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Highland Park Gets Totally and Utterly Briefed

By Tim Rogers |

The president of our neighborhood association, with unanimous support, has been hounding the DMN to stop throwing Briefing in our lawns. His efforts appear to be working. I haven’t had to throw it in the recycling bin for weeks.

I think I found some people this morning who need to enlist the president of our neighborhood association. On the way to work, cutting through Highland Park, I saw a block of Cornell that was lousy with copies of Briefing. I mean, it has to be the most Briefed block in town. Most driveways had not one but two copies. And I thought Briefing was for people who didn’t take the paper, but I must be wrong, because even driveways with copies of the DMN had been Briefed. I drove around a bit and found the same thing to be true on a stretch of Beverly. Tough times call for desperate measures. Still, though. IJS.