Dead played at the Pyramid in ’95 right before Jerry Garcia died…